The bands in Groupie

Various bands feature in Groupie, and the names of some of these bands are pseudonyms for actual bands that existed at the time. Here is a list of the band names in the book, with their corresponding real band names for which they are aliases of:

'Satin Odyssey` - Pink Floyd
'Big Sound Bank` - Zoot Money's Big Roll Band
'Tranfer Project` - Dantalions Chariot
'The Savage` - The Animals
'The Dream Battery` - The Soft Machine
'Jubal Early Blowback` - Aynstey Dunbar Generation
'Relation` - Family
'The Elevation` - The Nice
'The Shadow Cabinet` - Spooky Tooth
'The New York Sound and Touch` - The Fugs
'Jacklin-H-Event` - Jimi Hendrix Experience

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