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"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me,
it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck,
and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea"
(Matthew 18:6)



VOAT Pizzagate
"This subverse is for the investigation of and dissemination of information related to #pizzagate."

VOAT What to Focus On and Guidelines/Background for Newbies
"We will continue to update the sticky as new things unfold."

VOAT Q&A Thread
"For those out of the loop. Ask your general questions here."

VOAT List of Censorship
"Please help compile a list of all examples of censorship in the coverup."

YOUTUBE:  The Men Who Knew Too Much About PizzaGate  (20 February 2017)
"Many who have tried to bring the truth to light about PizzaGate have either lost their jobs, their reputations, gone dark, disappeared or died..."

YOUTUBE:  Journalist Threatened for Exposing Clinton Corruption, Pizzagate & Pedogate  (20 February 2017)
"I'm posting this video for my own safety. I have been threatened and intimidated since exposing a major Clinton corruption story and I feel targeted more so than ever after I agreed to be involved in a project blowing the lid off Pizzagate and Pedogate. I know several other people researching this and exposing this who have been targeted in the past few days. Please pray for people brave enough to expose the truth on this horrendous scandal and coverup and especially for the children who are being tortured and ritualistically sexually abused by these elite monsters. This is not a partisan issue, anyone with any kind of humanity should get behind this movement."

YOUTUBE:  PizzaGate Cover-Up  (11 December 2016)
"Paedophile networks operate best when ignored."

DC PizzaGate: A Primer  (07 November 2016 / Updated 09 December 2016)
"I've created this blog to share the information Anonymous has collectively gathered and researched about a suspected pedophilia and human trafficking ring that we seem to have uncovered existing within our DC politicians and the elite class. It all started with one incredibly suspicious Podesta email that had skeptics suggesting they weren't actually talking about pizza..."

Fake News Covers Fake Event  (05 December 2016)
"The Comet Ping Pong gunman story smells very much like a false flag starring a crisis actor meant to distract from deeper investigation into #Pizzagate..."

Mike Cernovich Responds to Fake News Media Conspiracy Theories About #Pizzagate  (04 December 2016)
"The fake news media is falsely claiming that the #Pizzagate story belongs to me. This is simply untrue. I have long said the following about #Pizzagate, as anyone who has watched my Periscopes will tell you:..."

YOUTUBE:  Satanic PizzaGate Network  (04 December 2016)
"PizzaGate is the stuff of nightmares."

YOUTUBE:  Pizzagate Cult  (27 November 2016)
"[T]he night of November 6, 2016 saw a DDOS attack on Wikileaks. It was the first time their website went down in several years. Reddit, 4chan, and Twitter, all of which repost Wikileaks, also went down at the same time. ... High -profile child trafficking rings have been exposed in Great Britain, Norway, and the United States recently..."

MSM Spamming 'Pizza' Related Articles to Hide Pizza Gate  (27 November 2016)
"Go on google news or any other news search site and see the incredible influx of 'pizza' related articles. I can only presume this is to hide anything written about pizzagate..."

YOUTUBE:  #PizzaGate New Update  (24 November 2016)
"There's a band called 'Sex Stains' which has performed at Comet Ping Pong. If you've seen the previous videos you'll identify immediately that they have a blatant paedophile logo in their music video ... this is a logo that indicates to paedophiles that these people are paedophile friendly..." 

YOUTUBE:  Pizzagate Definitive Factcheck  (24 November 2016)
"Is PizzaGate real, sort of real, or blown out of proportion? Researcher Megan gave all of this an independent look on her own, in case I was seeing connections that were not there. Sadly, I've perhaps been too tame in my coverage here - these are totally sick people. No doubt in my mind. None whatsoever..."

YOUTUBE:  #PizzaGate: What We Know So Far  (23 November 2016)
"Let's begin by going over some background ... John Podesta clicked on a phishing scam email sent to him by hackers, and unwittingly handed over his password to them. The hackers handed Podesta's emails over to WikiLeaks, and they verified their authenticity before releasing them in the run-up to the 2016 US election..."

YOUTUBE:  Pizzagate is Real: Something is Going On, But What?  (23 November 2016)
"This all began after Wikileaks founder Julian Assange released hundreds if thousands of secret documents detailing a corrupt DNC, a backstabbing Clinton Foundation and the modus operandi of a clumsy criminal campaign attempting to attain the keys to the most powerful seat on Earth. But the real truth Assange was leading us to was hidden between the blurred lines of Hillary Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta's released emails..."

PizzaGate The Open Source Investigation  (23 November 2016)
"It has never been more important for the individual to research for themselves. The recent onslaught of hit pieces by main stream news sources such as Snopes and the NYT calling Pizza Gate a hoax without addressing the massive evidence compiled, further buries these fraudulent news sources into irrelevancy. Hence the need for investigative journalists to pick up and investigate the overwhelming amount of evidence..."

The Pizzagate Pedophile Scandal is About to Explode  (21 November 2016)
"[A] crowd-sourced investigation has been happening for 3 weeks across message boards and social media to expose a suspected pedophile ring in Washington DC involving many high-level officials. This is the least known aspect of the Wikileaks revelations so far. ... We are told the work on r/Pizzagate (and other message boards) is illegitimate because people are rushing to conclusions, or because they are being paranoid, or partisan (despite so many of different political complexions provable working together). The subtitle here of course is that the State is solely legitimate to suspect and investigate crimes. But what if the State itself is, in a systemic way, responsible for said crimes?..."

What is PizzaGate?  (21 November 2016)
"There is evidence suggesting that the failed Democratic presidential candidate and many amongst her inner circle are embroiled in a child sex scandal centered on a Washington pizzeria..."

#Pizzagate  (16 November 2016)
Comet Ping Pong - Pizzagate Summary.

YOUTUBE:  Spirit Cooking with the Clintons: #PizzaGate, #SpiritCooking  (05 November 2016)
"Here we see John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. John Podesta is Hillary Clinton's head of Campaign and her right-hand man. John Podesta's email accounts got hacked and his emails ended up on Wikileaks. One of Marina Abramovic's emails was in that pile..."

YOUTUBE:  Spirit Cooking: Evil in Government  (04 November 2016)
"The Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign has been rocked by continued FBI investigation related to her illegal email server, handling of classified information, pay-to-play at the Clinton Foundation and much more. ... Several of the latest Podesta emails have provided information connecting the controversial performance artist Marina Abramovic and the disgusting practice of 'Spirit Cooking' to the Clinton inner circle..."

Mailvox: The Election and the Non-Problem of Evil  (04 November 2016)
"I've stated in the past that one reason I left the USA was due to my momentary glimpse into the social circles of power there. ... I didn't, and I don't, actually KNOW anything of substance in this regard. But, as the readers here know, my intelligence tends to run towards logic and pattern recognition..."



"And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech: he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.  And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.  And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not:  Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people" (Leviticus 20:1-5).