Musa peekelii subsp. peekelii

Musa peekelii C. (K.) A. G. Lauterbach subsp. peekelii

Accepted name

Musa peekelii C. (K.) A. G. Lauterbach subsp. peekelii

Authorities Argent 1976.

The World Checklist of Monocotyledons lists Musa peekelii subsp. peekelii as an accepted name.

Created by default when Argent 1976 established the first variety of Musa peekelii.

Section Australimusa
Distribution Papua New Guinea
Description From Argent cf. M. peekelii and M. peekelii subsp. angustigemma.

This subspecies has a characteristic superficial fissuring of the ripe fruit which is also typically suddenly contracted to a bottle nose at the distal end and, proximally, to a short stout pedicel. The male buds are always predominantly green in colour, but with distinctive dark purplish tips to the bracts.
References Argent 1976, GRIN, Simmonds 1956, WCM.
Comments According to Simmonds 1956 M. peekelii subsp. peekelii showed greater drought resistance than subsp. angustigemma when grown in Jamaica.

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last updated 01/05/2008