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Art Cinema: where next?
Preserving Cultural Cinema while the World Moves On...
Minor Adjustments
UK/Canadian Video Exchange 2000, Lux Cinema, Wednesdays 9th & 16th February. By Cate Elwes

The Art Film Festival at Teplice
Review of the 7th International Art Film Festival at Trencianske Teplice. By Henry Lewes

Danish Cinema
Ever since the whole Dogme-concept captured the world attention at the Cannes Film Festival, the interest in Danish cinema has increased enormously. Michael Soby gives us a quick historical background to better appreciate the forthcoming biggest Danish Film Festival ever held in Great Britain

Oberhausen 45th International Short Film Festival
Michal Sapir reports from the most famous festival for experimental short films

Low-Budget filmmaking at the Amsterdam Documentary Festival
Report by John Digance
Shooting People
The first European online e-mail network offering a fast and accessible forum to people in the industry and beyond
Low-budget and short films at the 55th Venice Film Festival
By Françoise Pyszora
Independence: in a state?
Helen de Witt on the changing world of film funding

The 10th Short Film Festival
Amanda Casson has been working as Director of the British Short Film Festival since 1989, a year after the Festival was born. During the last nine years she has changed the Festival from a small event open only to students to a first class showcase of works from some of the best international short film directors

Low Budget films at the 51st Cannes film festival
Report by Françoise Pyszora

The Short Film Bureau
The Short Film Bureau is set to promote and distribute shorts not only in cinemas and television but in places as varied as trains, planes, ferries and hospitals. We have interviewed Matt Boysons, distribution manager of the SFB to find out more about this interesting project