Issue 10
Winter 2000
Not coloured, but in colour
What has a director who only shot two reels of colour film in his career to say about colour in cinema? That director being Eisenstein, a lot. He wrote extensively on the issue of colour at times when colour was either unavailable, as in the 1920s, or, as in the 1940s, when it was still experimental and less sophisticated than today. Alas, his writings are not widely known and in some cases not even translated. However, his insights in the use of colour cinematography are as inspiring as his theory and practice of montage. By Marco Zee-Jotti
"To Hell With Love" - my DV Frankenstein
Recently screened at the 43rd London Film Festival, To Hell with Love is one of very few well scripted shorts. Shot on DV, received completion funds from the London Production Fund which allowed for its transfer to film. Director Tony Fisher tells us about the making
The CineFeel Electronic Video Music Lounge
What's so different about electronic music videos? Three directors talk about the way they do it. By Matthew Roman Kopinski
Kinofilm: Manchester, England
Kate Taylor's overview of the thriving Kinofilm, which has become the focus point for filmmakers and audiences living in Manchester
Ian Bourn
A Kind of Self Portrait
The voice in cinema
Michel Chion, the French composer-filmmaker-critic has devoted his studies to sound in cinema and has become a leader in this area. Soon at the School of Sound in London, he talks to Gill Addison about the voice in cinema
Art Cinema: where next?
Preserving Cultural Cinema while the World Moves On...
Minor Adjustments
UK/Canadian Video Exchange 2000, Lux Cinema, Wednesdays 9th & 16th February. By Cate Elwes
The end of the 3 act structure ...or not?
By Paul Gallagher
Armenian cinema: Sergei Paradjanov - Clothed in Fire
You are fire... you are clothed in fire.
You are fire... you are clothed in black.
The Colour of Pomegranates
Armenian cinema: A meeting with Artavazd Peleshyan
By James Norton
Handbags &... Hardware
The festive season is over, and the festival season is beginning. One of the first events to take place in this year's calendar is Handbags and Hardware; a mini-festival of women's film, video and digital art, organised by Cinenova
Fighting Women
Mel Taylor and Kim Longinotto on women and documentary filmmaking
Living on Air
A Trilogy of Films by Sandra Lahire. Interview and review by Gill Addison
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