Le Jardin de Gabriel


When Gabriel Albert retired at the age of 65 he needed a hobby to help him pass the time. He started to create statues in concrete and over the next 3 decades he populated the garden around his tiny house with mass of fabulous figures. Some are of real people, their images copied from magazines, or fantasy figures from inside his own head. When he died he left his house and garden to the local community who now, on rare occasions, open it to visitors.

(above) the man himself,
(left) the interior of his workshop where he created his statues.

"Le Jardin de Gabriel" is located at the edge of the hamlet of
Chez Audebert which is on the D129 near St.Jean d'Angely in the French region of Charente-Maritime.
For details of when the garden is open contact the St.Jean d'Angely Tourist office (phone: (+33) 05 46 32 04 72).
The garden is only open a few times a year, you can however see a large number of the statues from the road which runs beside the garden.

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