Issue 7
Spring 1999
"Inside-Out Man"
Jesse Chambers reflects on the creative and technical processes involved in making a short musical. The film is about a man whose body turns inside-out. Then the flesh is sold off in jars as an aphrodisiac
Film and the Ocean of Music
A composer sails towards new music film forms. By Robert Robertson
The Underground
Jonty Claypole takes a look at the world of film societies and investigates the reasons behind their popularity
Peter Gidal
Peter Gidal attempts to recall how he started making films and why, what his intentions were and how his politics and aesthetics developed
The Centre for Screen Music Studies
How music in film works, how it is used expressively and dramatically in narrative situations. Our interview with David Burnand and Miguel Mera at the Royal College of Music
From miniDV to megascreen
Fred Weinel of Colour Video Services explains how to shoot in DV and transfer to film with the best results
for Copyright
A beginner's guide to copyright. By Philip Alberstat
Low-Budget filmmaking at the Amsterdam Documentary Festival
Report by John Digance
Shooting People
The first European online e-mail network offering a fast and accessible forum to people in the industry and beyond
Hollywood Romance - A rags to riches story?
Flicking through the film pages on teletext- there was Clive's short film - Holiday Romance nominated for an Oscar. "I was shocked - I had no idea. The producer Alex Jovy had entered it - My God I was going to Hollywood" said Clive. Clive and Amanda [his girlfriend] were jumping up and down embracing. Then he took out all his rejection letters for the script - how wrong they all were - still what did they know? By Paul Gallagher
Surpassing Philosophy:
the Life and Work of Joyce Wieland 1931-1998

Helen de Witt pays tribute to the Canadian artist and avant garde filmmaker
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