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Tommy Robinson
"Persecuted for Defending the Innocent"
The UK once believed in righteousness, justice, and truth.  But No longer.
Now we are ruled by wicked, quisling, traitorous leaders who hate the good and love the evil.



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Enemy of the British State

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"With regards to Tommy Robinson and his wife and children being held hostage by the LibLabCon and Law Society on behalf of the evil Establishment, it once again shows how they cannot tolerate any threat to their aims of killing off the working class:

  • The Police Farce are being removed from urban streets allowing young murders to patrol areas with knives and guns;
  • Lack of decent schooling, housing and well paid employment opportunities have led to an increase in depression, imprisonment and suicides;
  • Young urban kids now have to run the gauntlet of death squads roaming their streets armed with knives or heroin.

"Where do struggling Britons find role models to speak up for them? And when they do find one, the State uses all its might and corruption to crush their hero. To prove how corrupt they and their MSM puppets are, they glorify his political imprisonment and hope Tommy becomes another David Kelly. Not death in the woods but death in an HM prison ... I cannot believe one man can be attacked so often but every time, like a Weeble he not just wobbles up, he rises like a lion with an even bigger pride willing to join him. ... We have founded the start of a movement:

  • A movement that through Tommy speaks for us all;
  • A movement that is sick to death of media outlets demonising the working class fighting for their communities, culture and heritage;
  • A movement that will fight Fascist union and political leaders treating us as the new Jews. Shockingly, we had union and Labour council-funded agitators outside the Old Bailey chanting 'Nazi scum' at Jewish speakers supporting TR.  All protected by City of London police ...

"UK Fascism closed down TR's media outlets and his businesses, so what's next? A number tattooed on all Tommy's supporters and a ride to prison full of jihadists? The State will try to ruin anyone threatening their undeserved wealth and privilege ... If any LibLabCon rats, especially the 'I'm alright Jacks' voting for them are reading this, the tide is turning. The LibLabCon are weaponising foreigners against us as proven by the tens of thousands of Europeans and their EU Blueshirts on the streets chanting insults at their tolerant hosts. ... Look at the dribbling of the MSM regarding a Saudi journalist being killed in Istanbul. Top story... woe is me... hand wringing...  A British journalist sent to prison as a political prisoner and threatened with death is not just ignored but is demonised and they encourage their readership to hate and attack him ... But times are changing..." [comment at source].

"If it had not been the LORD who was on our side, when men rose up against us: Then they had swallowed us up quick ... Then the waters had overwhelmed us ... Blessed be the LORD, who hath not given us as a prey to their teeth. Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped. Our help is in the name of the LORD" (Psalm 124)


Articles and Videos

The Verdict Against Tommy Robinson in the UKSSR  (16 March 2019)

"The videos were clear, as was the evidence presented by Luton police intel that Tommy Robinson was not a risk. So what. The Alice-in Wonderland judge found for the police anyway, and Tommy has to pay their costs. Actually, he's paying for being an enemy of the state of Soviet Britain..."

Tommy Trial: "I Want an Apology" Says Tommy as Police Deny Harassment  (12 March 2019)

"Speaking before his case against Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Tommy said that he isn't interested in an out-of-court financial settlement but wants an apology and an admission that what they did following Cambridge United home fixture with Luton Town in 2016 'was wrong'..."

The War Against Mr Robinson Continues  (09 November 2018)

"The state, the media, the business sector, the Left, and Muslims of various shades of hatefulness and violence, have gone all in to try to silence [TR's] criticisms of both Islam and of the damage that this ideology has done to the UK ... This latest attempt to silence Mr Robinson has ... helped to highlight Big tech's hypocrisy as PayPal have banned Mr Robinson for 'hate' reasons, yet continue to provide services ... to the mosque that the Rigby murderers attended, the Lewisham Islamic centre..."

Tommy Robinson: Result = Intention  (26 October 2018)

"Since 2009 [TR] has been fighting to expose Islamist rape gangs, one of which ruined his cousin, which for decades have been operating unhindered all over the country. As we know, the authorities and the Government are so terrified of being called 'racist' that this news had to be buried, kept out of the media at all costs, so Tommy's activities were definitely not welcome. Nor was his founding of the EDL as a reaction to a Muslim protest against a homecoming Army parade in his home town of Luton..."

Tommy Robinson's Time Has Come  (26 October 2018)

"Perhaps in nave civility, I have always respected the state, the police, the rule of law and (generally) the media. But when this popular activist was summarily jailed for reporting on the Muslim rape gangs that ravaged thousands of poor white girls, I shuddered in realisation. The organs of state are being used against the ordinary people, in whose common sense it is obvious that Tommy Robinson is exposing not only the sexual abuse but also a disgraceful cover-up by the institutions that should protect is. He speaks truth to power..."

Tommy's Message to the Movement: We Need to Get Political  (26 October 2018)

"Following the adjournment of his court case and a series of mainstream media articles attacking him, not to mention brutal attacks from an SNP MP and the Speaker of the HofC, Tommy Robinson has thrown down the gauntlet to the entire establishment..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Comments on Yesterday  (24 October 2018)

Viewers' comments:  "During the past 20 years I have watched my country being given freely by our own politicians to the 28 unelected despots of the EU. European borders were opened to millions of military-aged men of a religion that teaches hate towards the west. Rape, knifings, bombings, acid attacks happen hourly across our continent without a word from those novelists that pretend to be journalists. There are no consequences for immigrant crime, but massive consequences if the native population speaks up, our government standing down the police for decades whilst Pakistani Muslim men in towns across the land gang raped thousands of our white children with absolutely no consequences"  /  "Tommy ... shout the truth from the rooftops! God bless you"

MPs Disdain for Tommy Shows They Don't Care About the Working Class  (24 October 2018)

"For decades they have let Islam tower over us slowly changing our towns and cities as Muslim men raped our girls, as well as our landscape. From Bradford to Burnley, Radical Islam has spread its evil tentacles that attack our very way of life and our existence. Our girls have been raped, our children blown up - but who has the British Establishment attacked? One working-class bloke..."

YOUTUBE:  Lord Pearson Talks to Ezra Levant About Tommy Robinson, Islam, Trump, and Brexit  (24 October 2018)

"While I was in London covering Tommy Robinson's trial, I was privileged to be able to speak with Lord Pearson of Rannoch, who is the only member of either house of Parliament publicly supporting Tommy, and willing to discuss Islam. Watch as we discuss a range of issues ... and what he sees as the only way to wake up the political establishment before it's too late"  /  Viewers' comments:  "Ezra thank you so much for all you've done. [We are] so sorry for our media's disgraceful treatment of you yesterday"  /  "Great interview Ezra. Lord Pearson is an overlooked champion for the people and one who worked to keep Tommy safe in prison as much as he could ... it's not just the working class that is concerned about Islam"  /  "Lord Pearson is an exceptional man"

Tommy Robinson: A Question of Class  (23 October 2018)

"Another week, another appearance in court for Tommy Robinson ... This has long been a political trial, and the extent to which it has become the British state versus the white English working class has been at the heart of the affair all along ... In this age of an inventory of -isms which the genteel and correct citizen is expected to avoid, and which is policed by ordinary people as well as cultural commissars, classism, to coin an ugly phrase, is thriving like flies..."

Lord Pearson on the Threat from Islam  (24 September 2018)

Lord Pearson "outline[s] some of the basic [tenets] of Islam that worry him and points out in the speech that unless we can start talking about Islam we will not be able to properly address the issues it poses. Of course, he mentions his 'great friend' Tommy Robinson who has a 'second to none' reach amongst the white working class. Tommy, he says, has 'never been rude about |Muslims' just as he himself has not. His understanding of Islam is 'deep' and he 'is not the Tommy Robinson you read about in our mainstream media'..."

YOUTUBE:  Lord Pearson Speech at the UKIP Conference 2018  (23 September 2018)

Viewers' comments:  "Heart warming speech by the good Lord Pearson - we must cherish all 'establishment' individuals who are aware of the reality of Islam's agenda"  /  "Full marks to Lord Pearson who it seems is the only member of that place who has taken the trouble to find out about Islam. The rest are fast asleep or just too disinterested to enquire"  /  "Huge respect for Lord Pearson, he has stood for truth despite great dangers and political pressure ... and deserves our utmost respect"  /  "God bless Lord Pearson"  /  "An excellent speech by Lord Pearson - insightful and thought provoking"

Conscience. Character. Courage. Tommy Robinson's Story  (07 August 2018)

"I didn't think I could get any more outraged than I already was over the recent abuse of Tommy Robinson by the British deep state. ... then I caught up with Tommy's autobiography, Enemy of the State ... When he was arrested back in May, [the British authorities] still viewed him as a lowlife whom they could, with complete impunity, treat as cruelly and unfairly as they wished. Can they still do that now, when the world's eyes are on Tommy - and on them?..."

4 Lessons We Need to Learn From the Tommy Robinson Case  (02 August 2018)

"If I were a betting woman I'd say Tommy will be found guilty of contempt of court to spare the blushes of the Establishment, but will have served sufficient time in HMP Onley under duress to be allowed to walk free. Watching him walk out of prison was a fascinating thing. This new tiny person emerged, shrunken in size, with sharp cheekbones, struggling with trousers now four sizes too big for him. A haunted-looking thing blinking against the sun, disorientated by the sudden freedom from his cage, like a mistreated dog from a rescue shelter. Our victory is that this smaller person now has a much bigger voice than before..."

YOUTUBE:  The Enemy of the British State  (02 August 2018)

"The British state is interested in preserving the politically-correct progressive order, and Tommy Robinson is a threat to that order"  /  Viewers' comments:  "The struggle of the nationalist proletariat against the globalist ruling class"  /  "When did my beloved country start to hate men like me"  /  "The British Government tried to murder Tommy Robinson for having the courage to speak out about the rape of young British children by Muslims. The apathy of the average British citizen [sic] is shameful"  /  "He wants enforced legal borders, properly vetted immigration into the UK, the end to no-go zones in the UK, and most of all, the law to be applied equally to all citizens [sic] so that grooming gangs don't get a pass just because they're Muslims. If you perceive this as anti-muslim, then YOU'RE the racist"  /  "Wasn't the whole point of George Orwell's 1984 to serve as a warning to future generations about the dangers of progressive socialism and/or communism NOT a how-to-guide to turn your country into a fascist police state?"

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Was Right  (27 June 2018)

"Tommy Robinson has been warning people about this for years...  For making memes and other videos I lost my first channel with 66k subscribers... For speaking the truth and warning us of a horrible problem Tommy Robinson is losing 13 months away from his family! This puts things into perspective for me."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Interview  (25 May 2018)

"May 23, 2018 - an interview with Tommy Robinson, on... his response to people who given up... laughing though the situation is desperate... himself long before any activism... his development over the past decade... the huge change that has happened for him over the past 2 years, because he now can feel the massive support he has... and the suggestion that we might just be seeing a PM in the making. He feels he's in a good comfortable space. Two days later, May 25, 2018, the word went out: Tommy Robinson has been arrested again..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Interview with Brittany Pettibone  (14 March 2018)

Viewers' Comments:  "They know that they have imported chaos, This is awful"  /  "Britain was once considered the land of free speech. Where did it all go so wrong?"  /  "So Britain has gone full USSR?"  /  "He's against Sharia Laws and rape gangs. [What] is the problem here!"  /  "God bless you brother. You and your family are being persecuted for telling the truth and exposing the cruelty of jihadis and their kidnapping children off the streets of Britain and selling those children to the disgusting pedophiles in Britain and into slavery in Islamic countries. It is a national tragedy. And the treatment you receive is the same [as] doled out by stazis and nazi-like fascists"  /  "Supporting you from Brazil Tommy. You've been doing such a thing not only for your own country but for the free countries that need their freedom for the future generations"

YOUTUBE:  Can Mark Rowley Please Back His Words Up With Evidence  (28 February 2018)

Viewers' comments:  "What an absolute disgrace ... people need to listen to the words that Tommy says rather than what they reckon he says"  /  "When they wanted to put Tommy away in prison, they dug and dug and dug until they found something obscure about a mortgage. It took 20 years for them to put Anjem Choudary away because they didn't want to"  /  "If the Police hadn't turned a blind eye to the hate preachers, terrorists and grooming gangs (the primary problem), then we wouldn't have had a secondary problem such as Darren Osborne"  /  "[Rowley's] bizarre moral equivalence fails because Tommy wants the problem with hate preachers and grooming gangs fixed, and is not telling people to go out and kill and rape. Nor is he telling people that we are superior because of our religion, like hate preachers do. I despair that we have someone like [Rowley] in the police force"

More viewers' comments re: the above YouTube:

"You can see where this is going, anyone who is not a lefty Marxist will be rounded up and imprisoned soon"  /  "Even if you believe that Robinson somehow intentionally radicalised Osborne, than what does that mean? It means that Robinson is very ineffective in that regard. Out of the millions of views of [TR's] speeches/interviews, only one person has become radicalised!"  /  "I am increasingly convinced the government and security services are specifically targeting the secondary effects of terrorism because they are no longer able to contain the primary issue. Andrew Parker (MI5) has openly admitted the security services are no longer able to effectively monitor, contain or control the alarming pace [at] which Islamic terrorism in the UK (and Western Europe in general) is accelerating"

"I find this police inspector's views deeply disturbing regarding TR. [Rowley's] political opinion must be far, far left to publicly voice his belief that TR compares to a vile terrorist"  /  "Rowley is typical of today's Gestapo. A political whipping boy for the corrupt establishment. This guy just escalates the problem and can't even see why the public are turning against the police"  /  "It seems the 'extreme right wing' is the only group prepared to acknowledge and tackle the problem. So count me in!"  /  "Rowley ... TR is doing your job for you - standing up for the law of this land and the people you hope to carry on ignoring"

"Any head of any anti-terrorist unit who bows and cowers to the British Islamic Council is not fit to be in the job. [Rowley] for what he has done, should be fired and his pension withheld. Maybe the pension could be given to the family of the police officer killed in the line of duty at Parliament House. Mark Rowley is a traitor and I feel sorry for him. He would not know a right wing person if he fell over him. The man is incompetent ... when you put Beta males in positions like the Head of Counter Terrorism in these troubling and unstable times, you are simply asking for the mess the UK is in now ... just remember the Hijrah has already started"

"No wonder there is so much crime in the UK when a top cop is such a dullard ... with no proof he touts the left wing line that TR is a right wing extremist who spews hate speech when the reality is he just tells the facts. Of course in the current climate a hate speech is any speech the establishment doesn't like"  /  "What's [Rowley] on about? [TR] was sitting in a family pub having a family dinner and you all marched in there and chucked him out and told him to leave the area. Even the owner of the pub said he was causing no problems and was welcome to stay. You're trying to push him so he breaks the law and then you can chuck him in prison to 'silence' the truth"

"Well it's a good job Tommy is doing something about the Muslim terrorism/gang rape problem because the police can't be bothered to do anything about it"  /  "A Dhimmi policeman who will not protect your child! He will have his so-called officers tracking on-line hatred but will ignore the grooming raping of British children!"  /  "[Rowley] has obviously never watched TR's videos and as such has no idea of TR's beliefs/aims or campaigns. He is just spouting what he has been told to say"  /  "I bet he's not even watched a TR video or interview! How much was he paid to say that I wonder?"  /  "Who ... would want to join the police force with idiots like this in charge?"

'My Persecution' As Told by Tommy Robinson  (28 September 2011)

"Until I joined the EDL, I thought state persecution was something that happened in places like Russia, China or Iran, but it seems that I was wrong. It's happening right here in Britain. Here is the truth about one man's persecution..."


Enemy of the State

The following is an extract from the book Enemy of the State by Tommy Robinson

"The explosive story of Tommy Robinson, former leader of the English Defence League. Tommy describes the brutal truths about growing up in Luton, a town plagued by Islamic extremism and violent gangs. When Tommy led a street protest of ordinary townsfolk in support of British troops, they were met by police batons and brutality. And when the EDL grew out of that conflict, the state turned all of its might against him, destroying his livelihood, disrupting his family and ultimately throwing him to the violent Muslim underworld that runs England's prison system. Arrested and held on trumped up charges, while receiving a series of death threats, he takes readers through the traumatic EDL years, his ordeal at the hands of the justice system and how he was even imprisoned to prevent him speaking to the Oxford Union. When all else failed, a shady division of Scotland Yards tried blackmailing Tommy into working for them. Saying 'no' cost him his home. If you believe in British justice and freedom of speech, you need to read this book."

"By turns riveting, frustrating, and inspiring, it tells the story of an ordinary working-class lad - a good soul and solid friend, if a bit of a mischief-maker - who gradually came to understand that his country faced an existential threat from an enemy within, and, driven by a conscience of remarkable magnitude, became an activist. What was it, exactly, that drove Tommy to activism? Well, to begin with, his hometown, Luton, where he still lives, was a place where he had friends, white and black and brown, from a wide range of backgrounds - but where one tightly-knit group, namely Muslims, seemed to hold all the cards, standing apart from (and above) all the others, refusing to blend in, treating the kafir with arrogance and contempt..." [Source].

The following is an extended extract from the article The Trial of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon

"In fully-fledged Police States where the Law, Civil or Criminal, is whatever the ruling Junta says it is there is no right of access to fair and impartial legal processes. There is only a perverted form of 'justice' designed for and used in the public show trials of 'Enemies of the State'.

"The principle control mechanisms of such State entities really are simple and straightforward - physical brutality, including torture, arbitrary incarceration and summary execution - and the concealment thereof is generally and with deliberate intent quite minimal - universal public knowledge thereof serves to frighten and intimidate the subject population so that it submits to and obeys the diktats of the ruling entity, thus precluding protest or counter-action.

"However in embryonic, quasi-Police States, such as are now in the latter stages of their gestation all across the West - particularly within that inappropriately named behemoth, the European Union - lip service still has to be paid to the remnants of the original, idealised concept of one Rule of Law for all. Up to now this lip service, whilst being nothing more than comforting noises designed to conceal a real and different intent, has been paid quite subtly so that in general its common purpose (no pun intended) has slipped below the conceptual radar of the body politic.

"Now, fortunately, in one revealing moment this intent has, perhaps out of a hubris generated by the past successes of its implementers, stumbled into the open, its methodology glaringly exposed. In this demonstration of its reality we saw how 'Political Correctness', together with the latter's bastard spawn, 'Islamophobia' and 'Racism', rides roughshod over our ancient rights and freedoms on a deceptive tide of faux self-righteousness. Now many more of us have at last awoken to the deep and abiding threat posed by this, 'The New World Order Project', as it approaches its apogee.

"But, still, at least for the moment, the Iron Fist of the ruling elite continues to strike - mostly whilst covered with its ever-thinning velvet glove of dissimulating legality. Thus, the Junta's apparatchiks and enforcers must, at least when exposed to public scrutiny, be seen to function within the existing legal framework of the State, within the power-limiting - and to them annoying - constraints of its statutes. Those statutes oblige them to impartially and openly serve the commonality as a whole without fear or favour, rather than from behind a veil of smoke and mirrors. And they failed this day because they had tried to cross what became a bridge too far for them - a bridge that was at last properly defended.

"Hence, on the morning on the 14th of April, 2016, during the trial of Mr. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and the consequent public exposure therein of the series [of] events leading up to his prosecution (or, as his Counsel, Mr. Richard Kovalevsky, QC, so eloquently put it, 'This preposterous persecution!') we were given a short but definitive peek behind the veil and were able to cast our eyes upon the draconian future so long planned for us in the venal corridors of power.

"It was there that day that the establishment's long exercised practice of first ridiculing, then demonising, and then destroying those who would protest or resist their social re-engineering was clearly seen in all of the gruesome reality of its final phase."


Patriots, Traitors, Invaders

Poem in the comments section here

"Here's a tale of Quisling traitors, sold their country to invaders.
The first was shot in forty-five, But many more are still alive.
When was there a referendum, 'Ere our traitors thought to send 'em?
Rivers of blood would be the cost, Enoch was right, now Britain's lost.
Bombs and bullets, acid and knives, Vans on pavements destroying lives.
Showing rape gangs now forbidden, Poor old Tommy he's imprisoned,
While to jihadis flats are given, And ISIS killers all forgiven.

"Hitler's Nazis could not manage, What our Quislings done in damage!
If Churchill were around today, I'm confident that he would say:
'In older and more modern time, Treason must be capital crime,
Patriots must be supported, And invaders all deported,
Till our girls walk unmolested, After British metal's* tested.'
Will saving Blighty come too late, Before the Saxon learns to hate?
If saving's coming, it can't wait, Or Islam will be Britain's fate.

* Please see the author's footnote re metal/mettle.




"The British state already tells you what you can and can't say.
It informs you who must be respected and who hated. It lets you know, in no uncertain terms, how you are to address people.
It wags its finger at you if you step ever so slightly from a straight line it has painted ahead of you"

"The despicable soviet hellhole once renowned for its creation of the Common Law is setting up the martyrdom of Tommy Robinson ...
Justice has taken her scales and fled the blighted land that he chose to stand and defend"

"No man escapes when freedom fails / The best of men rot in filthy jails,
And those who cry appease appease / Are hung by those they try to please"
[quoted in comments at source].

"If it had not been the LORD who was on our side, when men rose up against us:
Then they had swallowed us up quick ... Then the waters had overwhelmed us ...
Blessed be the LORD, who hath not given us as a prey to their teeth.
Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers:
the snare is broken, and we are escaped.
Our help is in the name of the LORD"

(Psalm 124)


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