Iochroma calycinum 'Vlasta's Surprise'

Accepted name Iochroma calycinum 'Vlasta's Surprise'
Distribution Ecuador
References Shaw 1998 : 158, Archibald pers. com.
Comments Julian Shaw gave the name 'Vlasta's Surprise' to a plant of Iochroma calycinum in cultivation at RBGE from a Jim Archibald collection.  Due to a mistake, the plant was recorded at RBGE as being Fuchsia canescens J&JA 13957 but when Vlasta Jamnicky studied the plant as part of a PhD in Fuchsia its identity was doubted.  When the plant subsequently flowered it was verified as Iochroma calycinum by Julian Shaw who published the eponymous cultivar name in 1998.  Iochroma calycinum 'Vlasta's Surprise' is presumably still in cultivation at RBGE from where under the terms of the CBD it cannot be released.  Under these circumstances the giving of a cultivar name seems pointless.  There are photos of a plant named Iochroma calycinum 'Vlasta's Surprise' in cultivation at RBG Belgium but whether this is vegetatively propagated material form RBGE I do not know.  If it has not been so propagated it is not 'Vlasta's Surprise'.

The mistaken identity of the plant at RBGE led to the wrong field notes being published by Julian Shaw.  The correct field notes (from Jim Archibald) are as follows

Iochroma calycinum J&JA 13980 : Ecuador, Pichincha, West of Aloag to Santo Domingo (above Tandapi). 2600m. In dense montane scrub on steep slopes. (With Tropaeolum pubescens, Miconia sp., etc.). 29 July, 1993.

Plants from this same collection are in private cultivation but they are not 'Vlasta's Surprise'.

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last updated 22/08/2008