Musa cliffortiana

Musa cliffortiana C. Linnaeus, "Musa Cliffortiana, florens Hartecampi 1736 prope Harlemum". (1736).
Musa cliffortiana L.  in syn.

Accepted name none - a pre-Linnean name. Prototype of Musa paradisiaca L.
References Champion 1967, Cheesman 1948 b, Index Kewensis.
Comments The name Musa Cliffortiana was published by Linnaeus in 1736.

Musa Cliffortiana (1736) florens Hartecampi 1736 prope Harlemum is at and at

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This was the first banana that Linnaeus had encountered, growing under glass in the garden of Mr George Cliffort near Haarlem in Holland. Botanical nomenclature is taken as dating from 1753, from the first edition of Species Plantarum. Musa Cliffortiana is thus technically a pre-Linnean Linnean name. In 1753 Linnaeus re-named the plant Musa paradisiaca and included the name Musa Cliffortiana as a synonym. Musa paradisiaca thus became the type of the genus Musa and of the family Musaceae.

Heller, J. L., (1968) Linnaeus's Hortus Cliffortianus. Taxon, 17 (6) : 663-719

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