Issue 4
Spring 1998
On documentary: The Zapruder Quotient
Taking the Super 8 footage of the Kennedy assassination as a starting point, Michael Chanan investigates the level of truth and the ethical questions raised by documentaries
The clue is in the title
A 10 x 10 short and its director's diary. By director of Diary of a Madman John Humphreys
"The Destination Is The Journey" - kinoKULTURE
London's most innovative underground test site for experimental film presentation. By Ian White
Four Corners 1972-1985
Last year Four Corners – a unique filmmaking resource based in the East End of London for over 20 years – celebrated its 25th anniversary and the renewal of its equipment base with a substantial Lottery award. Carla Mitchell finds inspiration from the history of the early years, and the groundbreaking work of its founders
Lifting Traces
William Raban reflects on expanded cinema in the 1970s and relates it to his contemporary practice
Taking stock
What is Kodak’s policy with regard to Super 8? Why did they discontinue some cartridges and launch a new one? Giles Musitano finds out in his interview with Peter Milson
The Bolex H-16: our object of desire
Introduced almost four decades ago, the Bolex H-16 has, over the years, become the archetypal beginnerís 16mm camera. But how to find your way around the different. By Mike Valentine
What is screenwriting?
Screenwriting is fun; making and remaking a film in your imagination, putting it on paper, playing around with the possibilities. You can create a complete film, before the hard work of making the film begins. In this column given over to answering readers' questions on filmscript, I wanted to pose this most basic question 'what is screenwriting?' there is a lot of misunderstanding about screenwriting and how useful it can be for a filmmaker so... By Paul Gallagher
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