Musa pierrei

Musa pierrei Ipse.
Musa pierrei P. Hubert. Le bananier. Paris, Dunod. (1907).

Accepted name none - an undetermined Fe'i banana.
Section Australimusa
Description Trunk reddish. Inflorescence erect. Flowers mostly sterile. Fruits five, ovoid, in a single cluster. Habitat not stated.

(Fawcett 1913).

References Champion 1967: 42, De Wildeman 1913, Fawcett 1913 : 268, Hubert 1907 : 14
Comments Champion 1967 seems to bring Musa pierrei Hubert into synonymy with M. perrieri citing Fawcett; "M. perrieri Claverie [ ] dans Fawcett = M. pierrei Hubert = Ensete perrieri (Clav.) Cheesman". I do know how he gets this idea since Fawcett p. 274 describes M. perrieri under the subgenus Physocaulis and M. pierrei under the subgenus Eumusa on p. 268. Although the description of M. pierrei is poor the fact that it has an erect inflorescence would seem to be more than enough to separate it.

The author Ipse is not in Brummit & Powell or The Authors' Database.

Need to see De Wildeman 1912/1913

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