Issue 2
November 1997
Volcano - a molten rock of film societies - talked to Catherine Monk about how it makes the earth move, what caused last year's explosion on the film festival scene and "the man with the hat"
Picture Planes
David Parsons makes a personal recollection of 1970s avant-garde filmmaking and discusses his own work of that period
Generation 8 - The Instamatic Trip
First in a series of articles on Super 8 - How it shaped our memories, and what its revival means to the nineties filmmaker. By Giles Musitano
Are you over 16?
Now that Super 16 is available at both the Film Co-Op (Aaton) and Four Corners (SR3) we decided to investigate whether it is worth going for it or stick to the good old 1.33:1 format
Not forgetting Shirley Clarke
Bev Zalcock pays homage to a remarkable woman and a crucial filmmaker: Shirley Clarke (1919-1997)
Interview with Jo Ann Kaplan
"Deren didn't consider herself a woman filmmaker, she was essentially a filmmaker who happened to be a woman, and that is an old argument. I kind of feel that way." Interview by Marco Zee-Jotti
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