Musa hillii

Musa hillii
F. J. H. von Mueller, Fragmenta Phytographić Australić 9: 169, 190 (1875).

Accepted name Musa jackeyi W. Hill, Report on the Brisbane Botanic Garden: 7 (1874).
Authorities APNI, GRIN.

The World Checklist of Monocotyledons lists Musa hillii F.Muell., Fragm. 9: 169 (1875) as a synonym of Musa jackeyi W.Hill, Rep. Brisbane Bot. Gard.: 7 (1874) which is listed as an accepted name.

Section Australimusa
Distribution Queensland.
Description Not stoloniferous. Stem cylindrical, very robust, reaching a height of 30 ft. and a diameter of 1˝ ft. Leaves oblong arcuate, bright green, similar to those of M. sapientum in colour and texture, reaching a length of 12 - 15 ft. and a breadth of 2 ft. Peduncle 3 in. diam. Panicle dense, erect ; bracts oblong or oblong-lanceolate, 3 - 9 in. long. Fruits densely crowded, not edible, sessile, ovoid, much angled, 2 - 2˝ in. long, umbonate or obtusely acuminate at the apex. Seeds numerous, angled, much depressed, 1/5 to 1/3 in. diam., with a bony testa.

(Baker 1893).

Height to 10m. Pseudostem not stoloniferous with a thick trunk. Leaves oblong, arching about 5m long and 60 cm wide, shining green. Inflorescence erect, dense; flowers white; fruit densely crowded, angled, about 5 cm long, inedible.

(RHS 1956).

References APNI, Baker 1893 : 217, GRIN, Hooker 1895 : t. 7401, RHS 1956, Ross 1987 : 18, Simmonds 1956 : 486, von Mueller 1875 : 169 & 190.

F. J. H. von Mueller, Fragmenta phytographić Australić, 9: 169 (1875). is at et seq.  
J. D. Hooker's treatment of Musa hillii is at &

Comments The name Musa jackeyi has priority over Musa hillii by just one year.

Introduced to U.K. 1893 (B.M. 7401) but almost certainly no longer in cultivation.


There is an external image of Musa hillii in Curtis's Botanical Magazine at

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