Issue 5
Summer 1998
Thinking British-Asian, thinking independent film:
in conversation with Atif Ghani

Atif Ghani discusses the historical trajectories within British-Asian Independent Cinema and suggests a need to move towards a more commercially viable approach
Some people say the eyes are the window of the soul. Others say the hands are the blue print of the heart. A documentary by Dave Cook

Mother Dao
A poetic exploration of Dutch colonial Indonesia by Vincent Monnikendam

Frozen Music
A personal journey into Gothic cathedrals, dance, fractals, music and Feng Shui. By Kim Bour

A very low budget, unfunded documentary about an Iraqi actress Nahida Rammah living in exile. By Koutaiba Al-Janabi

Life of a producer
Charles Thompson has been involved in the production of some of the most interesting short films to date and he has now almost completed his first feature The Mexican Standoff
Make it easier on yourself
Simon Ponsonby's potted history of a group of independent filmmakers and Team Works
"Temenos" and Other Places
Nina Danino's new film has been recently screened at the Edinburgh Film Festival, here she gives an overview of her films, themes and current practice
Engagement: Approaching the soundtrack
Larry Sider, editor, sound designer and curator of the School of Sound, explores ways of mastering the neglected dimension of filmmaking
Low Budget films at the 51st Cannes film festival
Report by Françoise Pyszora
The Short Film Bureau
The Short Film Bureau is set to promote and distribute shorts not only in cinemas and television but in places as varied as trains, planes, ferries and hospitals. We have interviewed Matt Boysons, distribution manager of the SFB to find out more about this interesting project
Paul Gallagher continues to explore the world of screenwriting and answers a few questions from our readers
Italy in shorts
First in a series of investigations into the state of low-budget filmmaking around the world, Vanessa Strizzi of Bananafish Distribution take us around Fellini's peninsula on a not too sunny tour
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