Musa x simiarum var. corniculata

Musa x simiarum var. corniculata W. S. Kurz, J. Agr. Hort. Soc. Ind. 14: 299 (1866).

Accepted name Musa (AAB group) 'Horn' plantain type


Musa x paradisiaca L., Species Plantarum : 1043 (1753).


Musa corniculata J. de Loureiro, Flora Cochinchensis: 791 (1793).

Authorities The accepted name is from Stover & Simmonds 1987.
References Kurz 1866 : 299, Kurz 1877 : 166, Mobot Tropicos, Sagot 1887 : 329.
Comments Loureiro's description of Musa corniculata is at from which it seems clear that this is the same plant as the pre-Linnean Musa corniculata Rumph.

Musa corniculata J. de Loureiro is a Linnean binomial applied to the 'Horn' plantain according to Champion and Stover & Simmonds. If so, the accepted name for this plant is Musa (AAB group) 'Horn' plantain following Simmonds and Shepherds' nomenclature system.  As an alternative, Musa x paradisiaca (in its wide sense) could be used.  Hotta gives Musa acuminata as a synonym for Musa corniculata J. de Loureiro but if Stover and Simmonds are correct then Hotta cannot be.  In 1866 Kurz gives M. corniculata Lour. as a synonym of M. simiarum var. corniculata which is reasonable since Loureiro bases his plant on Rumph's.  By 1877 Kurz has changed his mind and writes that "Louriero's M. corniculata cannot be the same as Rumph's".  Any explanation that might have been forthcoming was prevented by Kurz's untimely death in Penang.

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