Musa x odorata

x odorata J. de Loureiro, Fl. Cochinch.: 644 (1790).

Accepted name none - a group of unidentified cultivated bananas


Musa x paradisiaca L., Species Plantarum : 1043 (1753).

Synonyms 1. Musa sapientum var. odorata (Loureiro) J. G. Baker, Ann. Bot. 7: 212 (1893).
2. Musa paradisiaca subsp. sapientum var. odorata (Lour.) K. Schumann in H. G. A. Engler (ed.), Pflanzenr., IV, 45: 20 (1900).
3. Musa paradisiaca subsp. sapientum
Authorities The synonyms are from:

1. Baker 1893
2. Schumann 1900
RHS 1956.

The World Checklist of Monocotyledons lists Musa x odorata Lour., Fl. Cochinch.: 644 (1790), Musa x sapientum var. odorata (Lour.) Baker, Ann. Bot. (Oxford) 7: 212 (1893) and Musa x paradisiaca var. odorata (Lour.) K.Schum. in H.G.A.Engler (ed.), Pflanzenr., IV, 45: 20 (1900) as synonyms and Musa x paradisiaca L., Sp. Pl.: 1043 (1753) as the accepted name.

Description Loureiro's original description of Musa odorata is at  Three "varieties" are listed and "Musa Cenorins" brought into synonymy.    

All three varieties are described as "odorato" or "odoro" by Loureiro.

References Baker 1893: 212, Schumann 1900 : 20, RHS 1956.
Comments Published as Musa odorata the "x" is added to indicate its presumed hybridity.  In this context Musa x paradisiaca is effectively the same as "an undetermined cultivated banana".  This should not be read as implying that Musa x odorata is Musa (AAB group) 'French' plantain, Cheesman's identification of Musa x paradisiaca L. (Cheesman 1948).

Schumann lists this as a variety of Musa paradisiaca subsp. sapientum not as a variety of Musa paradisiaca as indicated by the WCM.

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