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UK General Election 2017
The Aftermath

"Waste and void, waste and void;
and darkness over the face of the deep"

"Would someone please call the nation to prayer?" [source].

"Prayers are needed for this once great land. Its future looks very shaky indeed" [source].

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UK General Election 2017 Aftermath: Articles and Videos

UK General Election 2017: Articles   |   UK General Election 2017 Aftermath: Articles




"Pride goes before a fall, and c**p manifestos go before a democratic drubbing. ... Even if the [Tory] manifesto wasn't nasty, people still thought it was, or felt it was, or somehow sensed it was" [source].

"We must also not forget that [Theresa May] appointed a lesbian, Justine Greening, to be the Secretary of Sate for Education who is determined to bring in compulsory sex education for four year old children. Like Theresa May she had voted to remain part of [the] Soviet European Union" [comment at source].

"When an election campaign is invaded by terrorist bombs and machetes, you don't harp on about the imperative to cut police numbers because of austerity" [source].

"The Conservative Party hasn't been conservative for a long time, and our dumbed-down population only ever give the Tories a large majority in the wake of universally acknowledged catastrophes perpetrated by Labour" [source].

"It is the people who will pay the price. Whatever is fudged and cobbled together out of the resent shambles, there will be in it a large measure of socialism. And socialism always impoverishes the people" [source].

Letter to my Conservative MP

"I sent this message to my homosexual MP for Bournemouth...:

"Dear Conor,

"Well, there you go.  We met in Eldon Road, whilst you were canvassing and I said that I had listened to Jeremy Corbyn on the TV the previous night and how well he came across, especially with his reiteration of his listening to people. I tried to warn you and your party that they do not listen to what people are saying and that you are giving Corbyn an open goal. But ... you all marched on ... with one of your henchmen shouldering me off the pavement and into the road, as I was attempting to talk to a lady who seemed to be the only one listening. I forget nothing. Indeed, what I experienced in my own road is but a picture of people being silenced by the arrogance of politicians just like yourself. The lady manning the telephone at the West Bournemouth Conservative HQ ... also came across as ... rude and arrogant, just wanting to steam roller anyone who disagreed with her into silence. ...

"Indeed the voices of millions of ordinary dads and mums, those who actually produce the next generation are never heard. The state has taken control of the children, by-passing parents and placing [their children] in the hands of Muslims and homosexuals.

"Welcome to your own oppression, Conor, for believe me, you are opening the door to Marxists who are using Muslims and gays [sic] like yourself as useful idiots, are busy destroying Christian marriage, the family, the Church and the nation. And once they have achieved their final objective, you will no longer serve any further purpose.

"But you can neither hear nor see what I am talking about" [comment at source].



"The two parties have worked well together for two years. There's no reason to suppose they won't continue to do so in the future. But the point made time after time to Labour MPs remains: for as long as you allow yourselves to be led by an IRA cheerleader, you exclude yourselves from entering No 10" [quoted at source].

"The DUP sees no value in the attempts by some to keep re-running the referendum. Instead, we want to get on with the work to make it a success; to write our own laws; to deliver on the vision of a Global UK with new free trade deals; to control immigration; to deliver policies for farming and fishing shaped to our needs; to lift the burden of unnecessary regulation" [DUP manifesto, quoted at source].



"Labour surged from 30.5% at the 2015 general election, when it was led by the centre-Left Ed Miliband, to around 40%. When one considers the kinds of things Jeremy Corbyn has been associated with throughout his political career, and juxtaposes this with the fact that he wasn't punished for it at the polls, this is deeply concerning" [source].

"[People] now seem to prefer politicians who can't add up, befriend terrorists, advocate the defeat of the state and worship Karl Marx" [source].

"The fact that the hard-left socialist and anti-Semite Corbyn came so close to taking power is a very big as well. The UK electorate is asking for, and will be getting, trouble is it continues along these lines" [source].


"Economically, Corbyn policies are Leninist class war designed to punish industry, enterprise and thrift. He's committed to wholesale nationalisation, making the government the only serious player in the commercial arena. This is accompanied by the usual Labour dedication to high taxes and runaway spending - this time grossly exaggerated even by these standards. Then there are some nice extra touches, such as Corbyn's self-acknowledged commitment to collapsing the house market with his 'garden tax'. That would impoverish millions of people, especially the older ones, those for whom their houses are their whole wealth" [source].


"In terms of national security, Corbyn has always been the terrorists' best friend. In the good modern tradition he eschews discrimination and happily supports anyone who can murder his countrymen: the IRA, Hezbollah, Hams, Muslims in general. There's no reason to believe that, should he find himself in power, he wouldn't turn Britain into a free hunting ground for murderers" [source].

"How... How have erstwhile supporters of the IRA triumphed over the party of law and order, national security and the armed services? Is our collective memory really so short that the man who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with those who murdered Lord Mountbatten and tried to wipe out Margaret Thatcher's cabinet came within a whisker of the keys to No. 10?" [source].

Corbyn "was also a grovelling apologist for the political aims of the IRA, and associated with them while they were still a functioning terrorist outfit. ... [He] has also been a leading light in CND, the effectively pro-Soviet 'peace movement' that wanted the West to disarm unilaterally during the Cold War, and thus lose that Cold War to totalitarianism" [source].

Corbyn "has been a friend of viciously anti-Semitic Islamist [sic] terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah" [source].

Socialism and Communism

"It's been such a long time since the UK had a full-on socialist government, complete with stupidly disastrous economic polices (and crawling to the IMF for a bail-out), that no-one under fifty has any memory of it. No doubt this is why Labour are keen to follow the SNP in reducing the voting age to 16. I do wish there was some way in which those who think the 70s were wonderful could be made top go and live in that dreadful decade" [comment at source].

Corbyn's "version of political history in a nutshell is that the West has been an ugly force for bad in the world, and that it must therefore be undermined at every turn ... What Corbyn represents is the protest against Western liberal democratic capitalism mounted by a rump ideological Left that lost its way after the demise of communism but never really let go of its pro-totalitarian leanings" [source].

"The British have become knee-jerk socialists and, given a decent economic situation, they'll vote Labour - even, as in this case, its communist wing" [source].

"There are of course some hardcore communists in Britain, but they certainly don't add up to 40% of the electorate. That number has to include millions of ... idealists ... idiots, mostly young ones - those who don't think but feel" [source].

"[W]hy is it that the left seem always to to be treated as occupying the moral high ground? People should be constantly reminded that this high ground is built from a mountain of corpses"  [comment at source].

"The left have purloined and perverted the moral tenets of Christianity, for example in replacing charity with redistribution. In fact, socialism is driven by hatred and envy, not love. Everything else is a collection of devious simulacra acting as a smoke screen to hide the wicked core. Alas, the English have lost the ability to debunk false philosophies, replacing it with piecemeal debates about details. Even our conservative pundits balk at describing Corbyn as evil and explaining why. They may talk about, say, his economic ideas as disastrous in practical terms, but not as morally wicked and philosophically cannibalistic. This could spring from English pragmatism and distrust of generalities, which certainly has its place - but not at the cost of compromising the underlying philosophy, or even not having one in the first place" [author's reply to comment (above) at source].


Liberal Democrats

"One of the striking results of the UK election is the deep divide that now exists. We now see young versus old and north versus south - as well as pro-Brexit and Remain. ... [O]ne of the more interesting speeches during the night ... was that of Nick Clegg, the defeated ex-leader of the Liberal Democrats. In alluding to these deep divisions, he talked about the need to 'come together' ... a euphemism for the need for us all to move left and embrace 'tolerance' - when of course those advocating such a position are the least tolerant to Christian views and values" [comment at source].



"Last year's Holyrood elections were a small setback for the SNP; so were last month's council elections. This, however, was a calamity on an entirely different, logarithmic, scale. The SNP might have won the Scottish portion of this election but that's like saying Theresa May still leads the largest party in Westminster. True, in other words, but only narrowly so. ... The SNP's claims to speak for Scotland have suffered a heavy blow today. The party is not, as it likes to think it is, the will of the Scottish people made flesh. Scotland is a larger, more generous, more expansive and more interesting place than that" [source].


Targeting the NaÔvety of the Youth

"Labour has admitted its promise to cancel £100 billion of student debt was merely 'an ambition'. I wonder how many young voters knew that" [Nick Ferrari, Sunday Express, 23 July 2017].

"Corbyn promised people the earth, as usual, with no explanations as to how it would be paid for. There is one issue re the youngsters in England... university fees... they have to pay while the Scots go free and the Welsh get some discounts. A blindingly stupid issue that politicians have refused to deal with. I think this played a sizeable part in their voting choice" [comment at source]

"Younger voters today, many of whom voted Labour at this election, have no real memory of communism but do have powerful memories of the Iraq war and the 2008 financial crisis. Understandably, they feel very little allegiance to the political classes which presided over those two disastrous milestones in recent political history. Neither the Conservative Party nor the previously moderate [sic] Labour Party seemed to be the appropriate place to register a significant protest at the politics of the last decade and a half. Corbyn's Labour did, Hence his extraordinary performance" [source].

"There are of course some hardcore communists in Britain, but they certainly don't add up to 40% of the electorate. That number has to include millions of ... idealists ... idiots, mostly young ones - those who don't think but feel" [source].

"The reason Labour has done so well is that for once young people turned out to vote. Young people generally don't bother to vote. They did this time for one reason: they were captivated and energised by Jeremy Corbyn" [quoted in comment at source].

"Something similar happened around half a century ago and it was not a pleasant experience: China's destructive Cultural Revolution, which was spearheaded by the Red Guards. The Red Guards was mostly a youth and student movement who idolised Mao Tse Tung, which apparently is quite similar from what I hear to the current British youth's infatuation with Corbyn" [comment at source].

"I'm reminded of the young 'remain' voter, interviewed on the morning of June 7th. When asked why she was in tears, she replied: 'Because I'm not going to be able to get my Nandos' (a South African casual dining restaurant). ... a generation of comprehensive education has done its work. There are 13 million or so people on Britain who were prepared to put Corbyn in No 10, McDonnell in the treasury, and Abbott in the home office. Welcome to the new idiocracy" [comment at source].

"[T]he rise in secularism seems inevitable. I think we have just about reached the point where the rising generation in the West - victims of the 'long march' and its capture of our educational institutions - is tipping the balance permanently toward the left, as perhaps evidenced by the extraordinary reactions to Brexit and Trump's victory in the US.  Prayer ... is desperately needed. We are commanded to 'watch' and pray, which ... includes understanding the times in which we live and there is a crying need for Christians - our young people in particular - to be thoroughly grounded in the biblical faith whilst also being informed and taught to think clearly about the cultural currents that are swirling around them and threatening to engulf their world" [comment at source].



"The consequences of [Theresa May's] scuppering almost certainly mean that Brexit will be scuppered too. I suspect that this was her agenda all along: for we recall she voted Remain. The old story of hubris and nemesis" [source].

"With no majority in the HofC, the 'Great Repeal Bill' fades away ... With no majority, it's hard to see how Brexit will now mean Brexit (that is, out of the single market and customs union; free of the European Court of Justice; the end of free movement; out of the CAP and the CFP; and the restoration of parliamentary sovereignty. ... With Brexit in jeopardy and the clamour for 'soft Brexit' growing, it is difficult at this stage to see where the necessary leadership will come from" [source].

"The DUP sees no value in the attempts by some to keep re-running the referendum. Instead, we want to get on with the work to make it a success; to write our own laws; to deliver on the vision of a Global UK with new free trade deals; to control immigration; to deliver policies for farming and fishing shaped to our needs; to lift the burden of unnecessary regulation" [DUP manifesto, quoted at source].



"With both stealth jihad and actual bloody jihad on the increase in the UK a shaky leadership will be bad news indeed ... I cannot omit the spiritual dynamic in all this. As secularism rises and the Christian faith declines, things will simply get worse [in the UK] ... leftist secularism will be no match for raging Islam" [source].