Musa rubinea

Musa rubinea Hort. Cat. Nature Products - nomem nudum

Accepted name none as yet - nomen nudum
Section Rhodochlamys
References Nature Products website (accessed 11/01/08)
Comments Musa rubinea is apparently a newly discovered species of dwarf banana from China.  The name has been published without a valid description and so is currently nomem nudum.  Images on the Nature Products website show a very attractive small plant, probably in section Rhodochlamys.

The Nature Products website also mention two "varieties" of Musa rubinea, "Orange" and "Vino Tinto".  The status of these is similarly unclear as yet; they may not be botanical varieties.  Musa rubinea var. "Orange" seems superficially to resemble Musa aurantiaca.

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last updated 01/05/2008