Iochroma cyaneum 'Purple Queen'

Accepted name

Iochroma cyaneum 'Purple Queen'

Synonyms Iochroma cyaneum 'Royal Queen'
Distribution garden origin

A product of the Athens SelectTM plant selection programme at the University of Georgia.  The correct name for this plant is 'Purple Queen'TM but it is also sometimes sold as 'Royal Queen'.  It is listed on the Athens Select website as Iochroma cyaneum Royal QueenTM 'Purple' but the link shows the name as Iochroma cyaneum 'Purple Queen'.

Purple Queen'TM looks similar to the USDA-recognised cultivar Iochroma cyaneum 'Indigo'.

See http://ugatrial.hort.uga.edu/index.cfm?fuseaction=plants.plantDetail&plant_id=9353

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last updated 08/09/2008