The Galleria Ferrari contains a large and comprehensive collection of Ferrari cars, components and memorabilia. Cars range from the 125, the first Ferrari built, through a large selection of road and track models up to the fabulous and rare F50 roadcar and last seasons F1 cars. As well as complete cars there are engines, gearboxes and other parts including a prototype desmodromic cylinder head. A reconstruction of Enzo Ferrari's office is amongst the other items on display, as well as a selection of the trophies the company has won over the years. The gift-shop sells everything that the Ferrari fan could wish for including used parts (such as valves and pistons) from the race cars. Still that's enought from me, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Mystery objects. (Above) a race gearbox and (right) a single cylinder engine used for development.

Galleria Ferrari is on Via Dino Ferrari, Maranello, which a couple of miles south of Modena. Check opening times on the Galleria's web site as they seem to change from time to time. While visiting the Galleria also checkout the nearby test track where you can often see both road and racecars being put through their paces; the best view is from the bridge just past the main factory entrance.

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