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ETTA was formed in response to a need expressed by many teachers and lecturers involved in the field of textiles.  Its aim is to evolve channels of communication and to promote interaction between teachers of textiles at all levels of education.  Its ultimate aim is to develop the status and professionalism of embroidery and textiles education, working alongside and complimenting existing bodies.

ETTA organises a programme of events to cater for a wide range of interests, textiles disciplines and age groups.  These events include:

The Annual Conference - an action packed day of lectures and workshops etc.

Workshops & Study Days - held in different parts of the country to reach as many members as possible.

Interlink - is the ETTA newsletter, distributed free to members three times a year.  It includes information on ETTA events and also any textile related exhibitions, examples of worksheets, reviews of books, conferences etc.  Members are also encouraged to contribute anything they think relevant.

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Design ideas,
produced by
Rachel Webster
a PGCE student
at the
Aston Hall Conference