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Grenfell Tower Fire
June 2017

"Britain is still coming to terms with the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower - and casting around for people to blame.
But even as we try to understand how and why these people died, there's something else we need to grapple with:
namely, why were they living in that tower block in the first place?"

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VIDEO:  Incredibly Moving Moment Grenfell Tower Memorial Crowds Part for Hero Firefighters  (18 June 2017)

The Aaronic Blessing, from the Latymer Community Church to the London Fire Brigade:  "The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace" (Numbers 6:24-26).


Articles and YouTubes


Diversity Over Excellence: the London High Rise Fire and KCTMO  (16 June 2017)

"You see, people's safety is not as important as diversity. But what did you expect from a country hell bent on committing suicide?"

KCTMO - Playing with Fire  (November 2016)

"It is a truly terrifying thought but the Grenfell Action Group firmly believe that only a catastrophic event will expose the ineptitude and incompetence of our landlord, the KCTMO, and bring an end to the dangerous living conditions and neglect of health and safety legislation that they inflict upon their tenants and leaseholders ... It is our conviction that a serious fire in a tower block or similar high density residential property is the most likely reason that those who wield power at the KCTMO will be found out and brought to justice..."

Grenfell Tower  (No Date)

"Grenfell Tower, on the Lancaster West Estate in North Kensington, has been undergoing major refurbishment..."


Grenfell: Tombstone to a Megalomaniac Dream  (18 June 2017)

"[M]aking construction regulations, including those relating to fire risk, is an exclusive 'competence' of the EU. Britain has no right to make its own, without Brussels permission. Furthermore in 2014 53 Department of Energy and Climate Change issued its National Energy Efficiency Action Plan, setting out how it planned to meet its EU targets fro reducing 'carbon emissions'..." 

Eco Concerns may Have Been Prioritised Over Fire Safety  (15 June 2017)

"The cladding, which was erected around the concreter block's exterior as part of a £8.7 million refit last year, is suspected by experts to have helped the flames spread so quickly. the panels were intended to enhance the appearance of the building as well as improve its insulation and reduce the tower's 'carbon footprint'..."


YOUTUBE:  Why Modern Architecture Sucks  (30 June 2017)

"The origin of modernist architecture was not because the buildings were cheaper. This was not the driving factor. The main factor was that modernist architects wanted to rebel against what went before (beauty) by creating ugliness. The claim that tower blocks are needed due to overpopulation is wrong. Double the number of homes could fit in the same footprint..."

Grenfell: Tombstone to a Megalomaniac Dream  (18 June 2017)

"I long ago took an interest in the estate on which Grenfell stands ... [In] 1979 I had been commissioned by the BBC to make a two-hour television film, City of Towers, which for the first time told the whole story of how the destruction of our cities had been inspired by the megalomaniac dream in the Twenties of the Swiss architect Le Corbusier; and how this led 40 years later to those vast dehumanised council estates, dominated by tower blocks like Grenfell..."

Comrade Corbyn, Meet Mr Corbusier  (16 June 2017)

"Urban planning is like any other public service. City councils aren't out to make people's lives better or their towns prettier. They want to find an architectural method of making their power absolute ... Corbusier's work screams totalitarianism in concrete, his preferred material. He didn't care which totalitarian was in power, as long as Corbusier was his architect. ... When you see today's ugly structures giving parts of great European cities that unmistakeably Soviet je ne sais quoi, think of Corbusier. It's to his ideas that we owe today's vast areas of state-run tower blocks..."

The Trouble with Tower Blocks  (16 June 2017)

"Survey after survey, in country after country, shows that people don't like high-rise blocks. They want five storeys, maximum. They like private gardens, not communal space. people who actually live in multi-storeys don't want to have families there. The adults suffer from more stress, mental health difficulties, neurosis and marital discord - and the children suffer from more stress, hyperactivity, hostility and juvenile delinquency. Suicides are higher. So are vandalism and anti-social behaviour. There is less a sense of community and interaction:..."

The Architect as Totalitarian  (Autumn 2009)

"Le Corbusier was to architecture what Pol Pot was to social reform. In one sense, he had less excuse for his activities than Pol Pot: for unlike the Cambodian, he possessed great talent, even genius. Unfortunately, he turned his gifts to destructive ends, and it is no coincidence that he willingly served both Stalin and Vichy. Like Pol Pot, he wanted to start from Year Zero: before me, nothing; after me, everything ... Hardly any town or city in Britain ... has not had its composition wrecked by architects and planners inspired [sic!] by his ideas..."

Emotism, Virtue-Signalling, Agitprop

The Grenfell Service and the Politics of Grief  (18 December 2017)

"You could have seen it coming. As the Moore-Bick inquiry into what actually happened at Grenfell Tower gets under way, the great and the good have lost no time in embracing the opportunities to milk it for all the political advantage it's worth. Two vignettes illustrate this perfectly..."

YOUTUBE:  The Dangerous Precedent of Unbridled Charity  (24 June 2017)

"In response to this horrible tragedy, the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is calling for an amnesty on illegal immigrants who lived in the Grenfell Tower..."

The 'Day of Rage' is the Left's Temper Tantrum at Defeat  (21 June 2017)

"Talking about the Grenfell Tower fire on ITV's Peston on Sunday, Jeremy Corbyn noted that 'some people care about the tragedy to a deeper extent than others'. The same could be said about the fate of the country. Some people do care to a greater extent than others and clearly those who are planning to participate in today's so-called 'Day of Rage' really do not care a jot ... London['s] emergency services are stretched to capacity after the chain of terror attacks and the Grenfell disaster..."

Far Left Co-Opts Grenfell Tower Tragedy to 'Bring Down Government' with Foreign Cash  (17 June 2017)

"Far left, open borders campaign group 'Movement for Justice' (MFJ) have announced a  'day of rage' to 'shut down London' in response to the Grenfell Tower Tragedy, declaring that 'there will be no peace until this government is brought down'..."

The Show Must Go On!  (17 June 2017)

"From the office of the Controller Monomedia (incorporating BBC, SKY & ITV) to all staff... 'First, congratulations and a million thanks for your coverage on the day after the Kensington fire...'"

I Apologise - For My Understatement  (16 June 2017)

"In a very short time we see that the Grenfell Tower disaster is being outrageously politicised by the Corbynistas. Jeremy himself has been endlessly photographed hugging and cuddling Kensington locals in the street..."

Grenfell Tower Tragedy Becomes an Anti-Tory Hate-Fest  (16 June 2017)

"There are many pertinent questions of fact and conjecture here, but why leap to exploit this tragedy so precipitously with condemnation of a whole political ideology ... But, hey, these are right-wing Tory headbangers and scum, and, as we know, Toryism is a work of the Devil..."

Please Stop Exploiting the Dead of Grenfell Tower  (15 June 2017)

"We don't even know how many souls perished in the Grenfell Tower inferno, and yet already they are being marshalled to party-political ends. Already Labour-leaning commentators and campaigners are using them, using the freshly dead and the unspeakable horrors they experienced, to make mileage for their party, to brand the Tories evil and Jeremy Corbyn saintly..."

All Cultures Are Equal?...

Man Whose Flat Started Grenfell Blaze 'Packed Luggage Before Raising Alarm'  (15 June 2017)

"The man whose flat caught fire first in Grenfell Tower packed a bag of clothes before raising the alarm, it was claimed ... 'When we got up I saw outside his flat his luggage, there was a big bag with his clothes, [his neighbour] said. '... he took the stuff from his flat and then he told the neighbours'..."

The Inquiry and Identity Politics

Bonfire of the Inanities? Just Wait for the Grenfell Circus  (06 July 2017)

"Public inquiries are all very well, provided they're not too impartial and can be manipulated by those with the loudest voices and the most strident pressure groups behind them. This, at least, seems to be the view of a number of campaigners who, scenting blood, have decided to use the Grenfell inquiry to make as much political capital as possible..."

Leftist Fallacy No 599: Only a Black Female Judge Can Probe Grenfell Horror  (05 July 2017)

"The appointment of Sir Martin Moore-Bick to lead the inquiry into the Grenfell Tower disaster has raised strong objections from certain quarters..."


Quotes and Comments


"We believe that the KCTMO are an evil, unprincipled, mini-mafia ho have no business to be charged with the responsibility of looking after the every day management of large scale social housing estates and that their sordid collusion with the RBKC Council is a recipe for a future major disaster" [source].

"We believe that the KCTMO have ensured their ongoing survival by the use of proxy votes at their Annual General meeting that see them returned with a mandate of 98% in favour of the continuation of their inept and highly dangerous management of our homes. It is no coincidence that the 98% is the same figure that is returned by the infamous Kin Jong-un of North Korea who claims mass popularity while reputedly enslaving the general population and starving the majority of his people to death"

"[T]he residents of Grenfell Tower have received no proper fire safety instructions from the KCTMO. Residents were informed by a temporary notice stuck in the lift and one announcement in a recent regeneration newsletter that they should remain in their flats in the event of fire. There are not and never have been any instructions posted [o]n the Grenfell Tower noticeboard or on individual floor[s] as to how residents should act in event of a fire"

"The Grenfell Action Group predict that it won't be long before the words of this blog came back to haunt the KCTMO management and we will do everything in our power to ensure that those in authority know how long and how appallingly our landlord has ignored their responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their tenants and leaseholders. They can't say that they haven't been warned"

"[T]he board [9 women, 4 men] is ... an excellent example of what passes for leadership in the modern feminised workplace ... where the process is highly valued above all else. ... It is inconceivable that they were not aware of the blog post calling their management practices into question. They most probably agonised over it with a series of endless meetings where they danced around countless matters of non-importance while doing their very best to avoid at all costs any core issues that would have driven them towards making firm decisions related to anything even approaching an outcome"

"The Local Authority or Council was created in 1963 by the 'London Government Act'.  Not the UK Government. Council Leadership was elected in May 2014 by The People. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea manages the property and is run by 13 tenants. Therefore, if blame is to be rendered, render it where it belongs"

"Reg Kerr-Bell, the former chairman of the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO), which manages the building, said he stood down several years ago over safety concerns. Just two days before the blaze, he had spoken to a former colleague about their fears. ... 'This is a scandal. This is one of the biggest scandals in the country - and it could have been avoided... We felt there was a disaster waiting to happen and we were going to have a meeting with the MP so that we could put these concerns to them"


"Tony Blair and Ed Milliband put in place an energy policy based on cutting CO2 emissions. Burning less of the fuel we all use. Demonising it and increasing the cost to all of us with green taxes, to pay for green energy schemes such as 'renewable' energy production that can't meet base load, and energy saving measures such as adding insulation to buildings. Concerns about the rising cost of energy and fuel poverty increase led [Chris] Huhne and Ed Davey to point out that energy efficiency and saving measures will offset this at the point when fossil fuel prices increase due to scarcity (except fossil fuel isn't scarce & wholesale prices haven't gone up). Energy efficiency measures have led to fridges exploding. And green grants for adding insulation to buildings have led to a fashion for adding it wherever possible, along with wind follies (in wind scarce and inappropriate areas), and solar panels for anyone rich enough to take advantage of the poor that pay for them. ... The whole thing is ... dangerous"
[comment at source].

"[A]nd the green crusading Tories are the ones actually responsible for implementing it. This is not about party politics. It is about green politics. Odd that Natalie Bennett hasn't been waving her didgeridoo at us. The guilty remain silent"
[comment at source].

"I think we have established the cause of the fire: a self-combusting refrigerator using EU approved coolants banned elsewhere and which are highly flammable. Like the cladding. It seems far less likely that illegal immigration or open borders are responsible for this tragedy than the conditions under which the EU allows them to live. All the more reason to effect a hard Brexit"
[comment at source].

"The siding used on the Tower was highly flammable and barred from use in both the UK and Germany"

"Mike Penning, a former fire minister, called for an urgent review into the use of the insulation material. He said, 'There has to be an urgent review into the use of cladding. We need to expedite this as far as possible - this cladding is used extensively in the UK and abroad"

"The Building Committee for Regulations reports to the UK Secretary of Sate. The Office for Secretary of State For Communities and Local Government is currently held by Sajid Javid"

"The Select Committee on Environment, transport and Regional Affairs - the Government department then presided over by Labour's John Prescott - had gathered in July 1999 to hear evidence on the use of external cladding in high rise towers, following a fire at a 14-storey block in Irvine, Ayrshire, the previous month, in which a 55-year-old disabled man was killed"
[quoted in comment at source].

"Apparently there has been an epidemic of exploding fridges ... It is all down to the adoption of 'eco friendly' refrigerants such as iso butane. Unfortunately these are explosive if they leak and mix with air and come into contact with the tiny spark of the thermostat cutting in or out. It is more likely to happen at night when the gas can accumulate in the closed compartment or in the undisturbed air outside it"
[comment at source].

Emotism and Virtue-Signalling

"Yesterday Theresa May visited the scene privately (no media) but was advised for security reasons not to meet with the victims, so she talked and listened to policemen and firemen and councillors and coordinators. Then Jeremy Corbyn descended with an entourage of cameras and press photographers, and this thousand word picture circled the earth: ... Theresa May: cold, aloof, uncaring, nasty, evil. Jeremy Corbyn: warm, caring, loving, compassionate, Christ-like"

"Women are not natural leaders. They tend to rely on advice, as unfortunately she did"   /   "Those criticising T May for following her security advice may like to note the attempts made to attack her this evening, as a momentum inspired mob did their best to lay violent hands on her. Thank God for security men, and their wise advice"
[comments at source].

"Mrs May ... visited the site of the inferno but didn't hug any surviving residents. She isn't much of a hugger, which I think is to her credit. But the mob thinks otherwise. It's holding her personally responsible for the tragedy - even though she had already announced a full independent inquiry and wept privately at Number 10. But weeping privately isn't good enough. The Dianisation of the public is in full swing: just like the 1997 mob screaming at Her Majesty 'Ma'am, show us you care!!!', today's version demands public effusiveness and knows it can enforce it"

"The frivolous MSM seem to think that such meaningless, hypocritical gestures are more important than concrete action. The royal family, of course, ought to visit and 'weep with those who weep' since there is not a lot more they can do in a situation like this"
[comment at source].

Hypocritical Rage and the Blame Game

"Social media is awash with Tory-bashing. This party, May herself, is to blame. How? Why? Did they light the flames? Fan the flames? No, it's because they do not care. They are wicked and they emit this wickedness. ... the indictment of the entire culture of Toryism suggests this is driven less by an instinct for thorough investigation than by an urge for retribution ... something dreadful has happened and so we need someone, some thing, to punish for it, to project our grief on to, to transform into the human embodiment of this sin so that he or she might be cast out and our society cleansed. ... Like medieval communities who burnt witches when their crops failed - someone just had to be held morally responsible for the awful consequences of crop failure - today we point a collective or at least media finger at 'uncaring' individuals and institutions every time a tragedy occurs"

"Funny how none of them are asking why the stairwell escape route was blocked. Did Theresa May conspire with Boris one night to cram it with old sofas and stained mattresses?"

"I don't like May much but the way they're scapegoating her and attacking her is sickening - she is the PM not a builder or architect and didn't have anything to do with covering Grenfell in flammable plastic. Using this tragedy as a way to try and undermine the democratically elected government is sick and I hope people can see it for what it is. Playing politics with people's lives and deaths"
[comment at source].

"The MSM decided that May should not have won the election on the 8th and have been out for blood ever since. I'm no fan of May either, and I don't think she's helped herself, but the bias has been astonishing; May can do no right, Corbyn can do no wrong. If May had had her photo taken cuddling the residents as Corbyn did, she would have been torn apart for turning a disaster into a photo op"   /   "Exactly so. May can do no right, Corbyn can do no wrong even if they do the same thing"
[comments at source].

"[T]hese people aren't treating Grenfell as political; they're treating it as party political. They're using it to demean Toryism as evil, and big up Corbyn as the leader Britain needs right now. He cares, you see, unlike [the Tories]. He is Good, they are Bad. This isn't politics - this is ... binary moralism of a Corbynista worldview of the right as wicked and the left as decent"

"The Labour leaders was quick to blame 'Tory cuts' for the tragedy. He did so within a few hours of the news unfolding, and his socialist brotherhood and sisterhood soon piled in. They instinctively never miss an opportunity to bash the Tories, but to make political capital out of the prematurely-cremated poor ones of Kensington was an egregious exploitation which fanned the flames of a money-making media hate-fest against the Tories"

"[W]here was all this leftist rage when it was discovered that possibly thousands of under-aged white working class girls were being groomed, drugged and rapped by Pakistani pedophile gangs? The silence from those cowering arch hypocrites of the left was absolutely deafening. Loud-mouthed leftists tend to pick their fights very carefully - and like all the other bullies of this world they usually target those who they are confident will not fight them back"
[comment at source].

"Evidently, two deliberate acts of terrorism by religious fanatics intent on destroying us are nothing compared to the accidental (so we are being told) deaths of what appears top be mainly immigrants accommodated in one of the most expensive areas of London, courtesy of us, the British taxpayers"   /   "It is sickening to see the rage at one, basically a terrible accident, and the [public display of religiosity in a manner which seems hypocritical and simply for show] response to premeditated murder in the name of an alien religion"
[comments at source].

"There is simmering anger elsewhere in Britain too over bombings, knifings, and thousands of rapes, but any manifestation of public fury over that is being treated as 'hate crime' and the police have warned people to shut up about it or face jail. There's no such thing as justice for the indigenous British"
[comment at source].

"Note also the attempts to storm Kensington town hall, also clearly with the probability of violence and destruction had they succeeded. We are being dragged into third world style violence every time something goes wrong. The stoicism that accompanied the sufferings of the blitz, worse by far than the tragic events of this week, incomparably so, is preplaced by yelling, screaming, accusing and blaming. A result, I say with confidence, of the loss of faith in Jesus Christ that has swept the nation"
[comment at source].

Identity Politics

"The differing reactions to this tower block fire compared to the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London Bridge/Borough Market tells us clearly how immigrants are now more important than indigenous white people in the eyes of the government, the authorities and the media. It's candles, holding hands, and 'Don't look back in anger' when whites are deliberately slaughtered by Muslims but £millions in handouts, grovelling apologies, gushing emotion, anger, riots, violence, threats, and a minutes silence when immigrants die in an accident ... How did we let it come to this?"
[comment at source].

Movement for Justice (MFJ) "uses the slogan 'by any means necessary' - believed to be a statement of intent to use violence by the radical, anti-white Muslim activist Malcolm X - otherwise known as el-Hajj Malik el-Shanazz"

The organizer of MFJ, "businessman Mustafa al-Mansur, is a Jeremy Corbyn-supporting political activist who was once arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences"

"Facebook is alive with propaganda hailing Muslim as being the greatest heroes in helping the injured at the scene of the Grenfell Tower, [but] it should be noted that Muslims were the dominant tenants of the Tower, and thus were evacuating and tending to their neighbours and friends ... the only Muslim population [in that neighbourhood] was from the Tower itself. While this does not diminish the fact that Muslims were helping their friends and families, it does provide a perspective of why and where they came from"
[source].  [Please also note in this connection the article here].


"Despite the good-hearted locals calling for peace, some, including Labour's Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, have urged his party's grassroots to use the issue as a means by which to remove the elected government of his day"

"Comrade Corbyn ... this arguable most evil leader of a major Western political party also said a few things that a mere couple of decades ago could have been treated as incitement to riot. He practically demanded that the mob march on Westminster to reverse Labour's electoral defeat"

Socialism/Communism and Brutalism

"[W]hat a coincidence - it realises the 3rd element of the Communist System for Destroying the West (see Yuri Bezmenov) - that is 'Crisis'. It's been brought about by generations of Demoralization (destruction of Christianity) and Destabilization (Divide and Conquer). They're [now] trying their hand at the final step: 'Normalization' - with the armed police, etc"
[comment at source].

"Properties must be found - requisitioned if necessary - in order to make sure that residents do get rehoused locally... How is it acceptable that in London you have luxury buildings and luxury flats kept empty as land banking for that future while homeless people look for somewhere to live?"
[Jeremy Corbyn quoted at source].

"I'll tell you how it's acceptable in two words, Comrade: private property. The idea of requisitioning comes naturally to a communist in all but name, but outside that murderous ideology people's property is seen as a guarantor of liberty. If the mob - or the state scared of it - 'requisitions' people's houses, that'll mean letting the jinni of left fascism out, thereby perpetuating a far worse tragedy than even the Kensington inferno"

"Even under communism in the old Soviet Union and present day China there were/are wealthy people. If all the money in the UK was divided equally and we all received, say £1000 on the Monday morning, by Tuesday half the country would be broke and there would be several millionaires. It's how some sections of the human race operate, I'm afraid"
[comment at source].

"Corbusier strove to drive people into soulless, inhuman slabs of concrete, and his British co-ideologists promptly obliged by inundating the country with stinking, drug-addled, crime-brewing hellholes mostly inhabited by welfare freeloaders. For people like Corbyn, such jerry-built blocks are ideal. They play the same role as mass immigration and the welfare state: creating a mob dependent on, and controlled by, the government and, typically, voting Labour"

"Those who wonder why the state didn't spend a few extra thousand to install fire-proof cladding or fire-sprinkling systems miss the point. Of course all those monstrosities disfiguring London's skyline were slapped together on the cheap. It suits the ideology much better to construct 10 death traps than one sound building. Ideally, they'd want all London housing to be run by the state, reflecting Corbusier's fascist ideas expressed in cheap concrete"

"Corbyn is using the tragedy to create a Socialist name for himself as he calls for any vacant apartments to be immediately seized by the government and distributed to the tenants who lost their housing in the fire. Taking a tragedy and making a larger tragedy will not solve the problem. It will create chaos and derision as landlords react to their property being seized without consent. This is a typical communist move"

EMcD:  Has Corbyn ever suggested the requisitioning of some of these empty properties to house our own British homeless war veterans?...

Mainstream Media and Press

"[T]he media is fervently bent on making the Grenfell Tower fire the sole responsibility of Theresa May. [Sadiq] Khan is somehow exempted and the Local Authority is somehow exempted - at least by the press"

"The Economist has ... instituted a hate platform against Theresa May blaming her for the fire that destroyed the Grenfell Tower in London. Why? Because they claim that she has been lax in initiating proper building and fire codes that would have prohibited the use of a particular siding material that is very flammable, and possibly a major contributory factor in the spread of the fire. But that isn't actually her job. Those regulations fall on the Building Regulators and the Secretary of State and the Local Authority - mayor Sadiq Khan. Why Theresa May? because the Rothschild agenda is to have her expelled and vacate Brexit"

"In the UK, the Local Authority is responsible for approvals and compliance with statutory regulations, including building codes. That would mean the responsibility for London's fire would defer not to Theresa May, but to the mayor, Sadiq Khan. The Economist is a backer of Khan and therefore shifting blame to Theresa May serves a profound purpose"

The Inquiry and Identity Politcs

The statements by Emma Dent Coad, labour MP for Kensington, David Lammy, labour MP for Tottenham, and 'BME Lawyers 4 Grenfell'
[see here] "go so much further than simply suggesting that our present legal system is not objective: they in fact demand a subjectivity to their liking, suggesting that such a turn away from objectivity would be a good thing. How else are we to interpret calls for a certain 'type' of person to lead the inquiry? If those doing the calling did not believe that this would in any way lead to a different outcome then why would they be calling for it?" [source].

"Let us put aside the rather vile suggestion that Sir Martin, as a white male, can feel no sympathy whatsoever for his non-white fellow humans; the positive case being made for a black or a female inquiry-leader is that he or she will have more empathy. They will feel the pain of their victims, thus allowing a greater level of emotion to enter into their conclusion-reaching process, edging objective analysis ever-so-slightly off centre-spot"

"A hundred years ago women weren't allowed to vote because they were considered too emotional, yet here we are in the twenty-first century, after decades of progressive thought, listening to 'progressives' suggesting that women and black people would make the more emotional inquiry-leaders, and that said emotionality would improve the operating of a sober, forensic investigation"

"If I, a white male, were to suggest that [women and blacks] are generally 'more emotional', I would be dismissed as a sexist, bigoted dinosaur. But the purveyors of identity-politics have no problem in taking us down these dark and dangerous avenues, where fundamental differences between 'the races' mean that we all arrive at our own respective 'race-based truths and notions of 'justice'"

"These campaigners want to end the concept that justice is blind. For them, the opposite is in fact true: supposedly superficial appearances are fundamental. Is the judge the right sex/colour? In such a reality, legal consistency (fairness) would end: different judges would reach conclusions born of their perceived identities"

"For heaven's sake, this is an inquiry into how and why a tragic and preventable fire started and what might have been done to avoid it. Of course we all ... have the greatest sympathy for the victims and the bereaved; but their cultural, religious and ethnic diversity is simply beside the point. The object is to report on how an event as awful as this can be prevented from happening again - to anyone at all, whether black, Asian, white, Christian, Muslim or anything else"




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