Musa elata

Musa elata T. Nakai, Bull. Tokyo Sci. Mus., No. 22. II: 14 (1948).

Accepted name probably Musa balbisiana L. A. Colla, Memoria della Reale Accademia delle Scienze di Torino 25 : 384 (1820). [Memoria sul genera Musa e monografia del Medesimo 56 (1820).] and E. E. Cheesman, Kew Bulletin 3 (1): 14 (1948).

The World Checklist of Monocotyledons lists Musa elata Nakai, Bull. Tokyo Sci. Mus. 22: 9 (1948) as a synonym of Musa acuminata subsp. acuminata which is listed as an accepted name.

Distribution Indonesia (East Java)
References Index Kewensis, Nakai 1948 : 14, WCM
Comments Takenosin Nakai says of this in his idiosyncratic English, "this was brought back from East Java by Dr. Backer as Pisang batu, and only one stock is in the section XXIII A of Buitenzorg Botanical Garden. It is a tall slender plantain with narrow leaves. During my sojourn in Buitenzorg it flowered only once but I could not see the fruits."

'Pisang batu' (stone banana) is normally a Malay name for seeded Musa balbisiana but is sometimes applied to ABB group bananas which look similar to M. balbisiana.

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