Musa serapionis

Musa serapionis

Accepted name none - pre-Linnean name.
Comments Pre-Linnean name for the "banana" (equivalent to M. x paradisiaca). 


Name first published in Gerard's Herbal of 1597? Sloane says at that Johnson's figure of a banana fruit in Gerard is good.

Musa (Bala) in Rhede's Hortus Indicus Malabaricus 1678-9 is at

Musa serapionis in Paul Hermann's Horti Academici Lugduno-Batavi Catalogus 1687, p. 256,  cited by Hans Sloane (below)

Musa serapionis in Franz Kiggelaer's Horti Beaumonti Exoticarum Plantarum Catalogus 1690, p. 21, cited by Hans Sloane (below)

Musa serapionis in Hans Sloane's Catalogus Planatrum quae in Insula Jamaica 1696 is at

Musa serapionis Maria Sybilla Merian's Over de Voorteeling en Wonderbaerlyke Veranderingen der Surinaemsche Insecten, Amsterdam 1719 is at  In the copy of the book in RBG Kew Library (ex libris W. J. Hooker) someone (Hooker?) has written Musa sapientum.

Musa seraphionis
in Johan Burmann's Thesaurus Zeylanica 1737 is at

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