Issue 8
Summer 1999
Lord of the Frames: Kurt Kren
Peter Tscherkassky pays tribute to the Austrian artist and avant garde filmmaker
Saul Bass: The man behind the titles
By Tomislav Terek
The London Production Fund
Paul Gallagher interviews Maggie Ellis, Head of London Production Fund. The LPF supports development, production and completion of films in the London area
"The Cask of Amontillado"
Mario Cavalli on the adaptation of Poe's short story
The Halloween: five years on!
A historical overview of five years of The Halloween Society short film club, by Philip Ilson, founder and programmer
Thinking about experimental film and video
A. L. Rees' recent book on the history of experimental film and video is one of the rare attempts to get to grips with a intriguing aspect of cinema. Interview by Mel Taylor
Univisium 1:2
Now that widescreen television has introduced yet another format, isn't it time to agree on a standard for future productions? By Vittorio Storaro ASC, AIC
Film vs Video
Will video ever look as film? Thomas G Wallis of Kodak talks about of the differences between silver halide and digital image capture
Oberhausen 45th International Short Film Festival
Michal Sapir reports from the most famous festival for experimental short films
Shooting People is the UK's e-mail network enabling independent filmmakers to give each other advice. Courtesy of Shooting People, Filmwaves offers its readers this issue a selection of answers in response to a query about scripts
Mel Taylor uncovers some of the history of women's film and video making distribution, and discusses the continuing need for specialised promotion of women's work
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