Musa hybrida

Musa hybrida J. Gillet, L'Agronomie tropicale, 29 (1909).

Accepted name none - a hybrid Ensete
References Cheesman 1947a, De Wildeman 1912 : 55
Comments A hybrid Ensete ventricosum and E. livingstonianum (as E. gilletii).

From Cheesman 1947a:

"Musa hybrida Gillet in L'Agronomie tropicale (1909), 29, appears to have been a hybrid between E. arnoldianum [= E. ventricosum] and E. gilletii. I have not seen the original description but take the information from De Wildeman, [presumably Bull. Soc. Etud. Colon. Brux. 8 (1901), 339.] who did not know how the hybrid was obtained. The plant is of some interest as it is the only recorded hybrid in the genus Ensete, but in view of the scanty information about it I have not thought a new combination necessary for it under that genus".

Musa hybrida hort. non Gillet is occasionally and inconsistently applied to various hybrid bananas.

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