Musa carolinae

Musa carolinae
A. Sterler, Hortus Nymphenburgensis, seu Enumeratio plantarum in horto regio Nymphenburgensi cultarum. 109 (1821).

Accepted name Musa (ABB group) member


Musa balbisiana L. A. Colla, Memoria della Reale Accademia delle Scienze di Torino 25 : 384 (1820). [Memoria sul genera Musa e monografia del Medesimo 56 (1820).] and E. E. Cheesman, Kew Bulletin 3 (1): 14 (1948).

Synonyms Musa ornata W. Roxburgh, Hortus Bengalensis, 19 (1814) and Flora Indica I: 488 (1820-1824).
Musa speciosa
M. Tenore, Index Seminum Horto Bot. Neapol. 16 (1829).
Musa rosacea
N. J. von Jacquin, Plantarum rarorium Horti Caesari Schoenbrunnensis 4: 22 & t. 445 (1804) and Fragm. t. 132 fig. 4 (1808).
Authorities The accepted name is according to drc.

The "synonyms" are from Baker's (1893) treatment of "Musa rosacea N. J. von Jacquin" and are mistakes!

The World Checklist of Monocotyledons gives Musa carolinae Sterler, Hort. Nymphenb.: 109 (1821), as a provisional synonym of Musa ornata Roxb., Fl. Ind. 2: 488 (1824) which is given as an accepted name.  I have not seen Hortus Nymphenburgensis but I think this is probably wrong, see discussion below.

References Baker 1893: 219, Cheesman 1949h:, Index Kewensis, Steudel 1841 (, WCM.
Comments Steudel (1841) gives Musa carolinae Sterler as a synonym of Musa rosacea Jacquin.  If Steudel is right then Musa carolinae, like Musa roseacea Jacquin itself is either a from of Musa balbisiana or, more likely, an edible banana with a lot of Musa balbisiana in it, perhaps an ABB group cultivated banana.  See Musa rosacea.

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