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Tommy Robinson
"Persecuted for Defending the Innocent"
The UK once believed in righteousness, justice, and truth.  But no longer.
Now we are ruled by wicked, quisling, traitorous leaders who hate the good and love the evil.



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Panorama: Tommy Takedown (Feb 2019)   |   LBC on the Photo with the Army Cadets (Oct 2018)

SKY News Interview (Sept 2018)   |   MSM on Tommy's Trial/Retrials (May/Sept/Oct 2018)

Piers Morgan ITV Good Morning Britain (20th June 2017)   |   Andrew Neil BBC Sunday Politics (16 June 2013)

Tom Costello C4 Proud and Prejudiced (27 Feb 2012)   |   Jeremy Paxman BBC Newsnight (1st Feb 2011)   |   The Guardian Newspaper

MSM General Fake News re: Tommy Robinson   |   Panodrama, the BBC, Facebook   |   Pro- / Friendly Interviews with Tommy Robinson

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"It's tough enough having predictable enemies, whether they are radical Islamic extremists or far-left Socialists, the Marxist headbangers from UAF. At least with that lot you know who the enemy are. In terms of establishing the EDL as a mainstream protest group however, our biggest enemies were the supposedly impartial British press and our own government and lawmakers. From that day, pretty much to this (with a few honourable exceptions) the media coverage of the UPL/EDL and even my current situation has been at best lazy and ignorant, at worst politically motivated and malicious" [Tommy Robinson, Enemy of the State, p.143].

"Standing among the ordinary, decent people in the crowd [outside the Old Bailey, 23 October 2018] as Tommy Robinson spoke I was struck by how completely at odds their behaviour was with the way they are portrayed in the media, especially at viciously partisan organs like the BBC and The Guardian, but even across much of the right-wing press. These people are constantly being described as 'fascist' or 'far right' or 'extremist'. But I saw and heard no evidence of this whatsoever. They were vocal, yes, but peaceable and friendly. They were angry, yes, but it was controlled anger and intelligently directed. There was, for example, no hatred of Muslims - only of the creed that drives some of them to rape and murder. How weird it is to think that we live in an age so blinkered that the man doing more than anybody to raise awareness of what's going on receives more widespread censure from the Establishment than the actual monsters perpetrating these ugly deeds" [source].


Panorama: Tommy Takedown  (Feb 2019)

Panodrama, the BBC, Facebook   /   YOUTUBE:  #Panodrama - An Exposť of the Fake News BBC

"Taxpayer-funded BBC working alongside a radical far left organisation for Panorama to 'take down Tommy Robinson; blackmailing my former employees to invent stories; Hope Not Hate on set with the BBC, calling the shots and intimidating my ex-employees during interview; BBC caught on camera telling an ex-employee the questions they would ask her in the interview and the answers that she needed to say for it to air (scripted fake interviews); BBC caught on camera suggesting they could edit and clip an argument I had with an ex-employee to portray a totally different angle and [quoting] John Sweeney on camera [saying] he could make it 'a gender, a sexual thing against Tommy Robinson.'  (BBC creating fake #MeToo stories); BBC likening the working class to cannibals in the jungle whose vocabulary is limited to the words F*** Off; BBC journalists giving zero s**** about your hard earned £150 license fee and spending [it] on midweek £220 champagne lunches; Oh, and the BBC face of Panorama being casually racist and homophobic.  Within 24 hours the Establishment has come back at me with all guns blazing..."


LBC on the Photo with the Army Cadets (Oct 2018)

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Shares His Thoughts on Why the Army Lads May Have Wanted a Picture  (10 October 2018)

Viewers' comments:  "The fact that [LBC] wouldn't let Tommy talk is proof enough that they don't want the public to hear the truth... shame on you LBC"  /  "Tommy is a threat to [the MSM] because he is willing to tell the actual truth and doesn't propagate their lies. That's why they continue to slander him. Of course they won't have him on their show, because they'll be obliterated by Tommy's honesty and facts. They're scared of Tommy, because he's a man who knows what he's talking about [so] they want to discredit him in every way possible; even if that involves spreading and making up lies about him being 'extreme' and 'far right'. Thank God the masses are waking and thank God for Tommy"  /  "They say 'far right', but they have never met anyone who IS actually far right. I grew up in South Africa in the 1950s and 60s and I know what far right is. But LBC does not know"  /  "Good for you Tommy, we know you'll never give up. You are fighting the globalists and there are so many that support you"  /  "I was the first caller on that show and did my best to point out their fake news stance, but caller after caller after me supported Tommy"


Sky News Interview (Sept 2018)

YOUTUBE:  The Problem for Tommy Robinson with British Defamation Law  (03 October 2018)

"It's very hard to sue for defamation in the UK if you've never protected your name. This needs to change."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson on Sky News  (02 October 2018)

Viewers' comments:  "We are living in the Age of Stupid. BBC, Sky News, C4, print media ... Anyone in modern British life with a working brain is demonised. It is all, now, out of control"  /  "It's the government and the media's fault that people haven't got a clue about Islam"  /  "Fake news is so transparent, it's laughable"  /  "Wilful stupidity is the best description I can think of"  /  "The phenomenon of 'double-think' ... the 'reporter' knows full well that he is lying, but is simultaneously capable of believing he is not"

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson and Sky News the Populist Fight-Back  (01 October 2018)

"Tommy Robinson's exposure of the lying Sky News journalist Jason Farrell is a great case of turning a negative into a positive."

YOUTUBE:  Sky News' Brazen Lies About Tommy Robinson  (01 October 2018)

"Sky News, evidently gutted at not getting a sufficiently toxic quote from Tommy during Jason Farrell's 75 minute interview with him, resolved their dilemma by... making one up. Journalism at its finest."

YOUTUBE:  Unedited Sky News Interview with Tommy Robinson About Contempt of Court  (28 September 2018)

"Watch this and then watch the 8 minute edit that Jason Farrell and Sky News did of this interview. You will see the media agenda. They show you what they want you to see."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson's Interview with Sky News  (26 September 2018)

Viewers' comments:  "There is no crueller tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice ... The British government terrorizing its own citizens, in the name of Islam, not in the name of the British people"  /  "That's the same reporter who lied at the FLA march"  /  "Attempted hatchet job in action by the Fake News"  /  "The Sky reporter is afraid to agree with Tommy's argument. He is enslaved by cultural Marxist politically correct dogma"  /  "People are either asleep or complacent or even complicit"


MSM on Tommy's Trial/Retrials (May/Sept/Oct 2018)

WATCH:  Tommy Reads Out His Court Statement

READ:  Tommy Robinson's Court Statement in Full

Double Standards: Labour Peer, MSM Breach Court Reporting Restrictions... No Jail Time  (26 October 2018)

"A Labour peer and the MSM have broken court reporting restrictions by naming a figure at the centre of a sexual abuse case that is actively live and could affect the victims ... The man's name was broadcast on television and the internet but no action has been taken and the peer is being promoted as a hero according to the media. The Sun, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sky News and the BBC have also now named him - but what about those ever important reporting restrictions?..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Comments on Yesterday  (24 October 2018)

Viewers' comments:  "Establishment censorship of right wing speech on social media. Social media is the town square of our age, free speech should apply across all social media platforms, and not just for left wing 'tow the party line' speech"  /  "What is it that the establishment media are so afraid of? Their reactions are increasingly becoming counter productive"  /  "Most people have now turned their back on the MSM"  /  "Tommy, thank you for fighting for what's right, thank you for having the courage to keep fighting when people believed what they heard instead of knowing what you were really about, thank you for opening people's eyes to issues that the politicians, Islam, and weak fake media are trying to hide, thank you Tommy and God bless you and your loved ones"

YOUTUBE:  Exposing the Media's Lies About Tommy Robinson  (24 October 2018)

"Canadian journalist Andrew Lawton exposes what reporters from the MSM said about Tommy Robinson when they thought nobody was listening. Andrew Lawton was in the UK to report on Tommy's trial and counterbalance the fake news from the UK media."

I Overheard How Reporters Talk About Tommy Robinson  (23 October 2018)

"Before he walked into the Old Bailey for what was supposed to be a contempt of court hearing, Tommy Robinson said the media were the 'enemy of the people.'  It was a line that got uproarious applause from the growing crowd of supporters. I was inside at the time, with a front row seat to how some members of the press talk about Robinson when they think everyone agrees with them ... While I was preparing my own coverage before the judge's arrival, two reporters were conversing behind me..."

A New Low in the Persecution of Tommy Robinson  (22 October 2018)

"On Friday, the British judiciary lifted the reporting restrictions on the three trials of a total of twenty 'Asian' men at Leeds County Court ... once the reporting restrictions were lifted ... the major media in Britain dutifully provided accounts of the verdicts. There was certainly a lot to report: three trials, several months, fifteen victims, twenty defendants, a mountain of stomach-turning testimony. But the focus of the British media wasn't on any of this - it was on Tommy..."

Ezra Levant of Rebel Media Twitter Feed re: Tommy's Case This Morning  (27 September 2018)

"We tell the other side of the story."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson in Court But Where Are the Other Journalists?  (27 September 2018)

"Ezra Levant reports on what he saw at what was supposed to be Tommy Robinson's second trial"  /  Viewers' comments:  "There are no real impartial journalists left in the UK. They are establishment puppets cucked to the appeasement of Islam who go after people with a pre-implanted agenda of one-sided bias to attack. They have become enemies of the public who despise their disgusting behaviour"  /  "They don't like the truth"  /  "Somewhere trying to figure out how to spin this"  /  "The other 'journalists' are busy picking out their burkas"  /  "Where's the media and why aren't they there? [They] are part of the repressive freedom-hating left ... Yes they should be there and be outraged at what happened to Tommy but they have no moral standards. It's disgusting"  /  Why no Brit 'conservative advocacy journalists' there? ... Because basically the only person standing between us and Islamisation is Tommy Robinson. Britain is not even a shadow of its former self. Too much fear of Islam and Political Correctness to report fairly on this. Tommy comes out good on the facts"  /  "They are rallying around an establishment that never fought on the battlefield to preserve the freedoms they are talking away from us. There are hundreds of thousands of men and women laying in the ground who fought and died to we could be free. We will defend their memory and sacrifice against this cowardly, corrupt establishment and its lackeys in the fake news media"

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinsons Tells Reporters: "You Hide the Truth"  (27 September 2018)

Viewer's comment:  "Tommy telling the MSM the truth, pity they can't do the same"

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson to BBC Outside Old Bailey  (27 September 2018)

"Here's what Tommy said to the BBC as he went into court for his re-trial for broadcasting a livestream in Leeds."

The Treatment of Tommy Robinson by the Media  (26 September 2018)

"Thursday 27th September sees the retrial of Tommy Robinson. The State needs to be aware that many in the UK and as importantly - in the few free countries around the world - will be watching. Politicised judges, such as the one who gave him 13 months imprisonment knowing full well what the potential lethal consequences could be, must know their own wrongdoing..." [Please see also the comments under the line.]

"You Daft Bint!"  (08 August 2018)

"Paul Weston has plenty to say about the 'Fake News Media & Tommy Derangement Syndrome' exhibited by the middle class, particularly one Janice Turner, wife of The Times' executive editor. This couple demonstrates the problems inherent in nepotism: want to bet he didn't fact-check wifey's snarling rant?..."

YOUTUBE:  Fake News Media & Tommy Derangement Syndrome  (07 August 2018)

Viewers' comments:  "The MSM are a disgrace ... If UK universities keep producing brain-washed journalists then can expect nothing but this drivel"  /  "They are that blinded by their hatred for [Tommy that] they stoop to playground name calling. They really are the lowest of the low"  /  Britain has become a very scary place, one whose future looks bleak because those who ought to care and stand up for decency are in fact supporters of rape gangs and law breakers"  /  "These people are not, and have not been, journalists for some time now. They inhabit their self serving myopic world, in which they are the foot soldiers of an increasingly totalitarian world being forced upon society. They have no idea as to the magnitude of their stupidity and that they are complicit in ushering in a very dark and dangerous world"

Tommy Robinson: The View From Hungary  (04 August 2018)

"I would like to give you and your readers a glimpse into the way the Hungarian press covers the topic of jihad and islamization in the West ... What Tommy (and other Western counterjihad warriors) have probably never even dreamt of is how much their heroism and work help to save Hungary and Eastern Europe from Islam!..."  /  Readers' comments:  "Wonderful to learn that the media Iron Curtain doesn't envelope Hungary. Hungarians are hearing much more of the truth, apparently, than are Canadians and Americans. And certainly more than the poor Brits"  /  "An older generation in the Iron Curtain countries who had to secretly listen to the BBC and Radio Free Europe to hear the real news must be truly dumbstruck at the reversal in roles"

YOUTUBE:  BBC Ask to Interview Some Tommy Supporters on Freedom of Speech  (02 August 2018)

Viewers' comments:  "BBC interviewers is as thick as a plank. Good job Simon"  /  "The vile BBC are an integral part of the traitor class"  /  "Good on you Simon, some truths might make the fake news. God bless you man"  /  "You handled that well"  /  "Very good rev, but are they able to understand? This is the BBC after all"  /  "Hey Rev, an accurate, concise and truthful piece, well said and done. Bet they will not air it and if they do it will be edited to make you sound like a total bigot!"  /  "This interview will go nowhere because the narrative has not been followed"

YOUTUBE:  UKIP Leader Gerard Batten on The World At One  (02 August 2018)

Listeners' comments:  "How many times did this interviewer try to trap Gerard and trip him up, much too clever for her and her biased Brussels Broadcasting company"  /  "[Tommy] was reading from a BBC website word for word so it follows if he was guilty of a media gag order then the author and editor should have their collars felt!"  /  "Gerard [is] always Mr Cool as a Cucumber, how ever they try to rile him"  /  "God bless Lord Pearson and Gerard Batten"  /  "Great job by Batten"

Rebel Rebel  (18 July 2018)

"The press in the UK are a bunch of lickspittle courtiers to the new Versailles ... Fortunately there is a dissident media ... If you don't know Ezra Levant [of Rebel Media] he is ... currently in London following Tommy Robinson's appeal at The Royal Courts of Justice..."

Tommy Robinson, the Cowardice of our MSM and a Legal Challenge  (29 May 2018)

"[T]his astonishing spectacle by our establishment MSM makes one point very clear ... the disgraceful deterioration of journalistic standards ... there's no longer a distinction being made between factual report and an opinion piece ... A Free Press is there to scrutinise government. A Free Press is one of the fundamentals of a free, democratic society. If the MSM does not, cannot report facts, then how can we form our own opinion? In a society with no Free Press, all that people would be able to read and receive would be what is crudely known as propaganda..."

Media Silence as Thousands Worldwide Protest Tommy Robinson's Arrest  (28 May 2018)

"In Britain, protestors stormed through London, climbing the gates of Downing Street and proudly singing Tommy's name to the police guarding number 10 ... In Australia, a huge crowd of hundreds of protestors swarmed the British consulate in Melbourne, donning Pro-Tommy banners and demanding his release. In Canada, prominent right-wing activist Lauren Southern - who is not subject to a reporting ban unlike those in the UK - recorded a video arguing for Tommy's immediate release ... To spread the truth about what really happened, share this article and show people what is really going on around the world. This is our last chance to defend our freedom."


Piers Morgan: ITV Good Morning Britain (20th June 2017)

YOUTUBE:  GMB's Tommy Robinson Interview Shows What a Slimy Disingenuous Toad Piers Morgan Really Is  (21 June 2017)

Viewers' comments:  "Simon thank you - TR has shown himself time and time again to be an upstanding good normal bloke"  /  "Great work Simon ... even amongst my left wing acquaintances and colleagues they are siding with TR ... thanks and keep fighting"  /  "Well done to you Simon, you've done a great job of telling the truth. Keep it up mate, we need truth tellers, now more than ever!"  /  "Morgan, you're a puppet of the establishment supporting the destruction of our culture and heritage"  /  "Morgan is simply out of his depth when faced with reality"  /  "Piers thinks he's clever but wasn't ready for TR's educated replies so resorted to shouting over him... fool"  /  "Piers Morgan looked weak ... name called and put his fingers in his ears and went lalalalala"  /  "The sad thing is Piers Morgan probably knows Tommy is correct and secretly agrees with him"

More viewers' comments re: the YouTube above:

"Douglas Murray gives the same warnings as Tommy, but - for class reasons - Morgan would not dare treat him like this"  /  "Piers Morgan/Reid haven't a clue, that much was clear"  /  "Hey Morgan ... have YOU tried walking the streets of Luton, Watford, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Bristol, Rotherham, Peterborough, Leicester, Bradford, London, and countless other cities and towns lately?"  /  "Piers is compromising the safety of the British public by capitulating to Islam, he is dangerous"  /  "Morgan knew he could not demonise Tommy or refute him by having an honest discussion, so he resorted to preventing TR from being able to get out any points and attempted to shape opinion by labeling TR with spurious accusations and preventing him from responding in full"

"Many people will have watched this and been incensed by Piers Morgan's obviously false and over the top ranting against Tommy. One of the strongest traits in British people is fairness, and they recognise that Morgan's questions were not really questions at all, they were a series of accusations that Tommy was given no time to answer ... Morgan shouted over him and tried to bamboozle him. This is a leftist tactic. Morgan was not trying to engage with TR at all ... The media don't understand ordinary working class people. They think we are all stupid and will swallow their nonsense without question. But we won't"  /  "The MSM care very much about the truth. So much so that they try to suppress it at every opportunity. What was terrifying about the interview was that everything TR said about the Koran was true"

YOUTUBE:  Piers Confronts Tommy Robinson Over Controversial Muslim Comments GMB  (20 June 2017)

"Comments are disabled for this video."  Well, there's a surprise.


Andrew Neil: BBC Sunday Politics (16 June 2013)

Extract from Enemy of the State, by Tommy Robinson, p.155

"Andrew Neil invited me on his Sunday Politics show ... He ... had picture after picture of EDL supporters with their arms in the air - they were chanting - and what he said was, 'Nazi salute, Nazi salute.'  I just sat there and told him to show me one video of someone doing a Nazi salute. Not a photo, a video. Anyone with their arm in the air could be stitched up like that.

"When I got home I tweeted Andrew Neil pictures of Barack Obama doing a Nazi salute, Katie Perry doing a Nazi salute - even one of him, Andrew Neil doing a Nazi salute, and I asked what he had to say about it? Not much, in truth.

"Some time later he interviewed one of the leaders of the Muslim Council of Britain and in fairness he tore him to pieces. I do think that's something that has changed recently, because a few years ago those characters got a soft ride everywhere they went."

YOUTUBE:  EDL Leader Interviewed by Andrew Neil on Sunday Politics (16Jun13)  (16 June 2013)

Well, I have no words to describe Andrew Neil's disgusting treatment of Tommy Robinson in this interview.  Yet again Tommy Robinson responded to such utter disgraceful and wicked provocation with immense patience, informed explanation, and calm reasonableness.

Viewers' comments regarding Andrew Neil's 'Interview':

"This was a clear cut smearing campaign and I gained nothing from this interview other than an increased loathing for the BBC"  /  "That was a one-sided character assassination and BBC at its worst"  /  "Neil playing to the gallery, taking cheap shots, talking down to a perceived social inferior assuming his unthinking middle class audience will join him in his lazy minded nazi bashing rather than properly engage with the issues raised which are just too hideous to contemplate"  /  "The BBC are fooling no one"  /  "Andrew Neil clearly came to the interview with so much prejudice, he made himself look like a fool in this interview"  /  "How can [AN] be allowed to spout lies and mislead the viewers like that"  /  "Andrew Neil ... out of his depth in this interview with a real person ... grasping at a pre-set agenda"

""[M]ore interested in destroying the reputation of someone than discussing the subject, spent the first minute trying to belittle him over a name - irrelevant what his name is"  /  "Has the BBC in their own perceived wisdom, whilst on air, never thought that maybe asking the name of someone on their birth certificate is inherently dangerous?"

"Why is Tommy being cut off every single time he gives a response?"  /  "There was no intention to give [TR] any chance to explaining anything"  /  "Why bother to invite the guy to the program if you don't want him to answer questions"  /  "Well it speaks volumes when the interviewer doesn't allow the interviewee to speak"  /  "AN hold your head in shame - one sided agenda that has been proven to be so wrong"  /  "AN did not listen to a single thing Tommy stated ... it's clear he had an agenda all made up ready prior to this interview taking place"  /  "Andrew Neil interrupting, twisting words and putting words in TR's mouth he never said"

"He didn't want to listen to what the EDL is fighting against. Why doesn't he address all the violence and intolerance, rapes, and grooming and extreme fascist views and laws of Sharia Law. Did he not see the Islamist demonstrations where they were yelling 'Kill the police' ... I don't think the fool conducting this interview knows anything about Sharia Law"   /  "Upper classers like AN never see what really goes on in deprived areas - which normal people do see - exactly the stuff Tommy speaks of"  /  "The far left are running out of arguments desperately resorting to attacks and labels"

"Good on TR for handling himself so well dealing with such a horrible interviewer"  /  "Mr Robinson is a credit, one of the few people to stand up and be counted against the real fascists of this country which are Muslims, the followers of Islam. Oh and the BBC of course"  /  "Once again [TR] is on trial and once again does a cracking job of defending himself"  /  "TR is one of the only people to stand up to Neil so well"  /  "Handled like a pro, Tommy. Congrats"  /  "What is TR's crime? Loving his people and country too much??"  /  "Shameful. 'No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth' - Plato. Tommy speaks the truth and is hated for it"  /  "TR did a brilliant job of defending his views and exposing the bias against British people by Muslims with the co-operation of the police"  /  "Well done Tommy for staying cool"  /  "Tommy spoke brilliantly there"  /  "Incredible patience from Tommy Robinson" 

"This is English snobbery at its worst"  /  "Andrew Neil was absolutely appalling"  /  "I hope AN is pleased with his 3 pieces of silver that he was bought with"  /  "I think Andrew Neil would be ashamed when he rewatches this interview nowadays"


Tom Costello: C4 Proud and Prejudiced  (27 Feb 2012)

Extract from Enemy of the State, by Tommy Robinson, pp.148-154

"I took Tom Costello basically into my family for more than a year, let him become a part of my life while he filmed and produced a Channel 4 documentary which I thought was meant to be about what was happening in Luton.  When it emerged it was titled Proud and Prejudiced ... He'd spend a day or two with us every couple of weeks and we'd be on the phone regularly ... I wanted him to see a 360-degree picture of life in Luton so I rang up Bingo, a Pakistani Muslim who is involved heavily in their gang stuff ... So [Tom and I] got into the car with these Muslim hard cases and we were laughing and joking with them for about an hour, having a crack about the EDL.  Tom sat watching and listening to it all, and when we got out of the car he simply couldn't believe what he'd seen and heard.  That Tommy was mates with these Muslim lads ... but that we were always going to differ on our opinion of Islam ...

"All the way through the production of that documentary, [Tom] told me there would be no voice over, that it was literally going to be compiled from the real-life footage they had gathered.  When it came to editing it, he called and said that I came across as 'too good', whatever that meant ... Tom said the documentary was about Luton and its problems, but it was nothing of the sort, it was this fabricated conflict featuring me and Sayful Islam as opposite sides of this prejudiced spectrum - Proud and Prejudiced ...

"Through friends of friends I got to see it before it aired.  I phoned Tom Costello about a scene where I was walking through town at 1am ... I looked like a frog.  And I was joking, saying 'ribbit, ribbit.' ... But when I saw the documentary they'd inserted subtitles suggesting I was saying 'Breivik' ... It was the only thing in the whole programme they put a subtitle on.  [He also said] that leaving out the part about burning poppies was nothing to do with him, blah blah blah ...

"[T]here was a talk at the British Film Institute in London about Proud and Prejudiced, fronted by Costello ... I sat watching this bloke acting like he'd been under cover in the EDL for two years ... Then it came to the Q&As and [my friend] Benji put his hand up.  He asked 'Is Tommy Robinson a racist?'  Costello paused then replied, 'Yes, clearly he is a racist' ... what I wanted to know was why he never said that almost all of Tommy Robinson's mates are sons of immigrants, and that everywhere he goes, black men shake his hand?  Why couldn't he say that actually Tommy Robinson has got lots of Muslim friends?  He didn't have any answer. ... My family members had told me not to trust him because he was a journalist.  But I did trust him.  And I ended up looking like ... for doing so."


Jeremy Paxman: BBC Newsnight (1st Feb 2011)

Extract from Enemy of the State, by Tommy Robinson, pp.155-156

"I was incredibly nervous when I went on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman. It was following a bunch of UAF tweets and they were frothing with excitement at the prospect of Tommy Robinson being destroyed by attack-dog Paxo. Sadly for them it went alright and the next day the Daily Mail said, 'The articulate young leader of the English Defence League made Jeremy Paxman look average.' ...

"When we went into the green room ... Paxman came in for a chat and told me not to be nervous - because this was my first big thing. He was really nice. At least he was until we went on air. At one point I thought he was trying to belittle me, so I asked if he knew anyone addicted to heroin that had been peddled to them by Muslim gangs? Did he know anyone who'd been murdered by Muslim gangs? Any young girls, or family relatives, who had been sexually abused or raped by Muslim gangs? I told him, on every point - you don't and I do. I told him that I didn't expect him to 'get it', but I did expect him to listen.

"And at that he sat back. And afterwards, as soon as we went off air, he said, 'Do you know what, when you said that' - and everyone in the studio was there - he said, 'I can't begin to think about it. Neither can any of us.'  He was very fair. And what I took most satisfaction from was that all the left wing lunatics were absolutely raging, because they'd thought I was going to fail miserably."

YOUTUBE:  Jeremy Paxman in Amazement at EDL Leader Tommy Robinson Before Luton Demo 2011  (Uploaded 13 January 2012)

Jeremy Paxman displaying immense smug and self-righteous ignorance and Tommy Robinson displaying immense patient and self-efacing knowledge.  Presumably, in the light of subsequent events, Jeremy Paxman has now apologised to Tommy Robinson for his vulgar sneering condescension... No?... 

Viewers' comments since this 2011 interview:

"This interview was in 2011 prior to the Rotherham report being published and prior to the revelations about various BBC presenters from the 1970s & 80s sexually abusing children. The passage of time has proven Tommy Robinson right about Islam in the UK and proven the BBC to be an organization that harbours and protects paedophiles"  /  "Tell Paxman to go live in Luton or Bradford for 6 months then he will probably change his mind"  /  "Hmmm, a rich white guy living in a gated estate doesn't see any problem? Imagine that"  /  "Paxman must look back at this interview and his questioning and be totally embarrassed by what he now knows to be true and was totally isolated from in his closeted middle class world"

"Tommy really holds his own here in the face of a completely far removed toff like Paxman who has zero understanding of Tommy's background"  /  "Well Jeremy, how many of your words are you eating now? You complete liberal muppet. Tommy was 100% spot on!"  /  "Once again, a BBC clone attacks the symptom and completely ignores the cause"  /  "[Whether] you agree with Tommy or not, as a working class bloke from nowhere he does very well to articulate his point on Newsnight better than most politicians vs Paxman"  /  "Paxman talking to him like he's a child yet 6 years on just look what's happened within Europe and the UK"

"Tommy hits the nail constantly on the head here, but Paxman must adhere to the BBC's politically correct agenda. Pathetic"  /  "Paxman is so patronising trying to make himself look so smart. 7 years later Tommy has been proven right"  /  "This kid has just run rings around this BBC presenter"  /  "History has proven Paxman wrong and Tommy right. Paxman's 'what-about the whites' was irrelevant"  /  "Just because [Tommy] doesn't speak with an Oxford English language he is shouted down. Who is the real bigot here?"  /  "Paxman is an intelligent man, yet he displays a wilful ignorance"  /  "When did the media stop reporting and start preaching?"

"The original 'so what you're saying' interview a la Newman/Peterson"  /  "Paxman's 'are you seriously suggesting' in 2011 became Cathy Newman's 'so you're saying' in 2018. The line of questioning has always followed the narrative that needs to be pushed and is wilfully ignorant of the issues Tommy is still talking about today"  /  "Robinson is excellent and Paxman sounds like an idiot in this interview"  /  "It's a shame to see such a well-regarded journalist make such a fool of himself"  /  "The arrogance of accent: Paxman shows himself to consider himself to be superior to Robinson when he is, in truth, an inferior man on every level. Time has proven Robinson right, how many English girls have been raped across England since this warning from Tommy in 2011 that Paxman, the police, and the government immediately disregarded as false?"

"Makes me sick to see how the private schooled upper middle classes in the BBC/Westminster bubble patronise and ignore the concerns of the working class. Because they don't have to experience the results of their liberal policies they don't care. White working class girls? Easy Meat aren't they? Housing issues? Not an issue in Islington if you earn £500,000 pa. NHS waiting lists, school places? Not if you go private. Hassled in the street? Not where they shop or live ... we'll lock them up for 13 months that will shut them up"  /  "Paxman made a complete fool of himself ... asking stupid questions with the intention of belittling and humiliating. Today you should choke on your words because Tommy Robinson is completely exonerated with his truthful statements ... the whole of Britain is now aware of the danger. The bleeding hearts are still spewing lies but the lies are not sticking"

Tommy's questions to Jeremy Paxman:

"Tommy recognised Jeremy's scepticism about gangs in Luton as being the understandable result of Jeremy's lack of direct experience with any of the problems ... Tommy asked Jeremy whether he knew anyone: (1) Addicted to heroin that has been peddled to them by Muslim gangs? (2) Anyone who'd been murdered by Muslim gangs? (3) Any young girls or family relatives who had been sexually abused or raped by Muslim gangs?  Like most of us, Jeremy didn't. But Tommy, of course, can answer 'yes' to all three of those questions. I believe his individual, first-hand knowledge and experience in these matters to be unique" [source].


The Guardian Newspaper

Extract from Enemy of the State, by Tommy Robinson, pp.145-146

"I didn't know about right wing and left wing newspapers.  Really.  I had no idea.  I didn't know about the Guardian basically being the PR-wing of the Communist Party.  I didn't have any interest in it.  I mention the Guardian because I was asked by them first, when it all started, to go and have a meeting to talk.  It was one of the very first interviews I did, and I brought my mates Isaac - he's Little Craigy who got his teeth knocked out by the mounted police officer - Benji and Dorsett. ... I went to the meeting at a time when no one yet really knew who I was.  So I turned up with my three pals - and they were three black lads.  Now you couldn't miss these boys, especially Dorsett, who's about 6ft 5ins.  He's younger than me, but growing up in Luton he was probably one of the handiest blokes around town.

"I didn't know who or what the Guardian was about, so I was talking about everything that was going on in Luton, just blabbing it all out, all the social problems, all the street radicalisation, everything - the reasons why we were doing what we were doing. And then the newspaper article came out and I was looking at it, thinking, '... what's this geezer on about?'  And he basically, again, called me, called us, racists.  He completely did not mention the fact that I'd turned up with three black men who were clearly my close friends.  These blokes weren't my minders, they were my mates.

"I just couldn't get it.  I couldn't understand it because they were blindly lying.  And that was my first experience of the Guardian, my first experience of the national press.  Then when I started speaking to other people, telling them about how I'd been stitched up, they couldn't believe it - not the Guardian!  You didn't talk to the Guardian!  I didn't know what they meant.  I couldn't understand how there could be a bona fide, highly regarded national newspaper dedicated to smearing people, to smearing anyone who had an opinion that didn't match theirs.  Talk about being wet behind the ears!"


Pro- / Friendly Interviews

Please see here for pro- / friendly interviews with Tommy Robinson.


MSM General Fake News re: Tommy Robinson

Extract from Enemy of the State, by Tommy Robinson, pp.143-145,147

"It's tough enough having predictable enemies, whether they are radical Islamic extremists or far-left Socialists, the Marxist headbangers from UAF.  At least with that lot you know who the enemy are.  In terms of establishing the EDL as a mainstream protest group however, our biggest enemies were the supposedly impartial British press and our own government and lawmakers.  From that day, pretty much to this (with a few honourable exceptions) the media coverage of the UPL/EDL and even my current situation has been at best lazy and ignorant, at worst politically motivated and malicious ...

"I thought it was so, so clear what we were about - and then when I picked up my local newspaper, the Luton News, straight from the get-go, it called us all far right extremists.  And I thought, 'What ... are these people on about?'  I just couldn't get it.  All we wanted to do on that first demo was walk through town, to hold a minute's silence.  That's all we tried to do - show that most ordinary Luton people supported our troops, as opposed to wanting them to burn in hell ... I remember wondering what it was all about, all this mud-slinging at us, this stereotyping.  I thought maybe they were just mistaken, that we'd been... I don't know, unlucky.  That our message just hadn't been sophisticated enough.  But no, I don't think we could have done anything to affect the prejudice.  They were just lazy, the vast majority of the media - and not very clever either. ...

"I was having to grow up fast in terms of understanding the media agenda, from my hometown paper to the national press ... if you watch the UPL demo online, you hear everyone shouting, 'We are Luton town.'  Everyone was from Luton.  That's what it was about.  But the newspaper, the politicians, they all made statements saying that outsiders came into Luton to stir up trouble.  There were no outsiders.  Me and my pals were running it, we knew who was there. And afterwards we sat round asking each other, 'What do they mean outsiders? We're all from Luton.'"

Doxing Tommy Robinson - What's In A Name?  (08 February 2019)

"Every time Tommy Robinson hits the news, we're told that it isn't his real name. His real name is Stephen Yaxley Lennon. Why do they keep telling us? ... like a barrister producing evidence in court, the press make a show of producing the 'real' name Steven Yaxley Lennon, as if using a pseudonym proves he's a danger to society. A fake name is not a sign of dishonesty or evil intent ... Marilyn Monroe, Freddy Mercury, George Elliot..."

EMcD:  Likewise, does the MSM/printed press remind us of the real names of the following persons every time - indeed, ANY time - they refer to them or speak with them or write about them?:  Elton John, Cliff Richard, Sting, Michael Caine, Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Muhammad Ali... 

YOUTUBE:  The Ways in Which the Media Lie and Deceive You: Tommy Robinson Case Study  (26 October 2018)

Viewers' comments:  "After knowing the reality of the suffering of these vulnerable girls and then to attack the man who has done more than anybody to highlight the issue is truly low"  /  "Andrew Gilligan is an interesting kettle of fish - state of the art work in Tower Hamlets, but he takes it as read TR is far right without laying out the groundwork as to why"  /  "They don't like the fact that people give him money so he can be better equipped to fight"  /  "To understand how corrupt the MSM really is, go back to the 1970s when PM Heath conveyed secret meetings held in the Connaught Hotel London attended by [the] MSM including BBC, Times, Express, Mail, etc"

Why You Can't Trust the MSM Hit Piece by Andrew Gilligan in The Times About Tommy Robinson  (25 October 2018)

"Over the weekend The Times (Sunday Times) ran yet another boring hit piece against Tommy Robinson (£) ... this one was written by Andrew Gilligan, a journalist who has done some valuable work exposing the political Islamic infiltration and take over of various local authorities particularly Tower Hamlets ... Here's the centrepiece of Andrew Gilligan's piece. A pull quote where Tommy said the word 'Hitler' - clutch your pearls now if you have them ... to Andrew Gilligan, you're better than this..."

Two Tommy Robinsons  (14 October 2018)

"There are two Tommy Robinsons. There is the imaginary one that haunts the nightmares of our elites. This Tommy is a racist, a thug, and above all an 'Islamophobe'. This Tommy spends his every waking hour spreading hatred and disunity in modern, diverse Britain. This is clearly the opinion of every MSM journalist ... The Left loves to despise the Mail, the Express and the Telegraph, but these 'Tory rags' denounce Tommy Robinson with every bit as much enthusiasm as the Guardian and the Mirror..."


The Real Tommy Robinson

The following is an extract from The Real Tommy Robinson

"It strikes me that people who have spent time in discussion with Tommy Robinson seem to like, understand and largely approve of him. It is those who don't know him, and often possess little balanced, factual information about him, who appear far more ready to accept and repeat the distortions and calumnies relentlessly peddled by our disgraceful media and elsewhere ... the journalist James Delingpole who recorded two podcasts with Tommy wrote:

'In the flesh, he's very different from the 'far right' thug you see portrayed in the mainstream media. He's easy, friendly, intelligent company; he's apparently devoid of racist sentiment; and he's better informed on the Qur'an and the Hadith than some Muslims, and probably as well informed on Muslim extremism as the police and the intelligence services.'

"Raheem Kassam ... remarked in an interview that he originally believed the 'fake news' about Tommy. That was before, by arrangement, he met him, talked with him, and then conducted a lengthy interview with him. That meeting and subsequent discussions changed Raheem's opinion of Tommy dramatically ... He described Tommy's demeanour at the interview:

'He was well spoken. He was softly spoken. And it showed, that he actually cared about the issues. He didn't care whether someone was black, white, Muslim, Christian or whatever. He cared that there were thousands of young girls all around the United Kingdom being systematically groomed and raped.'

"It's noteworthy that most of [Tommy's] significant problems with the law have occurred after 2009; after he formed the EDL, and after he became 'an enemy of the state'. For many years now Tommy has risked his freedom, his life, and indeed the well-being of the people he loves, to fight bravely against some of the great outrages staining this country ... When so many have turned a blind eye, he has fought constantly to publicise and save children from rape gangs and drugs gangs; to defend free speech; to highlight and battle the political manipulation of our police forces and judicial system; to preserve our historic culture and heritage; to protect our homecoming soldiers from abuse; and to counter the growing Islamification of our nation."


Patriots, Traitors, Invaders

Poem in the comments section here

"Here's a tale of Quisling traitors, sold their country to invaders.
The first was shot in forty-five, But many more are still alive.
When was there a referendum, 'Ere our traitors thought to send 'em?
Rivers of blood would be the cost, Enoch was right, now Britain's lost.
Bombs and bullets, acid and knives, Vans on pavements destroying lives.
Showing rape gangs now forbidden, Poor old Tommy he's imprisoned,
While to jihadis flats are given, And ISIS killers all forgiven.

"Hitler's Nazis could not manage, What our Quislings done in damage!
If Churchill were around today, I'm confident that he would say:
'In older and more modern time, Treason must be capital crime,
Patriots must be supported, And invaders all deported,
Till our girls walk unmolested, After British metal's* tested.'
Will saving Blighty come too late, Before the Saxon learns to hate?
If saving's coming, it can't wait, Or Islam will be Britain's fate.

* Please see the author's footnote re metal/mettle.




"The British state already tells you what you can and can't say.
It informs you who must be respected and who hated. It lets you know, in no uncertain terms, how you are to address people.
It wags its finger at you if you step ever so slightly from a straight line it has painted ahead of you"

"The despicable soviet hellhole once renowned for its creation of the Common Law is setting up the martyrdom of Tommy Robinson ...
Justice has taken her scales and fled the blighted land that he chose to stand and defend"

"No man escapes when freedom fails / The best of men rot in filthy jails,
And those who cry appease appease / Are hung by those they try to please"
[quoted in comments at source].

"If it had not been the LORD who was on our side, when men rose up against us:
Then they had swallowed us up quick ... Then the waters had overwhelmed us ...
Blessed be the LORD, who hath not given us as a prey to their teeth.
Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers:
the snare is broken, and we are escaped.
Our help is in the name of the LORD"

(Psalm 124)


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