Musa maurelii

Musa maurelii
Hort. ex H. E. Moore, Baileya 5 (1): 188, (1957).

Accepted name Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii'
Authorities The accepted name is derived from Bois 1930.
References Bois 1930, Moore 1957 : 188.
Comments According to Moore 1957, "young plants of a handsome banana with leaves red below, deep green suffused with red above, especially along the margins, are currently offered for sale by the California Jungle Gardens under the name Musa maurelii." Moore was correct in ascribing this plant to the genus Ensete, correct in ascribing the origin of the name "maurelii" to Bois but incorrect in further ascribing the binomial "Musa maurelii" to him. Harold Moore comments that the name Musa maurelii has no proper botanical standing. The same can be said for Ensete maurelii under which name this plant is currently sold in the USA by Stokes Tropicals and listed as such in Waddick & Stokes.

See comments at Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii'.

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