A Quick Look at Venice

Santa Lucia station is most peoples arrival point in Venice. One of the best ways to introduce yourself to the city is to catch the route number one water bus or "vaporetto" (they were originally steam powered) which travels the length of the Grand canal.

The classic view of Piazza San Marco from the Grand canal.


The Bridge of Sighs, to the rear of the Doge's palace, was once used to take prisoners to their fate at the hands of the state interrogators.




Rialto Bridge was built between 1588 and 1591. It was constructed after a design competition was held which was won by the architect Antonio de Ponte. Until 19th century was only bridge across the Grand canal


Gondolas are twisted ! The 24 cm. bend to the left allows it to travel in a straight line although it is only rowed from one side. Without it the boat would go around in circles.


The stylized bow or "Ferro" symbolizes the six districts of Venice and is topped by a doge's cap (The doges were the elected rulers of Venice who ruled from the 8th. century until 1797 when Napoleon besieged the city and bought their administration to an end).



Once you leave the main tourist route you soon find yourselves in quiet backwaters which for many people is one of the more attractive facets of the city.


Gratuitous Arty shot

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