Musa errans var. botoan

Musa errans var. botoan N. G. Teodoro, the Philippine Journal of Science, C 10: 391 (1915)

Accepted name Musa balbisiana L. A. Colla, Memoria della Reale Accademia delle Scienze di Torino 25 : 384 (1820). [Memoria sul genera Musa e monografia del Medesimo 56 (1820).] and E. E. Cheesman, Kew Bulletin 3 (1): 14 (1948).
Authorities Valmayor et al 2002.
Section Eumusa (Musa) 2
References Quisumbing 1919 not seen, Teodoro 1915 not seen, Valmayor et al 2002, WCM.
Comments Valmayor et al (p.14) state that "Teodoro and Quisumbing [] applied the term[] [] Musa errans var. botoan Toedoro for butuhan.  Brewbaker and Gorrez (1956) who consulted with Cheesman, reclassified butuhan as Musa balbisiana Colla."  See also discussion at M. errans.

The World Checklist of Monocotyledons gives Musa errans var. botoan N.G.Teodoro, Philipp. J. Sci., C 10: 391 (1915) as a synonym of Musa acuminata subsp. errans (Blanco) R.V.Valmayor, Philipp. Agric. Sci. 84: 328 (2001) which is listed as the accepted name.

The entry at WCM is not correct.

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