Musa esculentum

Musa esculentum L. G. Saw & R. B. R. Sulaiman, Directory of Plant Genetic Resources in Malaysia. FRIM Research pamphlet No. 109. (1991).

Accepted name none - a coverall name for various cultivated bananas
References Saw & Sulaiman 1991.
Comments The specific epithet was published as "esculuntum" is a typographical error for esculentum, meaning 'edible'.

The epithet 'esculentum' has no taxonomic validity applied to Musa. From the context the name seems to have been (unnecessarily) invented by Saw & Sulaiman or someone at MARDI as a catch-all name for the plethora of cultivated Musa in collections at MARDI stations in Malaysia.

The MARDI collections contain a variety of genotypes most of which are best dealt with using Simmonds and Shepherd's genome nomenclature.

MARDI = Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute.

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