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Cultural Marxism's "Long March Through The Institutions" of Western Civilisation

"I saw the revolutionary destruction of Society as the one and only solution.
A worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries"
[George Lukacs, The Frankfurt School]

"We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks" [Willi Munzenberg, The Frankfurt School]

The Frankfurt School recommended: "an unreliable legal system with a bias against victims of crime" [source]

The UK: A Police State
Political Arrests: Tommy Robinson
Outside Leeds Crown Court (25 May 2018)
Re-Trial (27 September 2018 / 23 October 2018)

The Dhimmitude of the Foolish MOD

Conscience. Character. Courage. Tommy Robinson's Story

The Seven Stages of Tommy

Outside Leeds Crown Court (25 May 2018) and Retrial (27 September 2018): YouTubes


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"We fought two World wars and countless other wars to keep these islands free from tyranny
only to find that by stealth and deceit our very own government has become the greatest tyrant of them all"
[comment at source].

"The British state already tells you what you can and can't say.
It informs you who must be respected and who hated.  It lets you know, in no uncertain terms, how you are to address people.
It wags its finger at you if you step ever so slightly from a straight line it has painted ahead of you"

"No man escapes when freedom fails / The best of men rot in filthy jails,
And those who cry appease appease / Are hung by those they try to please"

[quoted in comments at source].

Tommy Robinson's Banned Speech:
The British Police State



"(38) In future no official shall place a man on trial upon his own unsupported statement, without producing credible witnesses to the truth of it. (39) No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgment of his equals or by the law of the land" [Magna Carta, quoted at source].

"There are few times when one man can stand up for the truth and reshape the world. Today is one of those times, and Tommy Robinson is that man. They will try to bully him into submission and silence, but Tommy is driven not by himself, but by the truth. He will not submit and he will not be silent ... When Tommy stands firm today and fights the corruption, lies and censorship, every one of us will be stood by his side. The British people, throughout history, have fought and died for freedom, justice and honour ... when they say 'far right', they are referring to anybody who doesn't sign up to the insane doctrine of cultural Marxism, and anybody who has the audacity to mention a Muslim/Pakistani rape gang ... Of everyone who has defended the truth over the years, one man has been attacked, persecuted and censored more than anyone else - simply because he dared to criticise the ideology of Islam and the rape gangs ... That man is Tommy Robinson ... it is in Tommy Robinson that the Great British Lion will find its voice and roar once again" [source].

"A white British man was seized by police, the arrest having been planned before the alleged 'offence' (taking pictures in a phone) was committed. He was hauled before a kangaroo court set up in preparation for this incident, denied access to his lawyer, convicted on a trumped up charge, and thrown into prison, all within the space of two hours. 'British values'. Brought to you by the 'British Government.' This is an occupied country" [comment at source].

"If you systematically rape thousands and thousands of white British girls over years and years - the police look the other way. If you report on the handful of grooming gang suspects arrested and standing trial - you get locked up immediately. Many grooming gang members will spend less time behind bars for systematically raping young girls than Tommy Robinson will for simply reporting on their trials" [source].

A word to Tommy Robinson's armchair critics: "I know, let's obsess over any perceived flaws or shortcomings of Tommy Robinson. That way we can: (1) happily allow him to rot in prison; (2) ignore all the horrific problems associated with Islam in the UK; and (3) most importantly, totally forget all about the rape gangs crisis and the tens of thousands of abused, raped and tortured young girls" [source].

"The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth" [George Orwell].


The Foolish Dhimmitude of the Treasonous MOD

PETITION:  Stop the Political Witch Hunt Against British Troops  (October 2018)
"Tommy Robinson bumped into four motor coaches of young British soldiers - who all wanted to take a picture with him. But after the Muslim Council of the UK complained, the British Army launched an investigation into these young soldiers, and even seized their cell phones, to search for 'forbidden' political ideas.  This is outrageous.  It's un-British. These are the young men who fight for our freedoms - the least we can do is to fight for theirs. Please sign this petition to Chief of the Defence Staff, Gen. Sir Nick Carter, telling him to call off his dogs.  We do not want our lads investigated for taking a photo with Tommy Robinson. We demand that General Sir Nick Carter call off his political witch-hunt against our troops."

Diversity Is Our Strength - Especially For Our Army  (12 October 2018)
"Personally I believe that diversity is our strength, So for someone with progressive, liberal, multi-cultural views like myself the more [homosexuals, lesbians] and members of the world's most wonderful religion we have in our military, the more the Russkies and any other enemies will quake in fear of us. Amazingly, and you might find this hard to believe, not all my readers agree with my enlightened libtard opinions. Incredible, huh?:..."

Brave Patriots: Batten Defends Army Cadets Under Investigation for Supporting Tommy Robinson  (10 October 2018)
"The investigation follows a complaint from the Muslim Council of Britain who rather pompously declared that Tommy does 'not represent our armed forces.'  Note the word 'our'. ... [Batten said] ... 'It is a disgrace that the military establishment has once again caved to pressure from political correctness ... By calling Tommy Robinson 'far-right' the military demonises anyone who defends Western values'..."

Tommy Robinson Pledges 'Biggest S*******m Ever' in Viral Rant Against Military Censorship  (09 October 2018)
"In a livestream, which has already been seen by hundreds of thousands of Facebook users, Tommy Robinson revealed that the group of young troops who took a photo with him at a service station yesterday are facing an investigation and potential disciplinary action. The young men, who have even had their mobile phones confiscated, are under investigation following a complaint from the Muslim Council of Britain over their photo with Tommy..."


Retrial at the Old Bailey (27th September 2018)

The inscription above the Old Bailey reads: Defend the Children of the Poor and Punish the Wrongdoer.  "Quite ironic then that they are continuing the persecution of Tommy Robinson there on 27th September. Tommy has spent the last 10 years highlighting the rape, persecution and cover-up by the Establishment of those poor children it speaks of!  Support Tommy on the 27th at the Old Bailey, London, EC4M 7EH, at 10.30am" [source].

Tommy Robinson Case Adjourned  (27 September 2018)
"The trial of Tommy Robinson has been adjourned by order of the judge. Rumour has it that it is due to the extra charges that have been slapped on Tommy for his comments on the defendants' religion, Islam, at the Leeds trial he was reporting on. Ezra has posted the following updates:..."

Today, in Tommy Robinson, the British Lion Roars Once Again for Freedom and Justice  (27 September 2018)
"There are few times where one man can stand up for the truth and reshape the world. Today is one of those times, and Tommy Robinson is that man. They will try to bully him into submission and silence, but Tommy is not driven by himself, but by the truth. He will not submit and he will be silent..."

'Free Tommy' Supporters Rally as Activist Robinson Appears in Court  (27 September 2018)
Please read as many comments under the line as possible - they are far more informative than the article.

Tommy Trial: Alan Craig Hails 'God's Man Standing for the Light'  (27 September 2018)
"[I]t is hard not to see the trial of Tommy Robinson as in fact the trial of the entire judicial system. The stitch-up is so blatant that it will not have a shred of credibility or integrity left if, as Tommy himself expects, he is sent to prison for as long as two years. If he is sent down then the whole system will implode under the weight of its own subservience to the political establishment and the notion of 'blind' and 'impartial' justice will be in tatters ... We [will] bring you news from the trial throughout the day."

Tommy Robinson: I Will Be Pleading 'Not Guilty' and I'm Going to Stand On My Convictions  (27 September 2018)
"Robinson will go against his own legal advice and has said he will not apologise or plead guilty. 'If I don't do that - which, I'm not going to do that - then I will be going to prison ... I'm going to stand on my convictions' ... [We] will have live updates from 9am UK time."

Tommy Robinson at the Old Bailey Tomorrow  (26 September 2018)
"I have this morning sent this message to Tommy Robinson:  Hi Tommy, I know you are not religious. However tomorrow when you stand in the dock at the Old Bailey, you will be God's man standing for light, truth and free speech while the forces of darkness and control will be ranged against you. This is a seminal moment in the  life of our country. You are being given a world-famous platform to make the case for freedom, and the world will be watching. Occasionally one man making a stand can save a country. Tomorrow, Tommy, you are that man. So be bold, strong and courageous, and do not be silenced. I will be praying that you hold your head high as a proud Englishman fighting for freedom, and that you receive true justice. #IamTommy, and so are many thousands of others. Your friend and admirer, Alan Craig."

Comment from UKIP Member Torquil Dick-Erikson  (26 September 2018)
"Tomorrow Tommy Robinson appears at the Old Bailey, to be tried, by a judge alone (no jury - whatever happened to Magna Carta?), on charges, he says, not just concerned with videoing outside a court-house, but with the fact that he exposed the Muslim ideology on non-Muslim women, as underpinning and justifying the activities of the child-rape gangs. (Just as it was used to justify the sex-slavery of captured Yazidi women in lands conquered by Isis.)  Apparently this constitutes 'incitement to racial-and-religious hatred'... (whatever happened to freedom of speech?)  In Sharia-governed countries, any criticism of Islam is a criminal offence. Now it seems, in Britain too.  Britain!  which was once called Land of the Free.  He risks two years in prison. Last time, our (Muslim) Home Secretary had him transferred to a prison infested by jihadists, who are out to visit the death penalty on him (as prescribed by Sharia law, and indeed by the State law in several Muslim countries).  For his protection he had to spend his time in solitary confinement, non-stop.  Now he may have to spend the next two years in solitary confinement. This is a form of torture ... And it seems that [many here] want to spurn him and abandon him to his fate. And by the same token, the thousands of raped girls, and their families, are also abandoned.  How dreadfully, dreadfully sad."
[Note from EMcD: please forgive me for deliberately not linking to the article on which this quote is a comment.  The article in question - as well as the author's subsequent replies to comments on it - is a smug and error-filled diatribe against Tommy Robinson; whose author seems to believe all the lies the MSM says about him, and who has patently done no research for himself concerning who Tommy is, or his history, or his experiences, or that Tommy is one of the very few men in this country willing to go so far as to give up his precious family and even sacrifice his very life, as did our forefathers in the two world wars, for the sake of the future of our country's children - which, the author of the disgustingly nasty article might like to reflect upon, also includes his children and his grandchildren.]  

I'm Expecting to Go Back to Prison as Establishment Attacks with All Guns Blazing  (26 September 2018)
"[I]t's obvious that the state is turning the screws and is determined to sling Tommy back in prison ... The political motivation behind this trial is too obvious to ignore. It is the reason that many thousands flocked to the cause of freeing Tommy when he was imprisoned. If he is sent down again expect a protest movement that rallies tens of thousands of more to the cause and red pills them as to the true nature of the British establishment..."

Backfire: The British State Tried to Silence Him, Instead TR's Story Has Been Heard in Every Corner of the World  (25 September 2018)
Editor's note: This article was first published in May 28th 2018.  "The British State wanted to silence Tommy Robinson ... but their underhanded tactics and attempt to silence the free press has backfired, spectacularly ... the world is hearing Tommy's message, and Britain has never looked more ridiculous ... How can Britain - a supposed free country, criticise a foreign dictator or regime when we do the exact same as them?  We are now a state that jails the Government's political opponents..."

Another Trial for Tommy - This Time at Old Bailey  (09 August 2018)
"Tommy's status is now definitely 'political prisoner'. ... Tommy is obviously suffering from PTSD; anyone who has worked with post-trauma people can tell by watching him that he's in bad shape. At the very least, he ought to be given time to recover, gain back some weight, etc. And that interval would decently be a term as long as his latest incarceration, which violated the EU rules for solitary confinement."

Tommy Robinson To Be Put On Trial Again Next Month  (09 August 2018)
"Tommy Robinson will be put on trial for contempt of court again next month, after the Court of Appeals declared his previous trial was invalid. Robinson, who was originally convicted of contempt of court for livestreaming about a rape gang trial, will face a retrial on September 4th. Tommy's original trial followed a 'flawed' process and was described by many as a 'kangaroo court' due to the speed at which Tommy was arrested, trialled, convicted and sentenced..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Retrial: The Charges
"There are four charges Tommy Robinson is facing in his retrial on Thursday: ... (1) Breaching of reporting restrictions (contempt of court); (2) 'Referring to the religion of the defendants...'; (3) 'Highlighting as significant the sexual references of the abuse that he had elicited...'; (4) 'More generally, making highly derogatory comments about the ethnic and religious backgrounds...'

  • The first one is apparently the 'breaching of reporting restrictions (contempt of court)'; no evidence of which we can actually see on the charge sheet;
  • The second one is 'Referring to the religion of the defendants, the ethnicity of the victims, in the context of his opinion, presented as fact, that those of the defendants' religion were disproportionately likely to commit crimes of the sort for which the defendants were being tried.'  Clearly, vicious, unfounded hate speech. Yes?  'Grooming gang convictions 84% Asian' say reporters' [Sky News] ... It's widely acknowledged now that when we talk about 'Asian', we're talking about Pakistanis. Pakistanis are approximately 95% Muslim;
  • The third one is 'Highlighting as significant the sexual references of the abuse that he had elicited from the defendants he had confronted' ... Now, I'll grant this one to a small degree ... less than two minutes [of his livestream] where he was talking to the defendants beforehand ... this is where they might be able to make some kind of a case; albeit nothing more than a technical one ... give him a slap on the wrist for that - maybe fine him 500, but there is no way that a stiffer sentence is warranted;
  • The fourth one is 'More generally..." OK, let's pause the proceedings right there: 'More generally'.  The Old Bailey, home of the most famous criminal trials in history ... bastion of English justice, delivered by means of the Common Law ... Common Law is different from Civil Law; Civil Law is statute based, Common Law is case based. And it's developed - case by case by case by case, by Judges. They hone their definitions to a great level of precision. They have to, because if their decisions and their declarations, if their formulations, aren't watertight, then what happens? Cases fall apart ... and they go to appeal and criminals can get off when the law is sloppily applied, and we know exactly how insanely sloppily the law was applied in the hands of the glorious Geoffrey Marson ... Judges work tirelessly to create definitions ... diamonds of semantic legalistic perfection with the end on view of making things as absolutely precise as they can do ... very scientific, very mathematical in focus ... the law is a thing of great beauty when its correctly hung together.  Which leads me directly to charge number four:'
  • 'More Generally, making highly derogatory comments about the ethnic and religious backgrounds and associations of the defendants'  This is what the prosecution is hanging this - for them - high-profile trial on; the final charge, the big drum-roll, starts with 'More generally'. ... 400 years of Old Bailey history and we've got to this.  This is the High Court of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.  This is 'Let's just spray a bit of Islamophobia s*** around and hope ... some of it sticks.'  This is nothing whatsoever to do with the trial in question.  This is the government desperate for a conviction ... saying 'The racist card always works, so it might work here. Gotta bang this lad up at all costs. It doesn't matter what what ridicule, what mockery, what derision we heap on the Old Bailey and the English Legal System, as long as we get our boy behind bars'..."


The British Deep State and Its Useful Idiots

"I don't give a stuff about child grooming!"

"I Hope He Dies!" Leftist Vows to "Destroy" Tommy Robinson  (26 September 2018)
"'We're gonna destroy Tommy Robinson, go tell 'em that in there [the UKIP conference]! I hope he dies!'  In an argument about whether it is racist to criticise and campaign against rape gangs, the protestor bluntly said: 'I don't give a stuff about child grooming! All this is to attack Muslims!'..."

Lord Pearson on the Threat from Islam  (24 September 2018)
Lord Pearson "outline[s] some of the basic [tenets] of Islam that worry him and points out in the speech that unless we can start talking about Islam we will not be able to properly address the issues it poses. Of course, he mentions his 'great friend' Tommy Robinson who has a 'second to none' reach amongst the white working class. Tommy, he says, has 'never been rude about |Muslims' just as he himself has not. His understanding of Islam is 'deep' and he 'is not the Tommy Robinson you read about in our mainstream media'..."

The Seven Stages of Tommy  (21 September 2018)
"Where are you in your appreciation of Tommy Robinson? ... As you read this millions of people across Britain are struggling their way through these seven stages to enlightenment. So hard is this intellectual journey that many never even get beyond the first one or two stages. But despite that, more and more ordinary Brits are arriving at that final Acceptance and are angry about what realising the true nature of Tommy reveals about the true state of Britain..."

Conscience. Character. Courage. Tommy Robinson's Story  (07 August 2018)
"I didn't think I could get any more outraged than I already was over the recent abuse of Tommy Robinson by the British deep state. ... then I caught up with Tommy's autobiography, Enemy of the State ... When he was arrested back in May, [the British authorities] still viewed him as a lowlife whom they could, with complete impunity, treat as cruelly and unfairly as they wished. Can they still do that now, when the world's eyes are on Tommy - and on them?..."

How the Left Made Tommy Robinson  (06 August 2018)
"With painful predictability, the release on bail of the anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson led to much media handwringing about the dangerousness of his ideas. He must not be afforded media platforms, worried leftists said. When Robinson supporter Raheem Kassam was given a few minutes on Today to big-up his mate, the chattering classes spluttered in their cornflakes. Reading their commentary you could be forgiven for thinking Goebbels himself had risen from the dust to elbow aside Sarah Sands and take command of Radio 4's morning show..."

"World's Proudest Jewish Nazi": Tommy Robinson Supporter Mocks Leftists in Viral Video  (03 August 2018)
"We all know that whenever the left is routinely throwing its toys out of the pram and losing the intellectual argument it always resorts to calling its opponents 'Nazis'. Well one Australian Tommy supporter who is Jewish and believed to have served in the Israeli Defence Force took ownership of the insult and declared himself the 'Proudest Jewish Nazi'. A video circulating on Facebook shows the man addressing a crowd of Tommy supporters at one of the recent rallies in London ... Cue predictable snowflake outrage. One commentator, who clearly lacks something of a sense of irony, responded by likening the comments the man made to Nazi propaganda deployed... against the Jews. The left dare not admit the diversity of movement behind Tommy because to do so would destroy its argument against him."

4 Lessons We Need to Learn from the Tommy Robinson Case  (02 August 2018)
"If I were a betting woman I'd say Tommy will be found guilty of contempt of court to spare the blushes of the Establishment, but will have served sufficient time in HMP Onley under duress to be allowed to walk free. Watching him walk out of prison was a fascinating thing. This new tiny person emerged, shrunken in size, with sharp cheekbones, struggling with trousers now four sizes too big for him. A haunted-looking thing blinking against the sun, disorientated by the sudden freedom from his cage, like a mistreated dog from a rescue shelter. Our victory is that this smaller person now has a much bigger voice than before..."


Mainstream/Establishment/Fake Media

Ezra Levant of Rebel Media Twitter Feed re: Tommy's Case This Morning  (27 September 2018)
"We tell the other side of the story."

The Treatment of Tommy Robinson by the Media  (26 September 2018)
"Thursday 27th September sees the retrial of Tommy Robinson. The State needs to be aware that many in the UK and as importantly - in the few free countries around the world - will be watching. Politicised judges, such as the one who gave him 13 months imprisonment knowing full well what the potential lethal consequences could be, must know their own wrongdoing..." [Please see also the comments under the line.]

"You Daft Bint!"  (08 August 2018)
"Paul Weston has plenty to say about the 'Fake News Media & Tommy Derangement Syndrome' exhibited by the middle class, particularly one Janice Turner, wife of The Times' executive editor. This couple demonstrates the problems inherent in nepotism: want to bet he didn't fact-check wifey's snarling rant?..."

Tommy Robinson: The View From Hungary  (04 August 2018)
"I would like to give you and your readers a glimpse into the way the Hungarian press covers the topic of jihad and islamization in the West ... What Tommy (and other Western counterjihad warriors) have probably never even dreamt of is how much their heroism and work help to save Hungary and Eastern Europe from Islam!..."  /  Readers' comments:  "Wonderful to learn that the media Iron Curtain doesn't envelope Hungary. Hungarians are hearing much more of the truth, apparently, than are Canadians and Americans. And certainly more than the poor Brits"  /  "An older generation in the Iron Curtain countries who had to secretly listen to the BBC and Radio Free Europe to hear the real news must be truly dumbstruck at the reversal in roles"

Rebel Rebel  (18 July 2018)
"The press in the UK are a bunch of lickspittle courtiers to the new Versailles ... Fortunately there is a dissident media ... If you don't know Ezra Levant [of Rebel Media] he is ... currently in London following Tommy Robinson's appeal at The Royal Courts of Justice..."

Tommy Robinson, the Cowardice of our MSM and a Legal Challenge  (29 May 2018)
"[T]his astonishing spectacle by our establishment MSM makes one point very clear ... the disgraceful deterioration of journalistic standards ... there's no longer a distinction being made between factual report and an opinion piece ... A Free Press is there to scrutinise government. A Free Press is one of the fundamentals of a free, democratic society. If the MSM does not, cannot report facts, then how can we form our own opinion? In a society with no Free Press, all that people would be able to read and receive would be what is crudely known as propaganda..."

Media Silence as Thousands Worldwide Protest Tommy Robinson's Arrest  (28 May 2018)
"In Britain, protestors stormed through London, climbing the gates of Downing Street and proudly singing Tommy's name to the police guarding number 10 ... In Australia, a huge crowd of hundreds of protestors swarmed the British consulate in Melbourne, donning Pro-Tommy banners and demanding his release. In Canada, prominent right-wing activist Lauren Southern - who is not subject to a reporting ban unlike those in the UK - recorded a video arguing for Tommy's immediate release ... To spread the truth about what really happened, share this article and show people what is really going on around the world. This is our last chance to defend our freedom."


What Happened in Prison...

Open Letter to Peter Clarke, H.M. Chief Inspector of Prisons re: Tommy Robinson  (05 August 2018)
"Dear Mr. Clarke, ... as an Englishman with a keen sense of British Justice as it used to be, and of an equally keen idea of fairness and equality under the Law, [I] would therefore ask if you, in your position as Chief Inspector of Her Majesty's prisons, would urgently enquire as to the veracity or otherwise of Mr. Robinson's claims regarding his treatment over the time he spent in prison. If you find that Mr. Robinson was placed in possible jeopardy, and in the way of possible genuine harm during his custodial period, I would ask that the individuals who were responsible for the orders regarding Mr. Robinson's treatment, cell placing and supervision be brought to book, and held responsible for, if proven, the grave threats against Mr. Robinson's life and well-being..."

Tommy Robinson was Abused and Tortured with the Complicity of the British State  (03 August 2018)
"Why was he put in a ground floor cell, opposite the prison mosque, which enabled the inmates to spit and throw excrement through his window - to the point where his only option was to keep it shut and suffer in the stifling heat? And why was his food allowed to be prepared and served by Muslim prisoners when the authorities would undoubtedly have known that it would be deliberately contaminated with excrement and heaven knows what else? ... Whatever happened to the duty of care the state owes to prisoners in its custody?..."

Tommy Robinson Reveals PTSD Diagnosis to Tucker Carlson, Was Put in Cell Opposite Prison Mosque  (03 August 2018)
"Introducing Robinson, the Fox host said the United Kingdom had "become a mere shadow of the nation that gave us freedom of speech, freedom of the press, a host of other rights that we take for granted but probably should not take for granted" - and that no-one understood this better than his guest..."

Katie Hopkins' Pro-Tommy Tweet 'Disabled' as Users Unable to Retweet  (02 August 2018)
"Users have reported being unable to retweet a tweet from Katie Hopkins which accused the British state of 'starving' Tommy Robinson after he was imprisoned by a 'kangaroo court' ... The controversial tweet appears to have since been fixed, with over 4,000 retweets and nearly 8,000 likes at the time of publishing ... Clearly not violating any of Twitter's rules or community standards, the Tweet appeared to users to have been deleted for a short period of time before Twitter was called out, and it was made sharable again..."

Starvation and Torture: The Awful Tale of Tommy Robinson's Brutal Time Behind Bars  (02 August 2018)
"'I've got a lot to say, but nothing to you!' Tommy declared to reporters as he made his way out of HMP Onley and into freedom yesterday. A man, who despite the best efforts of the state, is not yet broken. But they made his life as hard as they could..."

I Was Kept in Solitary Confinement 23.5 Hours a Day, Excrement Pushed Through Windows  (02 August 2018)
"Robinson's time in prison appeared to have taken a serious toll on him ... The Luton native appeared gaunt, hollow-eyed, and slurred his words ... he had only seen his wife and children twice, for an hour at a time ... He ... subsisted on a tin of tuna a day, as it came sealed and he could be reasonably sure of its safety, plus some fruit ... he had dropped [around three stones]..."

Tommy Robinson Tells Ezra Levant About Prison Treatment, Thanks Supporters  (02 August 2018)
"It was glorious to see him reunited with his beautiful wife and three lovely children. Those kids - who missed their dad so painfully - had smiles on their faces that I will never forget. Tommy had invited me to join the family for dinner, but I didn't want to intrude in their private time. But I did ask him to sit down with me for ten minutes, to tell the world how he was doing. And as I listened, my joy turned to sorrow, and then to rage. Because Tommy was physically and psychologically abused in prison..."


Appeal (10th July/18th July), Freed, Pending Retrial

Sub Judice - What a Joke  (02 August 2018)
"Tommy Robinson is out on bail, a re-trial for his 'contempt of court' is pending. The mainstream media is currently engaged in a huge smear campaign against him (right across the spectrum) ... Surely this coverage itself constitutes contempt of court according to the sub-judice rule then? How on earth can these 'journalists' not imagine that their words could be prejudicial to this pending court case? So, the media are guilty of the very thing that they are loudly criticizing Tommy Robinson for doing! They should all be sentenced to 13 month prison sentences then - by their own logic!..."

Watch All of Ezra Levant's Reports from London  (01 August 2018)
"Ezra Levant reports from Tommy Robinson's appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. Tommy can't trust the mainstream media to report fairly on his trial. At the request of Tommy's family, Ezra Levant went to not just the appeal hearing on July 18th, but also the verdict, issued by the three-judge panel on August 1st. The revelations in the hearing and judgement were shocking. Tommy was treated like a political prisoner..."

The Cat and the Canary: The Continuing Case of Tommy Robinson  (01 August 2018)
"I have had cause to write about Tommy Robinson on many occasions because I believe him to be the canary in the Islamic coalmine. Many people are waiting to see what happens to him. I am convinced that the Leftist, pro-Islam establishment want him dead, both to remove him from the picture and pour encourager les autres. News of him being being beaten to death by Muslims in A Wing while warders turn a blind eye will dramatically reduce many people's zeal for criticising the West's new pet, Islam ... This is a class thing. Robinson is the canary in the coalmine because he is not one of us, don't you know..."

Tommy Robinson is Free  (01 August 2018)
"A lot of people are going to be very unhappy about this. Not most readers here, I suspect. Like me, you'll be feeling nothing but joy that this brave, decent, principled man is free once more to be with his wife and kids after months in prison. But for others, the Court of Appeal's decision to release Robinson on bail immediately will come as a grave disappointment. These include: all the Muslim prisoners who were dying for an opportunity to murder Robinson in prison ... all the Muslim rape gangs who have been grooming, torturing, and sexually abusing young girls, whose vile behaviour Robinson has worked tirelessly to expose..."

Tommy Robinson Freed on Bail  (01 August 2018)
"The British court has made its decision: Tommy Robinson has been freed on bail.  This is a time for celebration, but it's not a complete victory. The judges ruled that procedural rules had been violated in Tommy's wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am trial and imprisonment on May 25th..."

Tommy Robinson Released on Bail by Court of Appeal  (01 August 2018)
"The British Court of Appeal has released street organiser and citizen journalist Tommy Robinson from prison on bail, pending a fresh hearing over his contempt of court charge ... the document states the original judge should have resisted 'the temptation' to rule on Robinson's behaviour there and then, as after he had offered to delete the video he created from Facebook the 'urgency went out of the matter'..."

Tommy Robinson RELEASED on Bail, Leeds Trial to Be Re-Heard  (01 August 2018)
"Tommy Robinson has been released from prison on bail, with the only condition of his bail that he attends the re-hearing of the Leeds trial ... Tommy was released on bail because the Leeds trial's process was 'flawed', and ... the trial will be re-heard at a later date..."

Tommy Robinson's Appeal Judgement Takes Place in London  (01 August 2018)
"Tommy Robinson's trial is starting at 10:30am at the Royal Courts of Justice, London this morning. The trial is expected to attract some of the highest levels of public interest of any trial in recent years, with Tommy Robinson's imprisonment already kickstarting demonstrations and marches across the country several times..."

Judgement 'Reserved' Until End of July in Tommy Appeal  (18 July 2018)
"Ezra Levant's report reveals that Mr Robinson is appealing against his entire conviction and that his treatment in prison has been 'shocking'. Gerard Batten MEP, the UKIP leader is understood to have been in attendance at the High Court today."

Gagged: Reporting Restrictions Slapped on Tommy's Appeal  (18 July 2018)
"So, another great victory for free speech courtesy of the British establishment and the 'independent' judiciary ... Little more can be said other than that we can clearly see that once again the establishment has shown itself to be an enemy of the people and of free speech which in truth terrifies the British government lest its shadiness be duly exposed..."


Transferral to High Muslim-Population Prison

Free Tommy (If You Want Peace)  (15 June 2018)
"Imagine a Muslim activist getting jailed for campaigning against white rape gangs. Our liberal-left leaders are so compassionate that they even refuse to send convicted terrorist enemies back to their OWN countries out of fear that they may be badly treated. Those same leaders have now consciously put Tommy Robinson in great danger by moving him to a wing of Onley prison dominated by Muslim prisoners. And not only does he face the threat of brutal attack, he also has to bear the constant mental torture of being surrounded by his would-be murderers howling for his blood day and night ... No decent person would wish that on anybody. Our leaders are not decent..."

Gulag Man: Breaking Tommy Robinson  (15 June 2018)
"The British deep state, say the dissident online media as one, want Tommy dead. But do they? look at it from the point of view of the British government. Now, the new Home Secretary claims to be a lapsed Muslim, but that is almost certainly pure taqiyya. No modern government would present an apostate to their Muslim voting bloc. It would never happen. He will be a fifth columnist, working actively to continue the Islamisation of Britain. Note that he has just increased migrant caps in order to import as many of his co-religionists before Brexit, if it can't be stopped as Theresa May wishes. Note also that Robinson was moved to a potentially deadly environment just hours before [the] start of the World Cup, while the Democratic Football Lads Alliance will be distracted..."

Congressman Gosar: U.S. Should Intervene Over 'Persecution' of Tommy Robinson  (15 June 2018)
"Congressman Gosar expressed his concern about the arrest of Mr Robinson on Tuesday, noting 'I am well aware that England does not share our free speech values' and calling the English court system 'part of the problem' ... 'The immediate concern I have is for the safety of Mr Tommy Robinson, for where he is. I think there has to be a change of venue, because he is due safety, and not to be placed where his life is in jeopardy'..."

Tommy Robinson - A Death Sentence  (14 June 2018)
"It is beyond belief that the Home Secretary Sajid Javid - the Prison Service is under his control - has allowed this transfer to take place. It's as if none of our concerns are worth a damn, as if the rally in London and elsewhere on Saturday were negligible. ... why should the nation worry or even be told that a prisoner was moved from one place to another! Death threats? Don't be silly, they only need to be taken seriously of the happen to an MP or a major 'celebrity'..."


'Junta-Style Justice in Orwellian England'

'Breaking the Law' - Whose Law?  (22 July 2018)
"[A]re we actually talking about British law? For one law that Tommy has most certainly broken is Sharia law - under which the prescribed penalty for what he did and does can be death ... Baroness Warsi in the HoL said that prison was 'appropriate' for someone like him, an 'appropriate place for someone who thinks, speaks, preaches and conducts himself as he does' ((Hansard). So does she want to apply the Sharia law of her spiritual homeland Pakistan to her adopted land of Britain? It is well known that in Pakistan, prison (if not worse) is inevitably meted out to any who preach against Islam. We have a Pakistani-heritage Muslim Mayor of London, a Pakistani-heritage Muslim Home Secretary on whose watch a  critic of Islam, in particular a critic of Pakistani-heritage Muslim child rapists, has been put in a place where the Sharia-ordained death penalty is likely to be visited upon him. And a Pakistani-heritage Muslim former chairman of the ruling Conservative party, who sits in the House of Lords and pontificates that a critic of Islam is in prison - the 'most appropriate' place for him. This is indeed what would have happened to Tommy in Pakistan, and is now - incredibly - happening to him in Britain..."

Tommy Robinson: 'Voice of the Working Class'  (20 July 2018)
"A Tommy Robinson support, James Goddard, told Ezra Levant [Rebel Media] that Tommy Robinson is a 'voice of the working class' and that Labour has betrayed ordinary working class people a long time ago. Turning to the police, the man said that he believed most rank and file police officers agreed with Tommy but were prevented from speaking out..."

Tommy Robinson is Behind Bars Because the Law is a Racist Ass  (12 June 2018)
"I'm watching a journalist report on the Muslim rape gangs from outside Leeds Crown Court. His name is not Tommy Robinson. He is not right-wing or white working class. He is dressed in religious garb. His saffron turban holds his long hair in place. His beard reaches down to his waist. I'm trying to spot if he has his ritual dagger, the kirpan, concealed under his flowing kurta. Our journalist is not reporting for the mainstream media. His cameraman has chosen his backdrop carefully and at all times you can see uniformed officers from West Yorkshire Police in the background..."

Free Tommy Robinson  (11 June 2018)
"Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner. Whatever the legal technicalities of his alleged contempt of court he has been imprisoned more for who he is and what he says than what he has done. It is not necessary to agree with everything he says. It is not necessary to approve of everything he does. But history will judge him to have been on the right side of [the] struggle between good and evil. Tommy Robinson is an incredibly brave man who embarked on an heroic mission..."

Letters to the Editor: The Tommy Robinson Petitions  (08 June 2018)
"Almost everyone who does not rely solely on the MSM for their news must be aware of the circumstances surrounding Tommy Robinson's arrest ... There are various opinions about the whole episode and also, I believe, some unanswered questions ... I wish to discuss however the petitions raised by members of the public in support of Tommy Robinson..."

The Martyrdom of Tommy Robinson  (04 June 2018)
"Is Tommy Robinson a headstrong fool who thoroughly deserves the 13-month prison sentence handed him by a judge in slightly confused and murky circumstances last week? Or is he the bravest man in Britain, the voice of the people, who has been martyred for the 'crime' of saying something the cowardly Establishment still considers to be unsayable about the dangers posed by Islam?..."

Tommy Robinson - A Week Later  (02 June 2018)
"It's a week and a day since the arrest of Tommy Robinson, and a handful of days since the reporting ban was lifted ... The representatives of the Metro-Elite went into overdrive immediately - not to question why the ban was given in the first place but to denigrate TR, to smear him and to smear all those who protested his treatment at the hands of Judge Geoffrey Marson QC: the same judge whose photo standing at a window of the Court building watching TR filming with his smartphone, the same judge who was conducting the sentencing of the groomers and gang-rapers of underage girls..."

Tommy Robinson, the Law, and Social Activism  (01 June 2018)
"OK, I thought I had finished writing about Tommy Robinson, his jailing, and the plight of young girls targeted by rape gangs in the UK. But since the story keeps bubbling along, and since critics keep coming out of the woodwork, going on search and destroy missions, I guess I must offer one more piece on this. Much of this has to do with questions about whether Tommy Robinson may have been guilty of breaking the law and thus deserving any punishment he has gotten ... "

Tommy Robinson Drew Attention to 'Grooming Gangs'. Britain Has Persecuted Him  (31 May 2018)
"The primary issue is that for years the British state allowed gangs of men to rape thousands of young girls across Britain. For years the police, politicians, CPS, and every other arm of the state ostensibly dedicated to protecting these girls failed them ... they were terrified of the accusations of racism that would come their way ... They decided it wasn't worth the aggravation. By contrast, Tommy Robinson thought it was worth the aggravation, even if that meant having his whole life turned upside down..."

Tommy Robinson: Trials, Protests, A Media Blackout, and Global Attention  (31 May 2018)
"The imprisonment last week of citizen journalist and right-wing activist Tommy Robinson came to worldwide attention and resulted in protests outside 10 Downing Street, with half a million people signing a petition for his release. ... 'If you don't think they are coming for every single person in this country who are saying things that are inappropriate or difficult for the political establishment you are kidding yourselves' [Raheem] Kassam said, warning that it would only be a matter of time before it would be every free person's 'turn to be deleted, silenced, arrested'..."

A Travesty of Justice - Tommy Robinson  (31 May 2018)
"We hear all the time about miscarriages of justice in our legal system and in fairness most of the time it is down to the public's lack of understanding of the law and how it works but what I have just witnessed with Tommy Robinson being arrested on an imaginary breach of the peace charge and then in a truly unprecedented short period of time, his charges were changed to contempt of court, he was put before a judge and then sentenced to thirteen months in prison, in less than four hours..."

An Open Letter to Judge Geoffrey Marson QC at Leeds Crown Court  (30 May 2018)
"You are, of course, more than familiar with the concepts of justice not only needing to be done, but also needing to be seen to be done, and of the absolute independence of the judiciary from other organs of the state, specifically the executive. To set at ease the minds of many, would you be so kind as to issue a statement, or to have someone of authority in the appropriate judicial office (that of the Lord Chancellor, or similar) do this, to the effect that you, your clerk in courtroom 12 and other court officers at Leeds Crown Court had no direct or indirect contact whatsoever with anyone in the executive arm of the government (construing that term widely, so as to include, in addition to elected politicians, executive officers and senior civil servants in those departments) during the interval from 11am and 1:50pm on May 25, 2018. Thank you, Yours sincerely..."

Free Tommy Robinson and Reform the Law  (30 May 2018)
"Justice must be seen to be done, it is in the public interest that the progress of court cases is known. This becomes all the more important in a period where for so long grooming gang crimes have been wilfully ignored by the authorities. The mainstream media have also failed for a long time to give these cases the amount of publicity they deserve, often they have actually failed to give these shocking cases any publicity at all. Of course it was to be expected that ordinary people would eventually start to get agitated about the failures of the authorities and the media in these cases..."

Tommy Robinson and Junta-Style Justice in Orwellian England  (30 May 2018)
"The most significant events in social history tend to arrive unexpectedly. Only in retrospect do we see their inevitability ... Tommy Robinson was ... pounced upon by police officers, taken before a judge without his lawyer and jailed for 13 months - with lightening swiftness ... His summary trial was suddenly redacted by court order, but some courageous writers and websites refused to kowtow to the sinister form of state censorship..."

Lysenkoism, Tommy and the Impact of Political Religion  (30 May 2018)
"Lysenkoism is the politicisation of science as practiced under Stalin (and others). It consisted of using pseudo-science to conform with, and confirm, political will. It is a tool of totalitarian politics where 'scientific' truth must be subjected to political convenience ... In a TheresaMayist environment the judge hears the case, and if the defendant is a 'Tommy' then he knows that he can apply the principles of political religious whimsy and will not be held accountable ... So 'right-wing', for example, has come to mean anybody who is not a TheresaMayist and is looking for political truth rather than political religion. 'Fake news'; is anything that smacks of reality from a non-TheresaMayist source, and a 'fascist' is anybody who holds liberal conservative views (i.e. small-government proponents. The main secret of the TheresaMayist approach is in its use of saturation TV propaganda, especially from that seminary of religio-political bias at the BBC, the main state agitprop agency and pulpit..."

Take It, It's Yours  (30 May 2018)
"In his prophetic novel Nineteen Eighty Four, in which Britain has been reduced to Airstrip One, George Orwell wrote of the Proles, the vast mass of ordinary people who had been crushed to an underclass, and how odd it was that they allowed themselves to be crushed. 'If only somehow they could become conscious of their own strength... they needed only to rise up and shake themselves, like a horse shaking off flies.' And this is what we must do now. What do we have to lose? They are coming for all of us, great and small, famous or obscure ... Make no mistake: you will never be able to stay mute enough to please them. If your daughters have not been raped, and your sons not murdered or castrated, then it will happen to your grandchildren if we don't drive out the traitors who betray us, now..."

Tommy Robinson 'Contempt' in Muslim Grooming Case  (30 May 2018)
"[M]ost of the media could not resist referring to 'the right-wing activist' ... All 'right-wing' means is that Mr Robinson has taken against Islam. And that stems from his experience of Muslims on council estates in Luton. When Judy and I met Tommy Robinson some years ago on one such estate, he expressed no 'right-wing' opinions ... Instead, he told us of drug dealing and prostitution rings all run by local Muslims. He and his friends had become appalled by the Muslim rackets and the racketeers ... At that time I even observed a rally of the EDL. It too is always described to this day as 'right-wing' or 'far-right'. It was not much more than a bunch of football supporters concerned about encroaching Islam and Islamification ... As for the Muslims Mr Robinson spoke about, it appeared criminality sat easily with their Muslim faith..."

On Tommy Robinson Again - and Others Like Him  (30 May 2018)
"Some ... folks think that [Tommy Robinson] is just a troublemaker, a racist, a redneck, and that he fully deserves his punishment(s). But I see him as someone who really does care about what is happening in his country, and who is greatly - and rightly - concerned about creeping sharia and the horrific rape gangs there ... He is one guy trying to stand up against some really nasty things, and I sure wish there were many more like him out there. He is willing to stick his neck out - and pay the price - while most other folks are apathetic wimps or lousy cowards..."

Tommy Robinson Reporting Restriction Lifted, Jailed for 13 Months  (29 May 2018)
"A judge had attempted to ban all reporting of the case over the weekend, but it can now be revealed after the restrictions were challenged by Leeds Live and other publications. The reporting ban was lifted by Leeds Crown Court Tuesday. The restrictions were ridiculed online, as details of the case were easily available on social media and some U.S. outlets, with many prominent figures sharing details and the hashtag #FreeTommy trending on Twitter..."

Talking About the Tommy Robinson Situation: Framing the Argument and Winning People Over  (29 May 2018)
"Ideally we should be able to win back our country by peaceful democratic means but given the incalcitrant [sic] nature of extreme Islam, at the present time, that does seem highly improbable. ... the first thing to do is to explain why Tommy Robinson was at Leeds Crown Court. He was reporting on the trial of 29 men who were accused of raping hundreds of white British girls in the neighbouring Huddersfield area because the mainstream media were not interested enough in the case to make an appearance..."

German Populist MP Wants to Help Grant 'Political Prisoner' Tommy Robinson Asylum... '1984 is Now'  (29 May 2018)
"MP Petr Bystron ... expressed concern over the growing number of arrests and legal cases being brought up against both members and supporters of populist movements and activist organisations ... Bystron talked about the difference between reality and what is printed in the mainstream media comparing it to Soviet Union newspapers writing about the success of five-year plans while supermarket shelves were barren..."

Magna Carta in the Dustbin  (29 May 2018)
"Tommy Robinson ... was arrested, detained, taken to another courthouse, judged, sentenced, and taken to Hull Prison, all within a matter of minutes. Not only that, but the judge who sentenced him to thirteen months in prison, decreed a blanket news blackout on his arrest and also on the trial of the grooming gang ... the prohibition of all news about his arrest does not even constitute a 'D-notice', but rather a plain case of classic railroading to get rid of someone likely to shed light on the forty years of Muslim grooming and the Sharia enslaving of British girls and children in a vast prostitution ring about which the government had done little or nothing..."

Tommy Robinson and the Death of Britain  (29 May 2018)
"There is only one thing worse than this horrific sexual abuse, and this totalitarian trampling of freedom of speech, and the reprehensible treatment of the whistle-blower Tommy Robinson, and that is the appalling and damnable apathy and indifference of most people. Why do I suspect that 99% of folks will never give a rip about Tommy and all this until - God forbid - their own daughter is savagely assaulted by rape gangs - usually Muslim rape gangs? The truth is, those who don't care about all this are just as guilty of these horrific cases of sexual assault as the rape gangs are..."

Britons Rage Over Robinson Arrest as Mass Protests Break Out Worldwide  (29 May 2018)
"Free speech advocates and supporters of Robinson's movement from Melbourne to Berlin came out by the thousands to protest the Friday arrest outside Leeds Crown Court while Robinson was reporting on a pedophile grooming trial ... thousands in the UK demonstrating at the gates of Downing Street ... At least six demonstrations were held across Australia on Sunday in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide ... Hundreds demonstrated in the German cities of Berlin and Dresden ... A crowd even showed up at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv..."

"Tommy This, an' Tommy That' Tommy Go Away"  (28 May 2018)
"On Friday, [Tommy] Robinson was livestreaming (from his telephone) outside Leeds Crown Court where last week's Grooming Gang of the Week were on trial for 'grooming' - the useless euphemism for industrial-scale child gang rape and sex slavery by large numbers of Muslim men with the active connivance ... of every organ of the state: social workers, police, politicians. Oh, and also the media..."

England: Don't Let This Be Goodbye  (28 May 2018)
"After the Tommy Robinson arrest I got to thinking about the place of the English people in our country ... Tommy represents himself as a patriotic Englishman trying to expose racial injustice and the quashing of free speech ... And he has openly denounced violence and racism. Wouldn't it have fortifying if the response had been something like 'well he is an Englishman and justifiably angry about the abuse of young English girls by people who call them trash' or 'there's bound to be anger and fear about all this, we have to allow people to know what's going on. But no. ... We are becoming the despised underdog in our own land. And we have yet to find the united will to deal with it..."

Tommy, the Phoney War and Sharia Law: Battle is Joined  (28 May 2018)
"The light skirmishing in the exploratory phase of this latest conflict to defend our fantastic country is now over. The fool in power has shown her intent to impose her schoolmarmish will through force, and in doing so has called to join the fray those who appreciate the sacrifices of our forebears. Did she not just re-ignite the sputtering candle that shall never be put out, the one that Tommy kept kindled when times were darkest and oblivion loomed? We must once again firmly grasp the pillars that shore up the freedoms we enjoy - before they are torn away ... Do you think having the temerity to cover trials of mass-rapists should be punished by the very authorities who for decades allowed the bestiality to take place - all the while ignoring the pleas of many of its tortured victims?..."

Sikh Awareness Society Asked to Leave Leeds Trial  (28 May 2018)
"The SAS were in attendance at the trial in Leeds which Tommy Robinson was reporting on when he was arrested. Crucially, they say on that day the trial was concluded and that a verdict was expected on that day..."

WHERE Is Tommy Robinson? British Authorities Owe Us an Answer  (28 May 2018)
"Where is Tommy Robinson? A question whose answer should be demanded rather than merely asked ... Modern day Merry England ... steadily works its way towards ugly police state status ... The trial of the child sex scandal going on in Leeds, England right now is not a one-off, it's an ongoing horror as Britain has been racked by a SERIES of child sex scandals perpetrated by gangs of predominantly Muslim men ... If only the British authorities spent as much time working to imprison child groomers as they did on Tommy Robinson..."

UK: You're Not Allowed to Talk About It. About What? Don't Ask  (28 May 2018)
"On Friday, British free-speech activist and Islam critic Tommy Robinson was acting as a responsible citizen journalist - reporting live on camera from outside a Leeds courtroom where several Muslims were being tried for child rape - when he was set upon by several police officers. In the space of the next few hours, a judge tried, convicted, and sentenced him to 13 months in jail - and also issued a gag order, demanding a total news blackout on the case in the British news media ... The upside - and the irony - of this case is that the gag order, while silencing the British news media, has caused people around the world to take notice..."

Lord Pearson Writes to Home Secretary Threatening Prosecution if Tommy Harmed  (27 May 2018)
"The news was broken on the Twitter feed of Gerard Batten, the UKIP Leader who yesterday attended the demonstration calling for the release of Mr Robinson. ... 'UKIP Peer Malcolm Lord Pearson has written to Home Secretary Sajid Javid today saying: if Tommy is murdered or injured in prison he and others will mount a private prosecution against Mr Javid as an accessory, or for misconduct in public office.' Lord Pearson faced a significant backlash as he invited Mr Robinson into the House of Lords but has once again shown the courage of his convictions by standing by Mr Robinson."

Free Tommy Robinson: Turning the Moment into a Movement  (27 May 2018)
"UKIP and For Britain will obviously speak up for Tommy because of their principles but renegade Conservative, Liberal Democrat or even Labour politicians will only take an interest if they have the more self-interested reason of attracting potential voters ... Mainstream and alternative media around the globe have reported the event, foreign politicians plan to raise the issue of Tommy Robinson and free speech in their own national parliaments ands regular people of all ages and nationalities are making posts and videos and saying how appalled they are about what has happened..."

Tommy Robinson Will Be the UK's Tipping Point  (27 May 2018)
"If the government were at all smart and strategic, they would hire Tommy Robinson as an advisor on terrorism. He has consistently identified extremists, because he grew up among them in Luton. He has consistently told us the names of the mosques that are churning out radicals, as well as naming the imams. He has been right time after time, and instead of hiring Tommy whose information could contribute to keeping us all safe, our government bent down to the MCB and MEND, both of whom have ties to extremists. All of this is okay with our government, because these Muslim organisations bring with them the Muslim voting bloc, and so the parliamentary doors are flung wide open to them at the same time our liberties get thrown out the window..."

Swift Injustice: The Case of Tommy Robinson  (27 May 2018)
"In recent years, alas, Britain has deviated from its commitment to liberty ... at least one prominent critic of Islam, Tommy Robinson, has been repeatedly harassed by the police, railroaded by the courts, and left unprotected by prison officials who have allowed Muslim inmates to beat him senseless ... On Friday, ... the saga of Tommy Robinson entered a new chapter ... A kangaroo court, them a gag order. In the UK; where rapists enjoy the right to a full and fair trial, the right to the legal representation of their choice, the right to have sufficient time to prepare their cases, and the right to go home on bail between sessions of their trial. No such rights were offered, however to Tommy Robinson. The swiftness with which injustice was meted out to Robinson is stunning. No, more than that: it is terrifying ... One potentially positive aspect of this ugly turn of events is that it turned heads that should have been turned long ago..."

The Untouchables  (27 May 2018)
"I suppose one day the history books will tell us the price that our politicians put on the betrayal of their country and the citizens they were elected to represent ... From Stalin to Mussolini to Hitler, they all started out spinning utopian dreams of equality and fairness - today we have the EU and multiculturalism. However when people begin to wake up to the lies, that's when people start to disappear in the night, that's when governments have to reinforce their authority with totalitarianism and suppression. This is where we are today, the British government or EU stooges have finally come out in their true colours ... We are waking up, our government doesn't fool us anymore..."

Parliamentary Questions on the Arrest of Tommy Robinson  (27 May 2018)
"Written questions by Geert Wilders, Marie-Fleur Agema and Raymond de Roon, Members of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands belonging to the Party for Freedom (PVV), submitted to the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs about the arrest of British activist and Islam critic Tommy Robinson:..."

Perfidious Albion  (27 May 2018)
"As far back as WWI, British newspapers were given what were called 'D Notices' by the War Ministry about what news about the war effort could not be published to prevent the enemy from gleaning information about Britain's plans and capabilities. But it's not the 1940s. It's May 2018 ... It is PM Theresa May and her government waging war on Britain's citizens [subjects] to force them to accept and inure themselves to all the primitive practices and savagery of Islam ... and to punish anyone with fines and/or prison who objects, to smear such a person with the one-size-fits-all 'racist' label..."

In the European Appeasement Olympics, Who Wins?  (26 May 2018)
"For years I thought that Britain's long tradition of open debate and individual liberty would enable it to stand up more firmly to the encroachments of Islam than other Western European countries. I worried more about the Netherlands ... Denmark ... Norway ... France ... and Sweden ... But I was wrong. It is Britain that is falling fastest to Islam. It is Britain, our mother country, home of the Magna Carta, that is most firmly betraying its own history and values ... Now, Tommy Robinson has been arrested ... It is his concern about Islam that has made Robinson a target of British authorities ... [T]he BBC and other mainstream media are determined to give as little coverage as possible to the mass Muslim rape of infidel girls. As for the police, they knew about these 'grooming gangs' for many years (as did armies of social workers) but did nothing for fear of being labelled racist or sparking Islamic uprisings. These same cops arrested Tommy Robinson on Friday not because he did anything wrong, but because he was drawing attention to Muslim crimes that they would rather see ignored - and drawing attention, too, by extension, to their own genuinely criminal failure to defend innocent children from what was essentially jihadist torture ... Tommy Robinson ... is a champion of those victimised children, a voice for freedom, and a living rebuke to the cowardice of the British media, police, social workers, and other officials and public figures who knew what was going on in flats in Rotherham, Newcastle and elsewhere but stayed silent. Anyone in the UK who believes in freedom, recognises the danger of Islam, and has any self-respect should rally to Robinson's cause."

How Do We Thank Tommy Robinson?  (26 May 2018)
"How do you thank a man like Tommy Robinson? How do you thank the man who warned us about rampaging Muslim rape gangs years before the Sunday Times got the scoop? How do you thank the man who stood up for our soldiers returning from fighting Islamofascists only to get spat on and reviled by Islamofascists back home who were being protected by the police? ... How do you thank a man who faces the threat of death and worse every day of his life for exposing the danger of Islamisation? When our country's leaders safe behind armed security fawn and appease Islamofascists at every opportunity. Well for my money a knighthood wouldn't quite cut it..."

[Redacted] Arrested for [Redacted] Outside [Redacted]: Leeds Crown Court Issues Media Ban  (26 May 2018)
"Shortly after the issuance of the press ban on the case, several media outlets ... complied with the restriction ... Several other media outlets have kept their coverage of the arrest and the subsequent court details up, despite potentially falling foul of the court-issued ban ... The media ban, along with [redacted]'s arrest has sparked a wave of controversy on social media with many criticising the arrest and the court proceedings that followed it..."

It Didn't Happen... On the Jailing of Tommy Robinson  (26 May 2018)
"One of he truly pernicious ways the MSM and government work is by suppressing news. ... if you look at today's MSM, the arrest and jailing of Tommy Robinson yesterday simply didn't happen. Only those using social media learned yesterday afternoon that Tommy Robinson had been arrested while filming a gang-rape trial - on the street. ... The other interesting thing ... is the number of police officers at the scene, outnumbering the bystanders..."

Chronicle of a Death Foretold: Bloody Instructions  (26 May 2018)
"Tommy Robinson was arrested yesterday, and given what might well qualify as the fastest custodial sentence in British legal history ... He has been given 13 months in prison, a prison which will undoubtedly be heavily weighted in favour of our Muslim brethren. ... No need for the official death sentence anymore ... This is all happening very quickly, and I suspect that one of my wild predictions might yet come to pass..."

The Beginnings: Now Is the Time to Act  (26 May 2018)
"Following the arrest of Tommy Robinson yesterday, it seems that now is the time for people to react. If something isn't done very soon then there will be no alternative to the hate mentioned in the poem below. What you will read is a poem by Rudyard Kipling called The Beginnings ... Please read and reflect on the message..."

The Arrest of Tommy Robinson: The Spirit of King Arthur Awakens  (26 May 2018)
"Legend has it that whenever England is in its direst need, the spirit of King Arthur awakens and saves his people from the grave danger they are in. Apparently, he woke up during the the Nazi bombing of England and I'm certain I felt him stir yesterday as Tommy Robinson was arrested outside Leeds Crown Court ... the awakening of King Arthur is a metaphor for the moment when the spirit of the English people wakes up from its slumber of inaction and inertia. Watching from afar, it seems that time has finally arrived..."

Right-Wing Activist Tommy Robinson Reportedly Jailed After Filming Outside Child Grooming Trial  (26 May 2018)
"Reaction to Robinson's sentencing from commentators and right-wing politicians was fierce, particularly as it is the latest in a series of commentators - particularly those who are critical of Islam and mass Islamic migration into the U.K. - being locked up by British authorities..."

Orwell's Nightmare: Articles About Tommy Robinson's Arrest Rapidly Scrubbed from the Internet  (25 May 2018)
"Articles from the Daily Record, Birmingham Live, The Mirror, RT, and even Breitbart News were all taken offline in the hours following his detention. ... Mike Cernovich and ... Nick Monroe kept tabs on the disappearing articles ... It is now safe to say that the UK has become a police state. The treatment of both Robinson and the media that wishes to cover his arrest highlight the great importance of the First Amendment here in the US."

Notice to the Press - Reporting Restriction  (25 May 2018)
"In the Crown Court at Leeds ... His Honour Judge Marson QC made the following Order under Section 4(2) of the Contempt of Court Act 1981 on 25th May 2018..."

Gerard Batten Blasts 'Police State' as Tommy Robinson Allegedly Given 13 Month Prison Sentence  (25 May 2018)
"Batten said, 'Unconfirmed reports say he has received a custodial sentence. We await further information. What kind of Police state have we become? Someone who campaigns against the mass rape of children by perverted cult members is arrested for reporting on it. His book is entitled Enemy of the State and he wasn't kidding."

Update: Tommy Imprisoned Already  (25 May 2018)
"That was quick. Tommy has been slammed into prison already: ... Please contribute what you can for his family. This sucks."

Tommy Robinson Arrested for Journalism  (25 May 2018)
"While the news stories are being shut one by one, as they go up, here is a brief video... who knows how long it will remain up? ... However, it does my heart good to hear him say, before the soviet police shut the door of the paddy wagon, 'George, call my solicitor'. Cressida Dick is in charge of the Metro Police shut down on free speech..."

The Media Crucifixion of Tommy Robinson  (25 May 2018)
"The British State does not like dissent ... Tommy Robinson ... is a high profile individual who is outspoken on issues the Government finds sensitive, of not downright embarrassing. This has turned him into a walking target with his reputation, and now potentially his life, in the cross-hairs. Robinson has spoken out against the mainly Pakistani Muslim rape gangs that have spread across the country and it was against that context that he was arrested for 'allegedly breaching the peace' today outside Leeds Crown court..."

EDL's Tommy Robinson Gets Arrested After Filming Outside Court  (25 May 2018)
Comments from readers:  "For the crime of 'journalism' the great Liberal censorship continues" / "We do have a few modern day true heroes, count Tommy among them" / "Why were there no journalists outside this court reporting on the greatest crime(s) in the history of democratic Britain? ... this is an ongoing crime tsunami of thousands of attacks against girls - sickening and dehumanising in nature and deeply disturbing in the lack of action from successive governments, the police, councils and a shameful lack of reporting from the MSM" / "If the MSM can report on his arrest then why are they not capable or willing to report on the case itself - the most widespread, unrepentant and wicked crimes against children our country has EVER seen. Where was the BBC? ... not even a lone reporter - absolutely nothing at all. Maybe the headline should read 'Tommy Robinson - the only man in England who cared enough to show up is arrested for doing the decent thing'" / "This is not normal at all. Normally the MSM is outside recording those arriving and leaving court. They just make it up as they go along with Tommy. He was doing the MSM job on reporting on this suppressed news" / "Oh please! The EDL bit has been flogged to death now. No one refers to Corbyn as 'Fabian Society's Jeremy Corbyn'"

Tommy Robinson Arrested While Filming Outside Grooming Trial  (25 May 2018)
"The 35-year-old was held outside Leeds Crown Court on suspicion of breaching the peace and put in the back of a police van ... West Yorkshire Police refused to comment on the arrest."

Tommy Robinson Interview  (25 May 2018)
"May 23, 2018 - an interview with Tommy Robinson, on... his response to people who given up... laughing though the situation is desperate... himself long before any activism... his development over the past decade... the huge change that has happened for him over the past 2 years, because he now can feel the massive support he has... and the suggestion that we might just be seeing a PM in the making. He feels he's in a good comfortable space. Two days later, May 25, 2018, the word went out: Tommy Robinson has been arrested again..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson's Banned Speech: The British Police State  (10 May 2017)
"The speech I'm about to give today is a speech I've tried to give five times. All five times it's been cancelled at different universities - one time I was even put in prison to stop me giving this speech. The most recent time was York University. I was invited to give a speech - on 'Free Speech', ironically. It was cancelled. Because it was cancelled I was invited here today by citizens of York who still want to give me an opportunity to have my free speech. So today I'll give the discussion they tried to stop. And, to the people who tried to stop it, rather than going to 250 students in York University, this will now be played to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. You've failed."

For more information on the sexual abuse of girls in the UK by Muslim rape gangs please see here.

For more information on the Muslim Rape Jihad please see here and here.

For more information on the Islamic Tradition of Razzia please see here.

For more information on Sexual Slavery within Islam please see the relevant sections here and here.



Free Tommy Robinson  (26 May 2018)
"Tommy Robinson has been arrested and jailed for reporting on Muslim grooming gangs. A job that he chooses to do with no regard for his own safety, informing the public of all the wrongs committed in the name of Allah. Fighting against adversity and reporting on issues that our mainstream media are too afraid to speak of. Tommy is raising issues that are affecting all of our communities, and that are being swept under the carpet and hidden from the public. It's time we stand together, stand strong, and stand by his side. FREE TOMMY ROBINSON."

Save Tommy Robinson  (Date)
"We demand that the Bedfordshire Police stop harassing Tommy Robinson..."

Independent Review Into the Treatment of Tommy Robinson  (No Date. Possibly August 2015)
"Tommy has once again been arrested. For whatever reason, this is clearly an illegal attempt to silence him. Tommy has strong views against militant Islam, and there is a deep concern that somebody is trying to keep him quiet. During his times in prison, Tommy has been attacked on numerous occasions. He has received an enormous amount of death threats, including threats to his wife and children - which the police have not done anything about - yet they feel the need to put him in prison to stop him from attending an event that celebrates freedom of speech. Whether you like Tommy or not, his treatment by the authorities has been disgraceful. And it appears that nothing will change. Sign this petition to show your support and hopefully make the authorities aware that we won't tolerate it."


The Mystery of the Missing Petitions...

Provide Prison Protection to Tommy Robinson  (Petition 220809 Submitted: 27 May 2018. This Petition Disappeared Down a Mysterious Black Hole on 2nd(?) June 2018)
"Highly polarising activist Tommy Robinson has just begun his prison sentence, where his safety is in jeopardy due to his political views. We hereby petition for him to be segregated, thereby protecting his right to life under Article 2 of the Human Rights Act, for the duration of his sentence."


Rejected Petitions

UK Govt and Parliament Petitions: Rejected

Free Tommy Robinson IMMEDIATELY  (Petition 221130 Submitted: 31 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"Tommy Robinson is a political activist who has been unlawfully imprisoned following him doing a live stream outside of Leeds court last week. He was arrested for breach of the peace and subsequently charged and convicted of contempt of court. We call on the British government to free him now."

We the People Demand the Immediate Release of Tommy Robinson  (Petition 220957 Submitted: 29 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"We the people ask for the immediate lifting of the media ban concerning Tommy Robinson's latest court case. We also want full transparency and detail of the actions taken by every person involved in his arrest and incarceration, including CPS decision to prosecute, to be made available to the public. Furthermore, we wish to be disclosed, full details of the standard of care he is receiving and assurances these standards have b been met to British Law, EU Law, and United Nations Law. Finally we demand the immediate release of Tommy Robinson, and charge the government to prove the incarceration of Tommy Robinson was not politically motivated."

Free Tommy  (Petition 220881 Submitted: 28 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"Free Tommy."

Explain How Tommy Robinson Was Tried and Convicted in a Matter of Hours  (Petition 220847 Submitted: 27 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"Tommy Robinson was reporting on a case of human interest watched by thousands. Tommy Robinson 's reporting was live streamed and it was clear there was no wrong doing witnessed by thousands of people. The natural course of justice takes months yet Tommy Robinson was jailed within hours of his arrest."

Release Stephen Lennon Immediately, Investigate the Motive Behind His Arrest  (Petition 220834 Submitted: 27 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"Stephen Lennon aka Tommy Robinson was arrested for 'breach of the peace', yet his court documents state 'contempt of court'. His national profile and campaign against grooming gangs makes him a target in prison. How can a person be sentenced so quickly, while denying him his Article 6 rights?"

Free Tommy Robinson and Give Him His Full Legal Entitlements  (Petition 220828 Submitted: 27 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"British justice has to be fair for all British residents. Tommy has not had his full legal entitlements given to him. The British government and legal system needs to be brought back into check."

Debate Misuse of Powers by Judges, Police and Free Tommy Robinson  (Petition 220817 Submitted: 27 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"Tommy Robinson was reporting on a case outside a court and has since been arrested for breach of peace but then sentenced for contempt of court and a gagging order placed on media. This is against our freedom of speech and he should be released and the officers and judge involved investigated."

Free Tommy Robinson  (Petition 220793 Submitted: 26 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"End the appalling treatment of Tommy Robinson for simply reporting truth. If the mainstream media did its job correctly instead of pandering to political correctness we wouldn't be in this post-free speech era."

Remove the Reporting Restrictions on the Tommy Robinson Contempt of Court Case  (Petition 220766 Submitted: 26 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"Tommy Robinson was arrested for committing a breach of the peace. He has allegedly been sentenced to prison, but the judge has imposed severe restrictions on reporting on the case. We are asking the government to overturn these restrictions and investigate their use ... Given the speed with which his trial took place, it is especially important that, as Lord Hewart famously said, 'justice should not only be done, but should ... undoubtedly be seen to be done'."

Release Tommy Robinson. He is Innocent  (Petition 220757 Submitted: 26 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"Tommy has been incarcerated for spurious reasons. He is innocent."

Free Tommy Robinson  (Petition 220753 Submitted: 26 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"Stephen Christopher [Yaxley-]Lennon, known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson was arrested and now jailed for reporting on a case ... outside a court during an ongoing grooming trial."
[Bayith Note: The trial was finished; Tommy Robinson was arrested outside the court on the day of the sentencing.]

Release Tommy Robinson from Prison for Broadcasting/Reporting Truthful News  (Petition 220721 Submitted: 25 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"Help required for Tommy Robinson being wrongly convicted in court. Reporting the truthful factual news was not and is not a breach of the peace but a live news broadcast and non-racial hatred."

Free Tommy Robinson from his Unjustified Jailing for Breach of the Peace  (Petition 220717 Submitted: 25 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"Tommy Robinson was arrested and jailed for a breach of the peace. His crime? Standing outside a court with a video camera. He was deliberately targeted by police in an unfair manner."

Tommy Robinson to Cover Important Justice Cases Without Fear of Arrest or Prison  (Petition 220714 Submitted: 25 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"10k Facebook viewers witness an unlawful arrest of Tommy Robinson. Tommy was showing the public a justice case. He was by no way breaking any laws. We the public believe that these cases are indeed in the public interest."

A Debate into the Arrest of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson)  (Petition 220712 Submitted: 25 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"Arrested whilst live streaming, for disturbing the peace. I personally could not see a crime being committed. In my opinion West Yorkshire Police had no grounds to arrest. I found the heavy handedness of West Yorkshire Police disturbing, especially as no other News Outlet was reporting on a case in the Public's Interest. I strongly feel, as a British Citizen, that this is an assault on Freedom of Speech and a slap in the face to the Magna Carta."

Free Tommy Robinson Immediately After His Wrongful Arrest  (Petition 220702 Submitted: 25 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"Tommy Robinson was wrongfully arrested today and should not be serving a prison sentence. This is damaging free speech in this country."

Get Tommy Robinson Out of Prison and Lock Up the Real Criminals  (Petition 220700 Submitted: 25 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"Reporting news shouldn't be a crime or how come we have so many reporters getting paid a fortune for sky and bbc which we pay for."

FREE TOMMY ROBINSON  (Petition 220697 Submitted: 25 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"An English man was targeted unreasonably for reporting already public knowledge. And charged and convicted of contempt of Court. There [were] 10000 of us watching his live stream. He has done no wrong. The only contempt is the contempt our government holds against us. Watch his many streams and interviews to make your own mind up."

Start an Enquiry into the Arrest and Imprisonment of Tommy Robinson  (Petition 220684 Submitted: 25 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"The recent imprisonment of defenders of free speech on spurious or non-existent grounds is causing grave concern amongst law abiding citizens of the UK."

FREE TOMMY ROBINSON  (Petition 220683 Submitted: 25 May 2018. This Petition Was Rejected)
"Stephen Lennon aka Tommy Robinson was arrested 25/5/2018 whilst filming a live stream outside a court. Lennon who was serving a suspended sentence was doing nothing wrong yet was arrested and is now in prison. This is nothing more than the 'higher powers' trying to silence a man they dislike. We ask that you reconsider your decision and free Tommy."


Blogs and Websites

Tommy Robinson
"The truth has to be told. I can't do it without you."

UK: The Police State Has Arrived
Articles, books, YouTubes, etc.


Recommended Reading

Most books recommended here (whether new or used) can be obtained through UsedBookSearch

Enemy of the State  (Tommy Robinson)
"The explosive story of Tommy Robinson, former leader of the English Defence League. Tommy describes the brutal truths about growing up in Luton, a town plagued by Islamic extremism and violent gangs. When Tommy led a street protest of ordinary townsfolk in support of British troops, they were met by police batons and brutality. And when the EDL grew out of that conflict, the state turned all of its might against him, destroying his livelihood, disrupting his family and ultimately throwing him to the violent Muslim underworld that runs England's prison system. Arrested and held on trumped up charges, while receiving a series of death threats, he takes readers through the traumatic EDL years, his ordeal at the hands of the justice system and how he was even imprisoned to prevent him speaking to the Oxford Union. When all else failed, a shady division of Scotland Yards tried blackmailing Tommy into working for them. Saying 'no' cost him his home. If you believe in British justice and freedom of speech, you need to read this book."

"By turns riveting, frustrating, and inspiring, it tells the story of an ordinary working-class lad - a good soul and solid friend, if a bit of a mischief-maker - who gradually came to understand that his country faced an existential threat from an enemy within, and, driven by a conscience of remarkable magnitude, became an activist. What was it, exactly, that drove Tommy to activism? Well, to begin with, his hometown, Luton, where he still lives, was a place where he had friends, white and black and brown, from a wide range of backgrounds - but where one tightly-knit group, namely Muslims, seemed to hold all the cards, standing apart from (and above) all the others, refusing to blend in, treating the kafir with arrogance and contempt..." [Source].

Mohammed's Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam  (Tommy Robinson and Peter McLoughlin)
"Why is it that almost all the terrorism in the West is coming from the small minority of the population who are Muslims? Why are they doing this if, as politicians and clergy keep assuring us, Islam is a religion of peace? ... The truth is that Islam is a religion of war, and the educated elite in the West have had proof of this for over 150 years ... but the elite dare not tackle the problem. Our journalists have totally failed in their function to challenge and correct the lies of politicians. So, the problem with Islam in the West has grown worse every year since the early 1990s. There is no sign that anything will be done to stop this until ordinary people take it upon themselves to understand Islam and expose the lies which paralyse the West's discussions of Islam ... When teachers indoctrinate your children or force them to attend a mosque, use our book to shame these educators for their part in the deception. After reading this book you will understand the threat facing your children's future and you will have the knowledge to make politicians find some backbone. ... history has shown that Islam offers two options: submit or die."

Easy Meat: Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal  (Peter McLoughlin)
"McLoughlin lays out in heart-wrenching detail how British officials abandoned thousands of unfortunate girls to the depredations of Muslim rape gangs who were inspired and motivated by Islamic teachings on the treatment of infidel women, and did nothing to save them for fear of being called 'racist' and 'Islamophobic'..."   /   "Mr. McLoughlin skewers all who need to be skewered: the politicians, the social workers, the journalists, the police, and the media - all who contrived to cover up the most wicked crime of the century lest it give credence to the political right who had been warning of just such terrible crimes for the last two decades..."

2030: Your Children's Future in Islamic Britain  (David Vincent)
"The Muslim birth rate ... has profound implications for the way our children and their descendants will be forced to live in the future ... we are not being told the truth about Islamic immigration ... all those in the West who want their children to live free must become aware of the urgent need to identify and destroy this horrific ideology ... By 2050 the Muslim birth rate will be huge and Britain will be a majority Muslim nation ... the average Briton [does not] have any idea about the effect this unasked for transformation will have on the lives of their children and grandchildren ... If we wanted a snapshot of our children's future in Islamic Britain it was there for all to see in central London on February 8, 2015 when more than 1,000 Islamic demonstrators presented a petition to Number 10 Downing Street, signed by 100,000 Muslims, in a protest against free speech ... on display was the perfect example of why mass Islamic immigration is the biggest threat Britain has ever faced..."


Uncle Ernie

"TheresaMayism is a plastic doll in a phantasy world. It's fantastic and it's fashion-conscious. It has a different outfit for every occasion, and you can take it anywhere. You can even dress it up as a Gypsy, an acid queen, in order to tear Tommy's soul apart and break his heart. Anyone for pinball? Or, more likely, Uncle Ernie..." [source].

"...all those Uncle Ernie's ruining all those girls' lives" / "Our war cry must be: Tommy can you hear me... I am here to cheer you. Tommy can you hear me... I am here to free you" [comments at source].

"I'm your wicked uncle Ernie, I'm glad you don't see or hear e as I fiddle about, fiddle about, fiddle about" / "Didn't the Brits make a movie about a bloke with a cork in his mouth and a funny uncle Ernie who did weird things to disabled children and the crowd screaming we're not gonna take it! The last words in the movie were 'listening to you, I get the story. What was the name of that movie? Tommy" [comments at source].


Enemies of the State

The following is an extended extract from the article The Trial of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon

"In fully-fledged Police States where the Law, Civil or Criminal, is whatever the ruling Junta says it is there is no right of access to fair and impartial legal processes. There is only a perverted form of 'justice' designed for and used in the public show trials of 'Enemies of the State'.

"The principle control mechanisms of such State entities really are simple and straightforward - physical brutality, including torture, arbitrary incarceration and summary execution - and the concealment thereof is generally and with deliberate intent quite minimal - universal public knowledge thereof serves to frighten and intimidate the subject population so that it submits to and obeys the diktats of the ruling entity, thus precluding protest or counter-action.

"However in embryonic, quasi-Police States, such as are now in the latter stages of their gestation all across the West - particularly within that inappropriately named behemoth, the European Union - lip service still has to be paid to the remnants of the original, idealised concept of one Rule of Law for all. Up to now this lip service, whilst being nothing more than comforting noises designed to conceal a real and different intent, has been paid quite subtly so that in general its common purpose (no pun intended) has slipped below the conceptual radar of the body politic.

"Now, fortunately, in one revealing moment this intent has, perhaps out of a hubris generated by the past successes of its implementers, stumbled into the open, its methodology glaringly exposed. In this demonstration of its reality we saw how 'Political Correctness', together with the latter's bastard spawn, 'Islamophobia' and 'Racism', rides roughshod over our ancient rights and freedoms on a deceptive tide of faux self-righteousness. Now many more of us have at last awoken to the deep and abiding threat posed by this, 'The New World Order Project', as it approaches its apogee.

"But, still, at least for the moment, the Iron Fist of the ruling elite continues to strike - mostly whilst covered with its ever-thinning velvet glove of dissimulating legality. Thus, the Junta's apparatchiks and enforcers must, at least when exposed to public scrutiny, be seen to function within the existing legal framework of the State, within the power-limiting - and to them annoying - constraints of its statutes. Those statutes oblige them to impartially and openly serve the commonality as a whole without fear or favour, rather than from behind a veil of smoke and mirrors. And they failed this day because they had tried to cross what became a bridge too far for them - a bridge that was at last properly defended.

"Hence, on the morning on the 14th of April, 2016, during the trial of Mr. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and the consequent public exposure therein of the series [of] events leading up to his prosecution (or, as his Counsel, Mr. Richard Kovalevsky, QC, so eloquently put it, 'This preposterous persecution!') we were given a short but definitive peek behind the veil and were able to cast our eyes upon the draconian future so long planned for us in the venal corridors of power.

"It was there that day that the establishment's long exercised practice of first ridiculing, then demonising, and then destroying those who would protest or resist their social re-engineering was clearly seen in all of the gruesome reality of its final phase."

Patriots, Traitors, Invaders

Poem in the comments section here

"Here's a tale of Quisling traitors,
sold their country to invaders.
The first was shot in forty-five,
But many more are still alive.
When was there a referendum,
'Ere our traitors thought to send 'em?
Rivers of blood would be the cost,
Enoch was right, now Britain's lost.
Bombs and bullets, acid and knives,
Vans on pavements destroying lives.
Showing rape gangs now forbidden,
Poor old Tommy he's imprisoned,
While to jihadis flats are given,
And ISIS killers all forgiven.

"Hitler's Nazis could not manage,
What our Quislings done in damage!
If Churchill were around today,
I'm confident that he would say:
'In older and more modern time,
Treason must be capital crime,
Patriots must be supported,
And invaders all deported,
Till our girls walk unmolested,
After British metal's* tested.'
Will saving Blighty come too late,
Before the Saxon learns to hate?
If saving's coming, it can't wait,
Or Islam will be Britain's fate.

* Please see the author's footnote re metal/mettle.


The Frankfurt School

"The Frankfurt School believed that as long as an individual had the belief - or even the hope of belief - that his divine gift of reason could solve the problems facing society, then that society would never reach the state of hopelessness and alienation that they considered necessary to provoke socialist revolution.

Their task, therefore, was as swiftly as possible to undermine the Judaeo-Christian legacy. To do this they called for the most negative destructive criticism possible of every sphere of life which would be designed to de-stabilize society and bring down what they saw as the 'oppressive' order. Their policies, they hoped, would spread like a virus - 'continuing the work of Western Marxists by other means' as one of their members noted.

To further the advance of their 'quiet' cultural revolution ... the [Frankfurt] School recommended (among other things):

(1) the creation of racism offences,
(2) continual change to create confusion,
(3) the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children,
(4) the undermining of schools' and teachers' authority,
(5) huge immigration to destroy identity,
(6) the promotion of excessive drinking,
(7) emptying of churches,
(8) an unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime,
(9) dependency on the state or state benefits,
(10) control and dumbing down of media,
(11) encouraging the breakdown of the family.

One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud's idea of 'pansexualism' - the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women. To further their aims they would:

(a) attack the authority of the father, deny the specific roles of father and mother, and wrest away from families their rights as primary educators of their children,
(b) abolish differences in the education of boys and girls,
(c) abolish all forms of male dominance - hence the presence of women in the armed forces,
(d) declare women to be an 'oppressed class' and men as 'oppressors'."




"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;
that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!"
(Isaiah 5:20-21)





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