Musa corneri

Musa corneri R. E. Holltum, unpublished manuscript, Musa sp. native in Malaya, in library at RBG Kew, (typed 1974) : 15. (1944-46).

Accepted name none, presumably referable Musa acuminata subsp. malaccensis.
Section Eumusa (Musa) 1
Distribution Specimens: Pahang, Jerantut, SFN 30770 (Corner 28.2.36).
Description Trunk to 4.5 m tall and to 30 cm thick at base. Leaves not glaucous beneath. Inflorescence hanging with several well-spaced heads of fruit 12 - 15 to a hand, the female part of the rachis 45 cm long, the male part elongating to 60 - 90 cm or more. Bracts early caducous, dull purplish brown. Fruits ripening yellow and fragrant, c. 8 cm long including a short stalk, slightly angled, 2.5 cm thick, with a layer 3 - 4 mm thick of soft pulp between the seeds and the skin ; apex of fruit beaked, the beak c. 7 mm long and wide.

This species is distinct from all others in its short thick fleshy beaked fruits. Unfortunately no material of flowers is available. [No other specimens are known with certainty.] The description is prepared from Corner's field notes and fruits in alcohol. One from Panchor, Malacca, has fruits which when dry are rather more than 1.5 cm thick, but it does not appear to have an outer fleshy layer and is more likely to be the glaucous-leaved Musa [malaccensis].

from Holltum's manuscript [with comments hand written by an unknown person].

References Holltum 1944-46 : 15

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