The Pope's Confessional Booth



Congratulations, you've found me - and maybe you'll find some inner peace here today. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the personification of all that is good, holy, just and honest. I am peace, I am valour and I am integrity. And I like a good gossip and some good old fashioned dirty talk. Hey - don't we all? My name is ThePope, and I wanna hear you're confessions.

So, feeling guilty? this is the right place to repent those sins. I won't judge you - but I may hold your confessions up to ridicule and prejudice (anonymously of course...) Some people can be so judgemental. Anyway - lets cut to the chase. Or alternatively, scroll to bottom of this page for some quick-fix links...




Click this link to submit a confession. I'll take anything from "help I'm in love with my mom's friend's daughter's babysitter's dog" to "I saw Baywatch yesterday Father - and I enjoyed it"

Wanna spy on some hot action? Sorry wrong site - but you can view the Sinner Collection. All my favourite past sins re-lived in glorious technicolor. And anonymous. Mostly.

As a Pope I feel I am here to conduct a service to all you lesser mortals. This link will result in a fairly prompt blessing via e-mail. Wow - a computerised Pope - and you never thought you'd see the day.

Going for an operation? Big exam coming up? Plucking up the courage to ask your mom's friend's daughter's babysitter's dog out on a date? Let me be the middle man on that path to God - reply guaranteed. (From me, not God...)


Now I don't want to monopolise the market on this kind of stuff - at least not until I find a way of making some money out of it. If theres something that needs a womans touch then allow me to point you in the direction of my good friend Sister Rosetta. She rocks - trust me, I'm a Pope.

Please click on this little thingy to send any comments, thoughts, ideas or abuse to me. Anything bordering on abuse will probably be filed under "T". For trash.


Okay then - you're here because you feel guilty but havn't got the time to say penance. I'm disgusted. However, I'd be letting you down if I didn't try to help in some way. First we need to determine the problem - have a look at the list below and decide which closest fits your unfortunate situation - click on a link and *cha-ching* you're there...



Finally, I realise that some of you might be drawn here due to a serious problem. And I'm not qualified to handle that, no siree. But I know a man who is, and if you click on this picture you'll find a list of links to help you cope with all sorts of genuine problems, covering child abuse to coping with bereavement. I sincerely hope it helps. Wow, doesn't my head look small.