Musa truncata

Musa truncata H. N. Ridley, J. Fed. Malay States Mus. 4 : 80 (1909).

Accepted name Musa acuminata subsp. truncata (H. N. Ridley) R. Kiew, Ann. Bot. (Oxford) 88 (6): 1025 (2001).
Authorities Kiew 2001 in Wong et al 2001.

The World Checklist of Monocotyledons lists Musa truncata Ridl., J. Fed. Malay States Mus. 4: 80 (1909) as a synonym of Musa acuminata subsp. truncata (Ridl.) Kiew, Ann. Bot. (U.K.) 88: 1025 (2001) which is given as an accepted name.

Section Eumusa (Musa) 1
Distribution Peninsular Malaysia.
References Cheesman 1948b : 22, 26-27, Hotta 1989, Jones 2000 : 10 (Fig. 1.2), Kiew 2001 in Wong et al 2001 : 1025, Polunin 1988, Simmonds 1956 : 467.
Comments Hotta gives the correct name of this as Musa acuminata subsp. malaccensis but although subsp. truncata exists so to speak as an island in a sea of subsp. malaccensis it is now accepted as a distinct highland form. Simmonds reduced M. truncata under Musa acuminata subsp. microcarpa but that name is now applied only to a distinct population of plants from West Malaysia (Borneo).

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