Issue 9
Autumn 1999
Only Connect - The Secret Art of Film Poems
By Gareth Evans
Observations on the Long Take
Pier Paolo Pasolini's reflection on the significance of death and editing
British Council & Film Festivals
Our interview with Paul Howson, director of the Film and Television department at the British Council
Transgender - More than just a film festival...
Mel Taylor talked with the director of the Third International Transgender Film Festival, Kam Wai Kui, and below discusses the impact of the festival and some of the issues facing the transgender community
OMSK - The screen into the space and the space into the screen
A brief overview of OMSK by Steven Eastwood
Michael Mazière
Michael Mazière has made 19 films since 1977. He has exhibited his film internationally and written on numerous publications. He is currently the director of the Lux Centre in London, which was recently formed from the merger of the LFMC and the LEA
A future of digital features
The arrival of affordable digital video cameras has created unprecedented ultra-low budget production possibilities. Features are now shot in DV and blown-up to 35mm for theatrical release. Next Wave Films help filmmakers stepping into the new and affordable world of DV. By Liz Rosenthal
From Steenbeck to Avid
Does Non Linear Editing encourage editors to approach the raw material with an attitude that will produce the best possible final product? By Esteban Uyarra
Taking stock (II)
Second appointment with Peter Milson, Marketing Planning Manager of Kodak PMI, to talk more about film stock and to step into the complex field of cinematography. Plus,flash interviews with top cinematographers Alex Thompson and Remi Adefarasin and tips on using Vision stock
The Art Film Festival at Teplice
Review of the 7th International Art Film Festival at Trencianske Teplice. By Henry Lewes
Danish Cinema
Ever since the whole Dogme-concept captured the world attention at the Cannes Film Festival, the interest in Danish cinema has increased enormously. Michael Soby gives us a quick historical background to better appreciate the forthcoming biggest Danish Film Festival ever held in Great Britain
Script selling ...and writing
By Paul Gallagher
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