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UK Independence Day
23rd June 2016

"I have heard their groaning, and am come down to deliver them"
(Acts 7:34)

Brexit In Name Only

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"Parliament voted to put the decision about our membership of the EU in the hands of the British people.
The people made their choice, and did so decisively.  It is the responsibility of the government to get on with the job
and to carry out their instruction in full.  MPs and peers who regret the referendum result need to accept what the people decided"
[Prime Minister Theresa May, 5th November 2016]

"June 23rd 2016 was the day the people of the UK voted to LEAVE the EU in the single biggest expression of our will in British history.
On [July] 6th 2018, that decision has been neutralised and the prospect of a meaningful Brexit obliterated ... 
democracy has been exposed as an utter sham. The Conservative cabinet is stuffed with quislings. The majority are betrayed"
source, 7th July 2018]


BRINO: Theresa's Treason

You Can Judge a Person By the Company They Keep  (10 July 2018)
"So, how about our great leader ... here she is with the Useless Drunk .. with the rulers of Europe ... Here she is with two of the greatest leaders of our time ... I couldn't find a photo of May with Nigel Farage..."

Treacherous Theresa the T*** Polisher  (09 July 2018)
"I guess we always knew the ruling elites would keep us tied to the EU as a vassal region of a resurgent German Fourth Reich. But still, it may come as a shock to many when they realise the extent of our rulers' betrayal of the result of a democratic referendum..."

The Wound of This Brexit Betrayal Will Never Heal  (07 July 2018)
"The entire political class has conspired against Brexit and, at least for the moment, it has won. What happened yesterday was a truly terrible defeat, not just for Brexit, but for our system of government and our entire sense of ourselves. Representative democracy has been on borrowed time for some years now ... Parliament could have acted nobly, swallowed its pride and respected the result..."

Brexit According to EU Rules is Not Brexit  (07 July 2018)
"The EU harms Britain and all European countries in the most fundamental way - it has taken away our right to decide the kind of society we wish to live in. Time after time, people have democratically decided a way forward, but the EU disagreed and the public voice was silenced. This has happened in referendum after referendum, notably in France, the Netherlands and Ireland. The same is now happening with Brexit, and it's happening with the complicity of our government..."

No! No! No!  (07 July 2018)
"Now we know! See today's headlines in the MSM: Theresa May and her remainer colleagues have indeed sold us out yesterday at Chequers ... It is quite obvious that this is the BRINO we all feared. It is indeed a capitulation..."

The Final Betrayal of Brexit  (07 July 2018)
"It would be dishonest to say that the outcome of the Chequers summit on Friday evening came as a surprise. To any careful observer of the antics of the Conservative Party since David Cameron toppled from power in summer 2016, it was obvious there was little hunger to implement a meaningful Brexit and Theresa May has continually shown vacillating weakness..."


Tory Cabinet/Ministerial Resignations

Ex-Brexit Minister Slams May: Establishment 'Don't Want to Leave EU'  (10 July 2018)
"Steve Baker, who resigned from the Department for Exiting the EU shortly after Secretary of State David Davis, has slammed Theresa May's ultra-soft Brexit plan and the Remainer establishment ... It has been common knowledge that Remain-supporting Theresa May and her main Brexit advisor, unelected bureaucrat and Soviet Union admirer Olly Robbins, have increasingly undercut and overruled the Dept for Exiting the EU..."

Brexit Secretary David Davis Resigns ... 'Couldn't Sell Out His Own Country'  (08 July 2018)
"Brexit Secretary David Davis resigned from Theresa May's government late on Sunday night, followed swiftly by junior ministers Steve Baker and Suella Braverman ... Davis [outlined] his belief that [the ultra-soft Brexit plan] 'hands control of large swathes of our economy to the EU and is certainly not returning control of our laws in any real sense'..."

Brexiteers, Go Down in Flames of Glory!  (06 July 2018)
"Well, the fix is in. It is to be as the pessimists feared - Brexit In Name Only. A process that was started with great courage by the electorate ends in cowardice, failure and moral corruption by our 'leaders'. The people have been let down by the politicians in a way that may have terrible repercussions for the rest of our lives..."


Assessments and Analyses

The Dimming of Democracy  (08 July 2018)
"It is time to put Theresa May's betrayal of Brexit into its proper historical context. Her plan for Remain by another name, to keep Britain entangled in the rules and laws of an institution that 17.4 million of us instructed our politicians to leave, represents a blow not only to Brexit, but to democracy itself ... May and virtually the entire establishment make it clear that they value some voices more than others..."

The Chequers Cabinet Conclusions - An Assessment  (07 July 2018)
"Lawyers for Britain Chairman Martin Howe QC has prepared a Chequers Briefing memo which assess the details of the Chequers Statement from HM Government. Although the statement is brief and lacks much of the detail which is expected to be in the government's White Paper to be published next week, some of his key conclusions are:..."


Open Letters

Open Letter from Gerard Batten to Theresa May  (09 July 2018)
"Dear Mrs May, I write to you as the Leader of UKIP, the Party that brought about the Referendum, and the Party that did more than any other body to achieve the Leave vote. The vote to Leave was an historic victory - won against all the odds. You were a steadfast Remainer in the campaign, but nevertheless you sought and won the office of Prime Minister. The single most important task in your new role was to deliver the decision of the Referendum. That decision was very clear: to take Britain out of the European Union..."


Democracy and This Fake Conservative Government

The Apparat is Invincible  (10 July 2018)
"Our government isn't a democracy in the strict etymological sense of the word, nor even figuratively. It's not the rule of the people; it's the rule over the people. ... Our government has no balance of power - this was replaced by dictatorship of the Commons a long time ago, but now it's not even that. The Cabinet doesn't exercise executive power, and nor does Parliament have legislative supremacy. The PM has little control over the Cabinet, which doesn't matter very much because the Cabinet has little control over anything. We aren't ruled by the monarch, the people, Parliament, the Cabinet or the PM. We're ruled by the apparat..."

A Fake Sovereignty From a Fake Conservative Government  (08 July 2018)
"In 1997, the weak Conservative Government led by John Major suffered a catastrophic defeat, their worst since 1906., losing 100 seats and ushering the era of Blair. In the aftermath of the Chequers conference and the Cabinet Agreement to support May's new deal on Brexit, it seems that 5th May 2022 will see history repeat itself as this weak, unpopular and traitorous Vichy Conservative administration is swept from power. The omens are grim for May..."


Videos and YouTubes

YOUTUBE:  My View on Brexit  (11 July 2018)
Viewers' comments:  "Good assessment of what is happening"  /  "I agree with you"  /  "Good video ... Like your review of the shambles that is Brexit"  /  "You are stating exactly what I was thinking"  /  "You explained it well"  /  "It's not an uneducated opinion. You feel the same as every single person who voted to leave the eussr"  /  "Sounds like you got it all right to me"  /  "I agree with everything you said"  /  "Good talk"  /  "Absolutely correct"  /  "You shouldn't keep apologising for 'being uneducated' ... breadth of view and open-mindedness are just as valid and important, and in some ways crucial to the quasi-journalistic role you adopt. The ability to extract valid date and opinion, analyse that information and interpret it into a digestible form is not a dark art exclusive to those who hold degrees or PhDs"

YOUTUBE:  The Absolute State of #Brexit  (10 July 2018)
"Britain is a country of lions being led by a jellyfish"  /  Viewers' comments:  "The UK is setting the precedent of what happens when you leave the EU. Please, for your own sake and that of all us Europeans who want the EU to disappear, do whatever it takes to get Brexit done right"  /  "Eurocrat attempts to centralize Europe will not only fail, but are tyrannical ... the beast is flailing around, in its death throes as we speak ... Soon, maybe even a year or two hence, there won't be an EU to try to exit from."

YOUTUBE:  UK Column News - 10th July 2018 [Start-17.45]  (10 July 2018)
"HofC briefing on new deal / Treason May: a redefinition of the term 'sovereign' / A 'facilitated customs arrangement' (customs union) / Cameron's best of both worlds: UK's special status in a reformed EU / Under the veneer of Brexit, TPP is back."

YOUTUBE:  Theresa May's Complete Brexit Betrayal  (09 July 2018)
Viewers' comments:  "Sounds like UKIP isn't a party with an end goal, after which it can go home; rather it is a necessary pushback against globalist influences, and it needs to be sustained for the forseeable future. Settle in for the long haul. Like personal hygiene, this will be lifelong practice to prevent the disease from taking hold"  /  "A Remainer PM, A Remainer Chancellor, A Remainer Foreign Secretary, A Remainer Home Secretary, A Remainer Defence Secretary. YEP! It sure looks like a 'BREXIT Government from here!"  /  "I know a girl that's getting beaten by her husband on a daily basis. So she wanted a divorce. He agreed in principle, but said he needed some more time to work out the details. Now, it's two years later. She is still with him. He is never going to let her go you see."

YOUTUBE:  What They're Not Telling You About the Brexit Sellout  (09 July 2018)
"Brexit has been betrayed. Theresa must go."  /  Viewers' comments:  "May is absolutely unsuitable for the Brexit. Best wishes from Germany"  /  "She has betrayed her flag, her country, the law of the land and the trust of her people and their sovereign right of the ballot"  /  "UK definitely has a swamp of its own to drain"  /  "Here in Brazil we are also fighting the bloated left trying to get more power and ruin even more the economy, stay strong, UK."

YOUTUBE:  UKIP Leader Gerard Batten on Theresa May's Betrayal of the British People  (08 July 2018)
Viewers' comments:  "Her utter contempt for democracy is disgraceful ... Will be a member of UKIP by the end of this week"  /  "Ukip have my vote"  /  "I have just joined after 65 years Tory voter"  /  "I joined UKIP today because of May's reason"  /  "The conservative party won't listen to even the largest demonstration while they're still polling at 42%. A UKIP surge is the only thing that will make them change their minds"  /  "UKIP is now the only credible alternative to the Tory/Labour/Libdem parties who all support the EU status quo and are working flat out to erase the British Nation & culture"  /  "Having voted Tory for 40 years I have finally bit the bullet and turned my back on the Tories. I have just joined UKIP"  /  "The other parties are now rotten to the core - there comes a time when the old rubbish must be swept away. If everyone who voted Leave voted UKIP, we would see a restoration of sanity in this country."


The Battle is Fierce, Friends

"Many analogies were made before the referendum about the children of Israel crying out to God for deliverance from Egypt.

"Well, I am reminded that after they had been released, that wasn't the end of the matter:

'and the heart of Pharaoh and of his servants was turned against the people, and they said, "Why have we done this, that we have let Israel go from serving us?".'

"Sound familiar?  The whole force of Egypt went out after these freed people, determined to bring them back under their power.  [Pharaoh] pursued them and suddenly [the people of Israel] found they were left with nowhere to turn;  with the Red Sea before them and the power of Egypt behind them, seeking to bring them back under their control.

"When faced with this, the people then turned on Moses as the one who had brought them out, because the situation seemed so dire;  they then wanted to go back under the power from which they had been delivered:

'Let us alone, that we may serve the Egyptians. For it had been better for us to serve the Egyptians, than that we should die in the wilderness.'

"However: 'Moses said unto the people, "Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will show you today ... The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace".'

"I don't think this was an instruction not to pray, but rather to not talk against Moses and what God had done.

'And the LORD said unto Moses, "Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak unto the children of Israel, that they may go forward".'

"The way forward may seem unclear to us, but we know for sure, God can direct our paths if we seek His direction.

"Whatever people say and do in the coming days, let us pray for God's direction and for His decision to stand"

[IFB, July 2016]


Liberty: the Battle for the Very Soul of Britain

The following is an extended extract from Battle for the Very Soul of Britain

"Nine hundred and fifty years ago, between two hillocks at Hastings, an Anglo-Saxon king took an arrow in his eye and England surrendered her independence. That was our last - should I say most recent? - defeat on home soil. King Harold's forces fought valiantly but they had been exhausted by two earlier battles ... A shrewd and ruthless Frenchman, Guillaume of Normandy, seized power and London's Witan parliament was never heard of again. ...

"I have been contemplating poor King Harold a fair amount recently. ... As a schoolboy I visited the northern French town of Bayeux to see [the] tapestry and remember a sting of sorrow as I saw the needlework images of vanquished Anglo-Saxons. It was always the same when I read history yarns about British chieftain Caractacus fighting the Romans on his hilltop and later being paraded in Rome as a chained captive; or gallant ... Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni tribe, charging towards the Roman lines in her chariot ... In such accounts, I always rooted for the Brits. ... I always wanted the dwellers of our dank and foggy, sea-set isle to seize the day. Was it a nascent sketchwriter's innate bias or inherited love of country from my fiercely patriotic parents? Was that love wrong? Is that love wrong? I still feel that way.

"The likes of Mr Cameron and his fellow Europhiles ... presumably feel something different when they look at the Bayeux tapestry. I suppose they experience  a glow of quiet satisfaction that William and his forces of European integration over came the locals. ... A deep-rooted part of me rebels against that. ... I grieve for the freedoms that were squashed. And I feel just the same when I look at an castle built by English lords to crush dissent in Scottish and Welsh territory. My sympathies lie with the invaded. ...

"Hereward the Wake [a] Lincolnshire freeman ... had his lands taken by the Normans and decided to do something about it. For a few years after 1066, Hereward and his small army operated out of the Cambridgeshire town of Ely, then an island. They were beaten only after a treacherous monk showed the Normans one of the secret paths to Ely through the Fenland marshes. ... Almost a millennium after the event, I feel a lively indignation on Hereward's behalf. What a cur that monk was to betray him. What if Hereward had continued to oppose William? Could he have combined with the still unconquered Celts and Northumbrians to drive out the 'ingengas'? Or was Norman rule as inevitable as supporters of the EU now say their governing body is inevitable? As for that treacherous monk, was he a sort of Roland Rudd of his day ... the City PR smoothie pulling strings for the Remain camp? ...

"My support for Hereward may reflect a surfeit of foolish romanticism. But it may also echo enduring truths about the importance of self-determination and of remaining true to one's ancestral heritage. For what are we if we deny the past? What is the point of being British if we are not able to say who governs us? And let there be no doubt: if we vote to stay ion the EU, we will not be able to dislodge the elite that runs Brussels. They will be impervious to our democratic disapproval. They will be as safe as William and his shaven-headed Normans were in their mighty castle keeps. ...

"The Leave campaign ... has urged voters to quit the EU for a range of reasons ... Hereward the Wake ... would have heard Vote Leave talk of how we must 'take control' and would surely have thought 'I don't really want control - I want liberty.' ...

"It would obviously be good for us to retrieve national control of trade decisions, tax matters, ... immigration policy ... But where is the optimism in Leave's campaign? Where is the appeal to something more positive, more human, more ardent? The hearts of Hereeward the Wake and his 'green men' would have burned for something greater; something more essential. You could call it self-determination or independence but it is basically the right to plant your feet on the clifftops of Kent, raise your eyes to the cloud-scudding sky, and relish your ancient liberty as a free-born Briton. ...

"I think of my grandfathers. One was wounded three times on the Western Front in World War I. The other landed in Normandy - Normandy! - just before D-Day to clear the beaches of mines. They fought for king and country, yes, but they fought most of all for an idea: freedom. The days of ancestral sword and scramasax may have passed but that powerful notion of liberty, the spirit of British dissent which flared so wonderfully in the East Anglian fens 950 years ago, must never be allowed to die. Without it, we would be an island without pride, an island shorn of soul"

[End of Extract]


Norman and Saxon

"'My son,' said the Norman Baron, 'I am dying, and you will be heir to all the broad acres in England that William gave me for my share
when we conquered the Saxon at Hastings, and a nice little handful it is. But before you go over to rule it I want you to understand this:

"The Saxon is not like us Normans. His manners are not so polite. But he never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right.
When he stands like an ox in the furrow with his sullen set eyes on your own, and grumbles, 'This isn't fair dealing,' my son, leave the Saxon alone.

"You can horsewhip your Gascony archers, or torture your Picardy spears; But don't try that game on the Saxon; you'll have the whole brood round your ears.
From the richest old Thane in the country to the poorest chained serf in the field, they'll be at you and on you like hornets, and, if you are wise, you will yield.

"But first you must master their language, their dialect, proverbs and songs. Don't trust any clerk to interpret when they come with the tale of their wrongs.
Let them know that you know what they're saying; let them feel that you know what to say. Yes, even when you want to go hunting, hear 'em out if it takes you all day.

"They'll drink every hour of the daylight and poach every hour of the dark. It's the sport not the rabbits they're after (we've plenty of game in the park).
Don't hang them or cut off their fingers. That's wasteful as well as unkind, for a hard-bitten, South-country poacher makes the best man-at-arms you can find.

"Appear with your wife and the children at their weddings and funeral and feasts. Be polite but not friendly to Bishops; be good to all poor parish priests.
Say 'we', 'us' and 'ours' when you're talking, instead of 'you fellows' and 'I'. Don't ride over seeds; keep your temper; and never you tell 'em a lie!"

[Poem by Rudyard Kipling]


The Tower of Babel: EU / UN / NWO

"These are the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations, in their nations: and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood.  And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.  And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.  And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar.  And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.  And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.  And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.  Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.  So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.  Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth" (Genesis 10:32-11:9).




"To achieve world government,
it is necessary to remove from the minds of men
their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas"

(Brock Chisolm, Director of the UN World Health Organization)

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;
that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!"
(Isaiah 5:20-21)



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