Gospel Insights

by Michael Smith


Chapter Forty




Now that we know more about God, what He has done for us, and how, in His boundless love He reaches out to us, we need to ask the question: What is our response to that great love?  God never forces Himself upon anyone but waits for us to freely open our hearts and lives to all His grace and blessings; ours in this life and throughout eternity if we simply come to Him.  It was this response which the Lord Jesus and His disciples looked for as they met people and taught them about the Kingdom of God.  If this is something you have never done but you would now like to start a new life transformed by God's Almighty power, will you ask Him for His salvation today?

A Helpful Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, I believe that your Son, the Lord Jesus, took my place on the cross of Calvary, and I ask you now to please forgive me all my sins and wrongdoings, to come into my life and save my soul from this moment forth; that my name may be added into your Lamb's Book of Life.  Thank you Lord for all that you are now doing for me.  Amen.




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