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All UK contacts

1-2-3-4 Rare Punk
Website: sites.netscape.net/stucantalk/punkrecords4sale
Email: stucantalk@yahoo.com
Location: Glenrothes, UK
Speciality: Rare and collectable punk and new wave records. Foreign 7" pic sleeves a speciality

Website: www.101records.co.uk/
Email: duncan@101records.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Releases, Imports and Promos + a lot of used and collectable stuff

101 CDs
Website: www.101cd.com/
Email: enquiries@101cd.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Perhaps the Largest Selection of New Title CDs in the UK.

121 Music
Website: www.121music.com/
Email: sales@121music.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Releases.

13th Floor Company
Website: www.13thfloorcompany.com
Email: info@13thfloorcompany.com
Location: Brasted, UK
Speciality: 60s beat, psych and garage reissues on CD and Vinyl

A. Ketley
Email: andy@somethingelse30.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Peacehaven, UK

Abbey Records
Website: www.abbeyrecords.com/
Email: info@abbeyrecords.com
Location: Southport, UK
Speciality: Mainstream cds, uk rare records and cds, collectible records and vinyl, classified music ads, record and cd fairs, gig guides and an online secure storefront

Website: wkweb5.cableinet.co.uk/abyss/
Email: abyss@cableinet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Alternative, Especially Industrial/Avant-Garde, Mostly Vinyl

Ace Records
Website: www.acerecords.co.uk/
Email: Info@AceRecords.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Record Label, Large retrospective catalogue

Acid Attack Records
Website: freespace.virgin.net/martin.jones10/newacid1.htm
Email: martin.jones10@virgin.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Rare Vinyl from the 60s onwards

Acorn Records
Website: www.acornrecords.com/
Email: acornrec@netcomuk.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand cds bought and sold - wants list welcome

Acoustic Soup
Website: freespace.virgin.net/acoustic.soup
Location: Chorley, UK
Speciality: Collectable vinyl

Action Records
Website: www.action-records.co.uk/
Email: sales@action-records.co.uk
Location: Preston, UK
Speciality: Established for 20 years. Stockists of all new UK releases - we actually stock the items, not just list them! Specialists of all music genres. Members of the CWNN, Knowledge, Network and other specialist chains, therefore offered all ltd editions.

AD Music
Website: http://www.admusic.ltd.uk
Email: dcw@atlas.co.uk
Location: Littlehampton, UK
Speciality: Internationally respected label whose artists offer varied and unique worlds, full of melody, soul and rhythmic motion.

Adrian Goldwater
Email: adrian@popmem.demon.co.uk
Location: Edgeware, UK
Speciality: Concert programmes, magazines and memorabilia

Website: wkweb5.cableinet.co.uk/adrians/
Email: adrians@rmplc.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Indie/Alternative, New releases

AJ Records
Website: www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~axelrd/
Email: AJRecords@axelrd.globalnet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand Vinyl, All Genres, but predominantly Pop.

Email: alan@abba147.freeserve.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Abba

Alan Slater
Email: alan@slater797.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Whitby, UK

Alan Williams
Website: www.octweb.com/alwills
Email: alan@alwills.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Collectibles from the 50s to Date, Vinyl and Memorabilia. Huge wants Lists. Site may be inactive (22/04/99)

Alan Woodburn
Email: alan.woodburn@virgin.net
Location: Brighton, UK

Website: www.alans.co.uk/
Email: info@alans.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: indie music store They also sell All nature of bikes and skate gear

Website: www.albatross-music.demon.co.uk/
Email: albert@albatross-music.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: new and collectible CD/Vinyl store Wide range of Genres covered

Almost Cut My Hair CDs
Location: Maidenhead, UK
Speciality: Rock, Blues, Jazz & Folk Cd's at competitive prices. New and "Good As New" CD'S. Main interest 60's & 70's, plus latest reissues and releases. Also available back issues of Mojo Magazine. Always interested in trades for prog rock on CD.

Alternative Music
Website: www.altmusic.co.uk/
Email: sales@altmusic.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Reggae, Ska, Punk New Releases and Budget CDs

Alternative Records
Website: www.mawders.u-net.com/
Email: mawders@mawders.u-net.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: used indie, punk, mod, ska, psychobilly and electronica, Vinyl and CD.

Website: www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/redirect-home/discmart
Location: , UK
Speciality: The Biggest Internet Bookstore, also stock New CDs

Ambient Soho
Website: www.ambientsoho.com/
Email: mail@ambientsoho.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Ambient/Electronica New Releases, also Clothes and Smart Drinks

Amp Music
Website: www.ampmusic.co.uk
Email: ampmusic@tesco.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Hard to find 80's and 90's cd and vinyl - pay by credit card.

Anaconda Records
Email: rob.s@totalise.co.uk
Location: Rugby, UK
Speciality: Mail Order Outlet Dealing In Independent Records - Indie And Metal

Andrew Harper
Website: www.parallels.demon.co.uk/
Email: andrew@parallels.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Collectables, Predominantly memorabilia.

Andrew Stuart
Location: Gateshead, UK

Andys Dance Music Store
Website: members.xoom.com/admorrison/
Email: admorrison@usa.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: 1000's of rare, records and mix tapes: Techno, Trance, House, Jungle and Ambient

Angie's MJ Memorabilia
Email: blackcat36@hotmail.com
Location: Accrington, UK
Speciality: A place for Michael Jackson fans to purchase merchandise, vinyl, cd's, cassettes,etc at low prices

Apricot Records
Location: Cardiff, UK
Speciality: Collectable and second hand vinyl recordings mainly 60`s onwards all kinds of popular music.

ARC Music
Website: www.arcmusic.co.uk/
Email: info@arcmusic.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: World Music, CDs. Part of an international Chain

Arnold Bundell
Email: ajbundell@hotmail.com
Location: Taunton, UK
Speciality: Private collector clearing out own collection.

Ask the Earth
Website: www.ask-the-earth.co.uk/
Email: order@ask-the-earth.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand/Collectable, I have 7,300 records and CDs

ASM Music
Website: www.cablenet.net/~asm/
Email: lard@asm.cablenet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: General Secondhand Stock

ASM Music
Website: www.1066.co.uk
Location: Hastings, UK
Speciality: Mail Order Records, CD's, Tapes & Videos

Attic Records & Memorabilia
Website: www.interreach.com/attic/
Email: attic325@primex.co.uk
Location: Enfield, UK
Speciality: Mail Order

Audio Europe
Website: www.audioeurope.co.uk/
Email: orders@audioeurope.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Releases.

Audio Store
Website: www.audiostore.co.uk/
Email: iain@ourpage.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Uk online music store, CD's, Vinyl, MiniDisc, Video, DVD Over 230,000 Titles

Website: www.audiostreet.infront.co.uk/
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Releases, Huge Selection

Autograph Collectors Gallery Monthly
Website: www.btinternet.com/~graham.clipson
Location: Nottingham, UK
Speciality: Cinema and historical autographs, photographs and postcards, vintage and modern

Website: maxpages.com/autographs
Email: johnaylward1@compuserve.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: They sell Autographs!

Website: www.mjbs.demon.co.uk/backnumbers.htm
Location: London, UK
Speciality: Free search of music papers and magazines 1952-1999

Backtrax Mail Order
Website: www.back-trax.freeserve.co.uk/index.html
Email: sales@cdsingles.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Glasgow, UK
Speciality: UK Mail Order - Vinyl & CDs Dance Pop Rock Indie Records CDs & CD Singles Monthly Updated Catalogue Secure Online Shopping Most Major Credit Cards Accepted

Website: www.bandhits.dircon.co.uk
Email: bandhits@dircon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Rare records and deletions

Barbara Lumley
Email: silky@brianlumley.com
Location: Chelston, UK

Bardsley Records
Email: dave@nonvirginrecords.demon.co.uk
Location: Lampeter, UK

Bat Chain Puller
Website: www.slaughter.net/disclocator/batchainpuller
Email: frownland@aol.com
Location: Shoeburyness, UK

BDP Classical Vinyl
Website: www.bpbclassics.demon.co.uk/
Email: wants@bpbclassics.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand Classical Vinyl, Mostly from the 60s and 70s

Website: www.beanos.co.uk/
Email: enquiries@beanos.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand specialists, Huge stock, not all online!

Beat Museum
Website: thebeatmuseum.ramjam.co.uk/index.htm
Email: info@thebeatmuseum.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Online Record Store Specialized in selling and searching for Jazz, Soul and all styles of Dance Music

Beat Street Records
Website: www.beatst.com/
Email: shop@beatst.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand RnB, Swing, Hip Hop, House, Garage and Soul

Website: www.alan.ndirect.co.uk
Email: beatmerchant@ndirect.co.uk
Location: Romford, UK
Speciality: All types of music from 1950s 1960s & 1970s. Vinyl only. Can transfer vinyl onto CD. Wants lists welcomed. All records are accurately graded, so there is never a problem with disappointment. Can email samples if required

Beautiful Jo Records
Website: www.bejo.co.uk/
Email: info@bejo.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Record label selling direct. Specializing in folk and period music

Beech Records and Books
Website: members.tripod.com/~beechbooks/
Email: beech@kle.globalnet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Rare books and records, CDs, tapes, Sheet music, celebrity Autographs and memorabilia

Beens From Venus
Website: www.beensfromvenus.demon.co.uk/
Email: sales@beensfromvenus.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Deal in new and used records (all formats),books and memorabilia. Covering all genres of music

Beggars Banquit
Website: www.beggars.com/
Email: sales@bbkingston.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: UK Indie Record Label, They Sell their new releases direct online

Bi-Wire Record Shop
Website: www.bi-wire.co.uk/
Email: mailorder@haywire.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Complete catalogues of some of the most upfront labels in tecnho/electro

Black Star
Website: www.blackstar.co.uk/index.cgi
Email: tony@blackstar.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New CDs and Videos

Website: www.blackmail.co.uk/
Email: music-mail-order@blacmail.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New stuff, comprehensive service

Blistering Barnacles
Website: www.blisbarn.demon.co.uk/
Email: cuthbertcalculas@blisbarn.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: UK indie and alternative bands and labels, Specializing in limited edition and back catalogue. Was Out of Date when checked in Aug '98

Blue Crystal Music
Website: www.icn.co.uk/bcm.html
Email: geoffrangy@bluecrystalmusic.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Ambient and relaxation music

Blue Pencil
Website: members.xoom.com/Blupencil/blupencil.index.htm
Email: Blupencil@nuphunk.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialize in finding deleted oldskool anthems ,from the dance genre

Website: www.bluescat.com/
Email: sales@bluescat.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specializing in Blues and Gospel CDs

Website: www.boxman.co.uk/
Email: orders@boxman.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Releases

BPM Records
Website: extra.newsguy.com/~bpmrecs/
Email: moz.morris@virgin.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Upfront Catalogue, Charts Reviews and links

Bryan Yorke Rare Records
Email: bryanyorke@cwcom.net
Location: Haslingden, UK
Speciality: Specialist in the obscure independant releases- mainly NWOBHM AND PUNK, also alternative and new wave.

Bumblebee Vinyl Records
Website: homepages.tesco.net/~deb.watson/bumblebee.htm
Email: deb.watson@tesco.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Original US 45's from the 50's and early 60's Rock and Roll etc

Bus Stop
Website: www.busstop.demon.co.uk/
Email: jon@busstop.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: 80s, Grooves, Disco, Hip Hop and House

Canny Music
Website: www.cannymusic.co.uk
Email: chris@cannymusic.co.uk
Location: Buntinford, UK

Capital Radio
Website: www.capitalfm.com/
Email: david.collyer@CapitalRadio.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Order any CD on general UK release at discounted prices, with a pre-ordering facility, next day delivery and oodles of chart information.

Carbon Discs
Website: www.carbondisks.ndirect.co.uk/
Email: data@carbondisks.ndirect.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New and Secondhand, Large General Stock

Carrick Marketing
Website: www.carrick-marketing.co.uk/
Email: cm@dial.pipex.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Far East Distributor's stock of new vinyl and CDs at very reasonable prices

Website: www.catapult.co.uk/
Email: enquiries@catapult.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Dance Vinyl

CD and Video Selections
Website: www.cdselections.com/
Email: CDSelectn@aol.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: supplier of bargain CDs, tapes, videos and books

CD Direct
Website: www.cddirect.co.uk/
Email: sales@shopsdirect.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Glossy interactive site, New stuff only, You need a fast modem!

CD Man
Website: www.cdman.demon.co.uk
Email: admin@cdman.demon.co.uk
Location: Tenterden, UK
Speciality: small family run shop and mail order company that works both at home and internationally. specialist in back catalogues, cd singles and hard to find vinyl. large metal section both on vinyl and cd format. also have minidiscs in stock.

CD Paradise
Website: www.cdparadise.com/
Email: Support@bookshop.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Part of W.H .Smiths, All New Titles, pretty good discounts

CD Store
Website: www.cdshop.com/
Location: , UK
Speciality: Another CD online store, part of a worldwide chain, big selection

CD Zone
Website: www.cdzone.co.uk/
Email: manager@cdzone.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Another big store selling New CDs

Website: www.cdrack.co.uk/
Email: paul@cdrack.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Music, video, DVD's and games at low prices - 230000 titles

Website: www.cdx.co.uk/
Email: sales@cdx.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Mail order company Specializing in imports and hard to find CD's

Website: www.cdxpress.co.uk/
Email: info@cdxpress.co.uk+
Location: , UK
Speciality: Rock and Rock Re-masters, 500,000 titles + Always featured in Q Magazine, Mojo, Record Collector.

Website: cellars.cjb.net/
Email: forsale@audiophile.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Online Music Store - 1000's of CD's, Records and Tapes

Changes One
Website: www.changesone.co.uk/
Email: ian@changesone.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: All genres, UK and imports. Mojo recommended dealer.

Chaos Unlimited
Website: www.chaosunlimited.co.uk
Location: Brighton, UK

Cheap or What
Website: www.cow.co.uk/
Email: help@cow.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Cheap new CDs

Cherry Records
Website: www.kc3ltd.co.uk/chamber/cherry/index.html
Email: jean@arrow.kc3ltd.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Classical LPs, 50s to 70s, they buy most titles

Cherry Red
Website: cherryred.co.uk/
Email: johnb@home6.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: UK indie Label, can order online

Chocis Chewns
Website: www.choci.com/
Email: choci@choci.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Dance Mix CDs, Small Selection

Chocolate Starfish
Website: www.t-force.com/chocolate/index.html
Email: tfawcett@easynet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Small site, excellent low prices across a wide range of music styles

Chunky Records UK
Website: www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~chunkymo
Email: chunkymo@globalnet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specializing in Indie New Releases, mainly hard to obtain vinyl.

Circular Sound
Website: www.circularsound.demon.co.uk/
Email: martin@circularsound.demon.co.uk
Location: Norwich, UK
Speciality: Film and music memorabilia including cds records magazines autographs books videos dvds posters.

CJ's Music and Memorabilia
Website: www.cjs.co.uk/
Email: cjs@cjs.co.uk
Location: Worcester, UK
Speciality: We sell mainly Rock and pop collectibles ranging from Vinyl Records, Cds, Cassettes, Videos, Posters, Books, Badges, magazines, Sheet Music, Song Books, Calenadars, Tour Programmes, T-Shirts in fact any other music related memorabilia you can think of.

Website: www.wkweb5.cableinet.co.uk/clarkie/
Email: clarkie@cableinet.co.uk
Location: Liverpool, UK
Speciality: Country

CMS Music
Website: www.cmsmusic.co.uk/
Email: enquiries@cmsmusic.co.uk
Location: Croydon, UK
Speciality: UK mail order cd company, specialising in new and used cd's, collectables, promo's, deletions

Cob Records
Website: www.cobrecords.wales.com/
Email: elfyn@ndirect.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: UK Leader for new and second hand CDs, LPs and tapes

CODA Music
Website: www.codamusic.co.uk/
Email: folkmusic@codamusic.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Order folk music online from the Specialists - Free Postage!

Colin Hayes
Email: Colin@Sthstr.Demon.Co.Uk
Location: Enfield, UK
Speciality: Rock , Punk ,Jazz , Folk, Progressive , Male/Female , 60's , Grunge etc

Collectable Records
Website: bigfoot.stones.com/~collectable_records
Email: collectable_records@stones.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Huge range of deleted CD singles and vinyl.

Collectable Records
Website: www.collectablerecords.co.uk
Email: collect@globalnet.co.uk
Location: Stafford, UK
Speciality: Rare and deleted vinyl, CD's and pop-related memorabilia from the 1950's to the present day. Mail-order or retail shop. Over 30,000 items in stock. Our web-site is constantly up-dated.

Compact Disc Services
Website: dialspace.dial.pipex.com/andygee/arrivals.htm
Email: CDSer@aol.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: CD Specialist in all forms of cult music + can specially order any CD, Accept Most Credit Cards

Concert Photo Co
Website: www.concertphoto.co.uk/
Email: sales@concertphoto.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Selling Concert Photos!

Website: www.confidence-uk.com/
Email: sales@confidence-uk.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: New, Secondhand and Collectable, Mostly 90s Records

Covers 33
Website: www.covers33.u-net.com
Location: Halifax, UK
Speciality: Record collecting accessories

Crackdown dance records
Website: www.personal.u-net.com/~crac/
Email: bryan@crac.u-net.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: New/secondhand Dance, Lots of it

Crash Landing Records
Website: www.city2000.com/ec/crashland.html
Location: Bexhill-On-Sea, UK
Speciality: Specialists in 60s/70s psychedeilc, folk rock, progressive, folk, paisley and underground album originals

Crazy Beat
Website: www.crazybeat.co.uk/
Email: crazy.beat@btinternet.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Over 100,000 new and used soul, funk, garage, house, rap, boogie and disco records.

Website: www.crotchet.co.uk/
Email: info@crotchet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Stock a comprehensive selection of Classical and Jazz records. Online searchable database

CRT Music Mail Order
Website: dspace.dial.pipex.com/town/place/hr72/index.htm
Email: clive.taylor@dial.pipex.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: UK CD Singles and many bargains from the bargain page.

Cruisin' the 50s
Website: www.cruisinthe50s.co.uk/
Email: cliff@cruisinthe50s.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Rare 78's, vinyl, memorabilia, autographs.

Custard Cube Music
Website: www.custardcube.com/
Email: Jim@custardcube.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: An on line Music Trade Magazine, with 100,000s of collectable titles on a multi-search database

D. McGarry
Location: Oldham, UK

Email: dave.spain@btinternet.com
Location: Ramsgate, UK

Dance and Listen
Website: www.danceandlisten.co.uk/
Email: music@danceandlisten.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Suppliers of Ballroom Dance Music On CD.

Dance Music Finder
Website: www.dance-music-finder.co.uk/
Location: , UK
Speciality: Huge Dance stock, also turntables and accessories

Website: www.dancetime.co.uk/
Location: , UK
Speciality: oldtime and Ballroom Dancing. New release and reissues.

Email: darryl@baldry19.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Lowestoft, UK

Data Records
Website: www.datarecords.com/
Email: dave@datarecords.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specializing in old-school punk, both old rare vinyl and new releases and re-issues

Daves Discs
Website: listen.to/davesdiscs
Email: webmaster@davesdiscs.hypermart.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: for AOR and rock music fans Secondhand and collectable

David Short
Email: David@short1969.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Epsom, UK

Dawn Awakening Music Ltd
Website: www.words.demon.co.uk/dawn/index.htm
Email: dawn@words.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Music for relaxation, therapy, easy listening and quiet contemplation. New titles only

Website: www.delerium.co.uk/
Email: sales@delerium.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Psychedelic, Re-Issues and Originals, Also A superb archive of info on approx 15,000 psych/prog/garage bands from the 60s through to the 90s

Derek Tait
Website: www.tait127.freeserve.co.uk/
Email: derek@tait127.freeserve.co.uk
Location: UK, UK
Speciality: Autographs

Disc 'n' Tape
Website: www.disc-n-tape.co.uk/
Email: graeme.cornish@virgin.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Releases

Disc Covery Records
Website: www.disc-coveryrecords.co.uk/
Email: sales@disc-coveryrecords.co.uk
Location: Accrington, UK
Speciality: We specialise especially in U2, MADONNA, QUEEN World wide rarities. We currently have over 20.000 items of ROCK, POP, PUNK, NEW WAVE, INDIE, HARD and THRASH METAL

Website: members.tripod.co.uk/Discovery/
Location: , UK
Speciality: Collectors items and rarities

Email: michele.hitch@virgin.net
Location: Horley, UK
Speciality: we sell the cds and vinyl you've been looking for at the prices you want to pay

Diverse Vinyl
Website: www.diverse-music.co.uk/
Email: sales@diverse-music.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialists in all new release vinyl and reissues, whatever the musical genre.

DJs Records
Website: www.djsrecords.co.uk/
Email: steve@djs-records.freeserve.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Old Skool and Nu-skool Dance Vinyl. Mail Order Service Based in Hull.

DM Music
Email: david.cheeney@ukgateway.net
Location: Wrexham, UK
Speciality: part-time mail order, second-hand goods only, mainly rock and pop, all formats for sale

Website: www.dmcworld.com/
Location: , UK
Speciality: Famous the World Over for their mixing competitions, DMC now sell Dance Music Online

Dolores Records
Website: www.angelfire.com/biz/DoloresRecords/index.html
Email: DoloresRec@aol.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Small stock, predominantly indie

Dot Music
Website: www.dotmusic.co.uk/
Email: webmaster@dotmusic.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Charts, Interviews etc. Incl. Small New Releases shop

Dress Circle
Website: www.dresscircle.co.uk/
Email: MurrayA@silversounds.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Release Soundtracks and shows.

DT Records
Website: www.dollars.demon.co.uk/
Email: des@dollars.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Black Music Specialists

Eamon Dawson
Website: www.musicstack.com?eamon-dawson
Email: eamondawson@hotmail.com
Location: Accrington, UK
Speciality: UK + US Punk,Oi..thrash/Death Metal..Gothic..Psychobilly and Mod..3000 records in stock

Earcandy Music
Website: www.earcandy.co.uk/
Email: info@earcandy.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: All forms of Dance music catered for on all formats new and secondhand

Website: www.eBay.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Visit the huge music category on eBay - the world's online largest person to person site.

Eisd Music Shop
Website: www.gael-net.co.uk/eisd/
Email: acormack@dircon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: From Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland selling CD's and cassettes of traditional gaelic and other scottish music

Elista Mail-Order
Website: users.breathe.co.uk/mikeelista
Email: mikeelista@breathe.co.uk
Location: Hitchin, UK
Speciality: UK Punk / Oi / Hardcore mail-order specialist, on-line catalogue of about 1800 items, Abrasive Wheels - Zounds

Website: www.energy-music.com/
Email: sales@energy-music.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: 80's, 90's, rare, deleted & imported music. Over 90,000 items in stock items now listed on our web site.

English Analogue
Website: www.multiplex.co.uk/records/
Location: , UK
Speciality: Classical Specialists

English Classical LPs
Website: www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~acrec/
Email: acrec@globalnet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: secondhand classical LPs

Entertainment Express
Website: www.entexpress.com/
Email: service@entexpress.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: New CDs, videos, and games, High Street prices with FREE P and P in the UK.

Esprit International Ltd
Website: www.eil.com/
Email: sales@eil.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Huge general Stock of rare & collectible cd's, vinyl & memorabilia from the 50's to the 90's, Also have a US Outlet

Website: www.essencerecords.com/
Email: cal@essence-records.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Rare, collectable and deleted Dance Music

Essential Vinyl
Website: www.essential-vinyl.com/
Email: MorgZter@aol.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Hardcore dance and more, great site with downloadable catalogue

Website: home.clara.net/eureka/
Email: order@eureka.clara.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Large Secondhand Vinyl Selection

Everyday Sounds
Website: homepages.newnet.co.uk/lee/index.html
Email: richrecs@lee.newnet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Industrial, Metal, Alternative and Dance. Small list but interesting selection!

Face the Dawn
Website: www.globalnet.co.uk/~ftdawn/index.htm
Email: ftdawn@globalnet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: rare vinyl folk/prog/psych and reissues also punk and NWOBHM vinyl. Also Japanese CD re-issues of UK acts

Fantastic Plastic
Website: www.fantasticplastic.co.uk
Email: sales@fanplastic.u-net.com
Location: London, UK
Speciality: International mail order company and independent record label based in London. We stock CD's and vinyl, promos, deletions and rarities specializing in Indie / New Wave Music

Fat Cat Records
Website: www.fatcat.org/~stephen/
Email: srtilley@welldone.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Mainstream pop and rock vinyl from the 1960s to 1980s. LPs and 12" singles.

Fat Sams
Website: www.fatsam.co.uk/
Email: sales@fatsam.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Releases, Music and Books.

Felch Records
Website: felchrecords.safeshopper.com/
Email: enquires@felch.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Rare and Collectable dance music on vinyl.

Firecracker Records
Website: www.firecracker-records.freeserve.co.uk
Email: firecracker_records@yahoo.com
Location: Gloucester, UK
Speciality: Rock, metal, punk and indie titles. You'll find everything from Bryan Adams to Marilyn Manson at cheap prices

First Night Records
Website: www.first-night-records.com/
Email: alex@elderfield.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Sells recordings of West End and Broadway musicals

Flipside Records
Email: admin@flipsiderecords.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Basildon, UK
Speciality: Self employed Market Stall/Record Dealer supplying rare, collectable vinyl & CDs, 50's to 90's, since 1984. Now supplying by Mail Order. Blues a speciality.

Flying Records
Website: www.flying-records.com/
Email: webmaster@flying-records.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Absolutely loads of Underground, House, Techno, Garage, Deep House, Hip Hop Beat and Breaks.

Website: www.stangib.com/frasers/
Email: gallery@frasersltd.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialists In Autographs, Photos, Posters and Documents. Run Online Auction.

Freak Records
Website: myfreeoffice.com/freakrecordings/
Email: freakrecordings@myfreeoffice.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialising in Drum n' Bass and Big Beat, We are a record label and a store.

Funky Monkey Online Record Store
Website: www.funkymonkey.co.uk/
Email: wants@funkymonkey.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New, secondhand and rare dance records

Funky World Records
Website: www.ftech.net/~funky/
Email: ian@funky.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Dance Music

Website: www.harenet.co.uk/gash/gash.html
Email: G.DAIR@sms.ed.ac.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Rare and collectable music memorabilia

GDM Records
Website: www.gdmrecords.co.uk/
Email: gdmrec@globalnet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand Vinyl, Specializing in punk, indie, rock and N.W.O.B.H.M.

Gema Mail Order
Website: www.demon.co.uk/gemarecords
Email: gema@gemarecs.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Catalogue is not online, but you can download or request a copy by snail Mail

Glass Onion Music
Email: glassonmus@aol.com
Location: Croydon, UK

Goldentemple Music
Email: goldentemple1@hotmail.com
Location: London, UK

Good Humour
Email: sales@goodhumour.co.uk
Location: Surbiton, UK
Speciality: Wanted: Beatles memoribila, autographs, records

Email: weston@mersinet.co.uk
Location: Liverpool, UK
Speciality: Private collection of 70s/80s Rock & Pop from Abba to Yes. 60s/70s Motown [US & UK] plus Beatles.

Graeme Soutar
Website: www.expage.com/page/stucantalk
Email: stucantalk@yahoo.com
Location: Glenrothes, UK
Speciality: Ramones, Dickies, Damned, Cramps etc

Grahams 452s sale
Website: freespace.virgin.net/graham.tinley/RECORDS.HTM
Email: graham.tinley@virgin.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: EX DJ, Selling his private Collection of over 1,300 45s, LPs and 12" from the 50s-90s

Website: freespace.virgin.net/gram.alex/
Email: gram.alex@virgin.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Rare classical lp records,Private Collection.

Greg Vandike
Website: www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~vandike/
Email: vandike@globalnet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: 60s and 70s records and memorabilia, specialising in the super rare!

Website: www.greyhound-records.com/
Email: sales@greyhound-records.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Importer of new Release Rock, Psych, Prog, Kraut, Pop, Indie, Garage etc.

Guitar Centre Records
Website: www.g-crecords.ndirect.co.uk/
Email: g-crecords@g-crecords.ndirect.co.uk
Location: Sevenoaks, UK
Speciality: Rare and collectable vinyl - album lists available: 50s, 60s, 70s; electronic, folk, soundtracks, blues

Haggle Vinyl
Website: www.hagglevinyl.com/
Email: info@haggle.freeserve.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: ONLY vinyl, all music. Dance to Jazz. Store based in London.

Happy House Records
Website: www.houseofmusic.co.uk/
Email: sales@houseofmusic.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Rare UK Dance, House and Techno Vinyl and CDs

Hard To Find Records
Website: www.htfr.co.uk/
Email: sales@htfr.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: The UK's 1st DJ Superstore, over 80,000 records + DJ hardware in stock

Harold Moores Records
Website: www.hmrecords.co.uk/
Email: sales@hmrecords.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialist Classical LP and CD retailer based in London, worldwide mail order

Heaven Sent Records
Website: www.heavensentrecords.com/
Email: Heavensentrecords@btinternet.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Indie/alternative rock/punk/metal and dance

Hectors Records
Website: www.hectors-records.freeserve.co.uk
Email: hector@hectors-records.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Derby, UK
Speciality: Clean/unplayed vinyl mainly from the period 1970-79 .including 20,000 demos. 12,000 unplayed Reggae LPs and 12" singles from 1984-97 Approx.1200 white label and regular12" from 77-90

Herb Garden Records
Website: www.the-herbgarden.com/
Email: herbgarden@dial.pipex.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: buyer and seller of rare and hard to find vinyl /CDs

Herbgarden Records / CD's
Website: www.herbgardenrecords.co.uk
Email: sales@herbgardenrecords.co.uk
Location: Halifax, UK
Speciality: I sell punk,indie,new wave,pop,jazz and rock/metal. I used to be mail order only but I have just opened a shop in Halifax West Yorkshire. If I do not have what you are looking for please send me a wants list and I will try and find it for you!

Website: pisle.com/troweb/business/cpmarket/heros.htm
Email: Heros_cpm@pisle.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Heavy Metal + limited edition records, CDs and picture discs

Heyday Mo
Website: www.heyday-mo.com/
Email: nick@heyday-mo.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Re-Issue and New Prog on CD

HGR Music
Website: www.hgr.co.uk/
Email: info@hgr.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Large General Listing, Easy site to navigate. New and secondhand

Hitlist 45
Website: members.aol.com/hitlist45
Location: , UK
Speciality: Suppliers of second hand records, tapes & CDs at sensible prices

Website: www.hmv.co.uk/hmvuk/
Location: , UK
Speciality: UKs Largest Chain Store

Hot Wax CDs
Website: www.hotwax.demon.co.uk/
Email: sales@hotwax.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Jazz and Rock CDs and Vinyl

Email: tbale@cwcom.net
Location: New Barnet, UK
Speciality: Hotspace is a mail order only company operating for 10 years. I specialise in mainly rare and limited edition CD singles and vinyl. Fully experienced in dealing internationally I can offer a personal service to all collectors.

Hottwaxx Records
Website: www.hottwaxx.co.uk/
Email: sales@hottwaxx.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Latest 12" Dance, Trance, House Music.

Iain's record shop
Website: freespace.virgin.net/iain.walker/index.html
Email: iain.walker@virgin.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: new and secondhand CDs and vinyl records.

Imajica Records
Website: ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/imajicarecords
Email: ImajicaRecords@compuserve.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Techno, Detroit Techno, Acid House, Electro, Hard House, Trance, Drum and Bass, Electronica...

Website: www.int-mo.demon.co.uk/
Email: Cat@int-mo.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: speacialising in all new and old Hardcore, D'n'B, Old Skool, Techno, Trance, Gabba and House. As well as Tapepacks, Merchandise, CD's, Albums and loads more

Indie Music
Website: www.indiemusic.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Our site is dedicated to small label indie music from around the world. We stock over 19,000 items and our online database allows visitors to view track listings and cover art as well as to read up on the new releases.

Innercity Records
Website: www.innercity.co.uk/
Email: paul@innercity.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Techno specialists, House and electo(nics), new stock daily. Online catalogues

Inspired Music
Website: www.advanced-business.co.uk/music
Email: music@advanced-business.co.uk
Location: Lowestoft, UK

Internet Music Shop
Website: www.musicsales.co.uk/
Email: music@musicsales.co.uk.
Location: , UK
Speciality: Sheet Music, Lots of it!

Website: www.intervinyl.freeserve.co.uk/
Email: InterVinyl@Topline.Freeserve.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Dance Record Finding Agency, House, Acid, Techno, Electro, Euro.

Website: www.demon.co.uk/intoxica/index.htm
Email: intoxica@intoxica.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Rare/Deleted/Secondhand Records/Vinyl Specialists, No CDs

It's For You
Website: www.octweb.com/itsforyou
Email: its.foryou@virgin.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand and Collectable..Will Buy, Sell and Exchange

J. Wilson
Email: jwilsons@btinternet.com
Location: Chingford, UK
Speciality: 60s/70s/80s hits, misses, obscurities, comedy, themes, spin-offs, connections, Eurovision, labels, soul, country, football, etc. Any 'unfashionable' artists. Send your wants lists - we do not issue lists

Jacks records
Website: www.jacksrecords.free-online.co.uk/
Email: sales@jacksrecords.idps.co.uk
Location: Sheffield, UK
Speciality: 2nd Hand/collectable CD's, Vinyl, Cass/Videos and Memorabilia.

Jays CDs
Email: jas1@zoom.co.uk
Location: Falmouth, UK

Jazz Guitar international
Website: www.musicweb-uk.com/
Email: stringjazz@musicweb-uk.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Jazz Site with Reviews, Archive and shop for European Jazz

Jazzman records
Website: www.jazzmanrecords.co.uk/
Email: jazzman@onyxnet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Rare Jazz, funky jazz, soul, Latin, Moog, soundtracks and library LPs and 45s!

Email: Jeffaztec@aol.com
Location: Middlesbrough, UK

Jim Stewart
Website: www.soulsearchingplus.co.uk
Location: Hextable, UK
Speciality: Motown, Soul & Sixties Specialist

Jim's recordz
Website: www.jims-recordz.mcmail.com/
Email: jims-recordz@mcmail.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Indie/Alternative, Pages under Construction

Jive Dive
Website: www.jivedive.freeserve.co.uk
Email: Shirley.Ken@jivedive.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Verwood, UK
Speciality: Rock and Roll, Beatgroups, Reggae, Blues, Jazz & Swing, Easy Listening, Rockabilly, Doowop

John Esplen
Website: www.zenith.uk.com/records
Email: johnesplen@callnetuk.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Punk, indie, new wave, pop, goth, psychobilly, Sub Pop, etc. Mostly vinyl and memorabilia, with some CDs.

John Hesford
Email: johnj@hesford97.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Leigh, UK

John Purcell
Email: johnpurcell@stardust.netlineuk.net
Location: Rotherham, UK
Speciality: Vinyl album discographies; deleted country and western albums 1950s to 1970s; 2,500 albums covering most styles

JRJ Records
Email: jrjw@norfolkngood.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Dereham, UK
Speciality: i sell colletable vinyl by mail order and local record fairs have lots of fellow collecters who want forsale and wantlis

Jungle Records
Website: www.jungle-records.demon.co.uk/
Email: enquiries@jungle-records.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: specializing in punk and gothic

Juno Records
Website: www.juno.co.uk/
Email: sales@juno.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Dance, Juno Catalogue All New UK releases and have other useful dance resources

Just Flutes
Website: www.justflutes.com/
Email: enquiries@justflutes.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: They Sell Flute Music!

JWS Collectables
Website: www.jwsmem.com/
Email: info@jwsmem.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialists in Rock and Pop Memorabilia

Kaleidoscope Records
Website: www.krecords.com/
Email: gpduggins@hotmail.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specializing in Indie, Alternative, Krautrock vinyl and CDs

Ken's Music
Website: www.aisltd.net/siv-music/
Email: ken.symington@virgin.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Country, folk, Rock 'n Roll, Small selection of Budget CD re-issues

Email: relics@globalnet.co.uk
Location: Livingston, UK

Kevin Tanswell
Email: kevin@ktanswell.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Cheltenham, UK

Key Mail Order
Website: www.keymailorder.com/
Email: sales@keymailorder.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Stuff, Lots of obscure titles, advertise well in advance of release dates

Website: www.kinetec.com/
Email: anyone@kinetec.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: sell underground dance, covering tech-house, hard house, acid, techno, psychedelic trance, drum and bass, gabba and hardcore, electro and big beat - plus the grey areas in-between!! Lots of Imports

Klik Klik Whirly Beep Beep
Website: bangingtunes.com/
Email: klikklik@bangingtunes.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: The most 'avin it shop on the net! Listen to every release, Dance Vinyl and CDs.

Klub Universe
Website: www.theku.com/
Email: info@theku.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Over 250,000 different items of music, including every genre you can think of!A comprehensive resource site, shopping supplied by Yalplay

L and H Records
Website: freespace.virgin.net/hugh.neilson/index.html
Email: L_and_H_Recs@hotmail.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: A wide range of stock from 70's - 90's. Specialsing in the 80's.

lemonade records
Website: www.lemonade.co.uk/
Email: enquiries@lemonade.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: specialists in independent + alternative collectors records.

Leo's Den
Website: www.zynet.co.uk/leosden/
Email: leosden@eurobell.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand and Collectable, Emphasis on 50s and 60s

Website: www.lionmilk.com/
Email: dan@lionmilk.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: electronica and edgey folk.

Website: www.listen.co.uk/
Email: listen.sales@virgin.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: New, Rare and 2nd Hand Vinyl and CDs. New CDs from £9. 20,000 Titles in stock

Little Pot Stove Records
Email: jdalton@easynet.co.uk
Location: Sheffield, UK
Speciality: Folk

Little Star
Website: www.littlestar.co.uk/
Email: comments@littlestar.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Releases

London Record finder
Website: www.finder.ndo.co.uk/lrf/lrf.htm
Email: gwallis@finder.ndo.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialists in hard-to-find indie, rock and jazz vinyl and CDs; wants lists very welcome.

Lost in Music
Website: www.lostinmusic.freeserve.co.uk/
Email: sales@lostinmusic.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Barnsley, UK
Speciality: Quality, collectable vinyl + CDs. We constantly need new stock and pay great prices. We offer a fast and efficient service, with prompt replies to your messages and speedy delivery of your goods in strong packaging

Lounge Lizard Music
Email: sales@loungelizard.demon.co.uk
Location: Keighley, UK
Speciality: Mail order company, producing a monthly magazine detailing the latest re-releases of music on CD from the 1980s and before. We handle everything from punk to big bands, Rock 'n' Roll to easy listening. American imports are a speciality.

LP Classics
Website: www.lpclassics.co.uk/
Email: info@lpclassics.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Quality Secondhand Classical LPs

M. Jarman
Email: marshall.jarman@talk21.com
Location: Macclesfield, UK

Macmillan Reference
Website: www.macmillan-reference.co.uk/grovemusic/
Location: , UK
Speciality: Publishers of the Encyclopedia of Popular Music (3rd edition), the most exhaustive study on popular music in the world. 'The last word in rock reference books. *****' Q magazine, Feb 1999

Madonna Mania
Email: madonnamania@hadders69.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Tamworth, UK
Speciality: E-mail Madonna Mania now! for a fantastic listing of hundreds and hundreds of rarities. Stocks selling very quickly!

Magpie records
Website: www.magpierecords.co.uk/
Email: info@magpierecords.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: secure online store Specializing in drum n' base; house; techno; indie; dance.all independent dance genres plus reggae, soul, rap. Voted in top three dance shops by DJ Mag.

Mainline Music
Email: steve.ford@easynet.co.uk
Location: Norwich, UK
Speciality: Just a small venture, I aim to stock mainly out of print material. I hope you find something here that interests you, happy hunting.

Mainly Elton John
Website: homepages.tesco.net/~p.c.smith/Index.html.htm
Email: p.c.smith@tesco.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: The Site name says it, If you collect Elton John, this is your link!

Make a Note Music
Website: www.angelfire.com/va/radishsite/forsale.html
Email: SugarFree@btinternet.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand Indie, Rock and Alternative

Make It Big Records
Website: www.makeitbigrecords.co.uk/
Email: info@makeitbigrecords.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: An independent record label for unsigned bands and artists of all genres

Malcolm Birch
Email: mbirch@birchm.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Portland, UK

Malibu Records UK
Website: www.maliburecords.co.uk/
Email: Sweetbc111@aol.com
Location: Dagenham, UK
Speciality: Specializing in Beach Boys/Jan and Dean surf music, P.J.Proby/The Sweet/Pet Shop Boys + general music a-z. 241,000 Lines of domestic UK videos/CD's etc.

Mantra Audio
Location: , UK
Speciality: Accessories

Map Records
Website: www.maprecords.co.uk/
Email: info@maprecords.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Indie and alternative New Releases and Promos

Mark's Classics
Website: www.welcome.to/marksclassics
Email: marksclassics@welcome.to
Location: , UK

Matts CD singles
Website: www.mattscdsingles.com/
Email: matt@mattscdsingles.freeserve.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand and Collectible CD singles.

Mayflower UK
Email: mayflower-uk@ic24.net
Location: Wrexham, UK
Speciality: CDs, vinyl, books, videos, shirts, posters, photos

MCI Records
Website: www.vci.co.uk/music/mindex.shtml
Email: webmaster@vci.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: From Funk to Drum and Bass, World to Jazz, Punk to Blues. Available to buy online.

Website: www.mdcmusic.co.uk/
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Classical CDs

Website: www.memoriesmusic.freeserve.co.uk/
Email: parstat@memoriesmusic.freeserve.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Memories Say: "Common or rare, the item you've looked or everywhere..We will endeavour to find any item you requre

Website: www.menace.co.uk/
Email: info@menace.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Dance, They now also run a record Label

Michael Fishberg
Email: msf@canada.com
Location: Stamore, UK
Speciality: Soundtracks

Mike Best CD Singles
Website: freespace.virgin.net/cd.singles/
Email: cd.singles@virgin.net
Location: Gloucester, UK
Speciality: Wide selection of secondhand CD singles

Mike's Country Room
Website: www.ednet.co.uk/~russell/dealers/mcmr.htm
Email: m.craig@abdn.ac.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialists in American imports of Bluegrass,Acoustic and Singer/Songwriters

Ministry of Sound
Website: www.ministryofsound.co.uk/
Location: , UK
Speciality: Actually A club Dance Site but they sell their excellent Mix Albums online

Missing Records
Website: freespace.virgin.net/missing.records/
Email: missing@missing.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New titles, predominantly wholesale

Moira's Juke Box Records
Website: www.droitwichcalling.co.uk/records
Email: m.j.hilton@btinternet.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specializing in providing good value 7" vinyl records that appeal to juke Box owners".

Monasteryo Music
Website: gemm.com/s.cgi/monasteryo
Email: neonmessiah@hotmail.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Dealers of rare and collectable recordings, especially picture disc and 3" CDs.

Moons Mail Order
Website: www.moons.uk.com/
Email: chris@moons.uk.com
Location: Weston-Super-Mare, UK
Speciality: we sell promo records and cd's plus keep in stock many deletions. we obtain early promo copies well in advance of released material.

Mordros Music
Website: ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/mordros/
Email: 101711.503@compuserve.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Punk, Pages not up (Sep '98)

More Music Secondhand Records
Website: www.moremusic.co.uk/
Email: jules@moremusic.co.uk
Location: Swansea, UK
Speciality: Used music from the UK, also deletions and rarities - specialists in Rare Indie, Rock and Dance

Moving Music
Website: www.movingmusic.co.uk/
Email: post@movingmusic.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Buget CDs and DVD

Mr Bongos
Website: www.mrbongo.com/
Email: info@mrbongo.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: hip hop, latin and alternative new releases

Mrs T Stuart
Email: DST2046567@aol.com
Location: , UK

Murray Carr
Email: murray@yarrum6.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Hamilton, UK

Music and Video Exchange
Website: www.buy-sell-trade.co.uk
Location: London, UK
Speciality: Secondhand and rarities exchange. Buy, sell and trade all music, films, music and hifi equipment, clothes, computers and games, books and more

Music and Video Exchange
Website: www.mveshops.co.uk/
Email: mailorder@mveshops.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Chain of London Secondhand Shops, all styles of music

Music Meltdown
Website: www.vinylman.demon.co.uk
Location: Brighton, UK

Music Meltdown
Website: www.musicmemorabilia.demon.co.uk/
Email: sales@musicmemorabilia.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: General Secondhand Stock

Music Musique
Website: www.fortunecity.co.uk/skyscraper/memory/133
Email: musicalnic@hotmail.com
Location: Slough, UK
Speciality: More than 20,000 different listings in 12 separate lists. Payment by credit card, or in any of 26 different currencies. Unconditional money-back guarantee

Music Non-Stop
Website: www.music-non-stop.co.uk/
Email: sales@music-non-stop.co.uk
Location: Worcester, UK
Speciality: Mail Order CD & Vinyl Specialists in Alternative, Electro, Indie, Industrial, Techno, and General Electronica. Also stocking mainstream and selected collectors items.

Music on the Web
Website: www.musicontheweb.co.uk/
Email: sales@musicontheweb.force9.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialists in singles (7", 12", and CD).

Music Stop
Website: www.music-stop.co.uk/
Email: requests@music-stop.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secure online site for new buying releases

Website: www.angelfire.com/ms/musicforsale/index.html
Email: cdm22@cus.cam.ac.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: A Small personal collection of Indie and rock 12" at just £3 each!

Email: tld@advsys.co.uk
Location: Douglas, UK
Speciality: Rare and deleted cd's,vinyl and memorabilia for many differnent styles of music including pop,new wave,rock, heavy metal, jazz, folk, progressive rock etc.We buy, sell, exchange & trade all records, memorabilia etc.

Website: www.musicmania.co.uk/
Email: sales@musicmania.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New and Secondhand, 60s to 90s, Free postage!

Musikfolk Limited
Website: www.musikfolk.mcmail.com/
Email: musikfolk@cwcom.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Folk-Rock, Folk, Celtic and Acoustic CDs.

My Generation Records
Website: www.my-generation.zetnet.co.uk/records.htm
Email: my.generation@zetnet.co.uk
Location: Southampton, UK
Speciality: On-line 60's music site featuring collectors records for sale, 60s music pages, and official pages for The Searchers, Swinging Blue Jeans, Merseybeats, The Troggs and Chip Hawkes

Email: n.skovgaard@talk21.com
Location: Manchester, UK

Nashers Astounding Music Store
Website: www.nashers.demon.co.uk/index.html
Email: nasher@nashers.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: All sorts of promos, secondhand stuff and memorabilia

Neat Metal
Website: www.neatrecords.com/
Email: mdwood33@aol.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Metal, Rock, NWOBHM Also Soundclips interviews and more

Nervous Records
Website: www.nervous.co.uk/
Email: Nervous@compuserve.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Big Website...Specialising in Rockabilly and Psychobilly

Website: www.netsounds.com/
Email: info@netsounds.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: On-line market place for music related items. 500,000 items available in one searchable catalogue.

New Wave Records
Website: www.icn.co.uk/nwr.html
Email: mms@icn.co.uk
Location: Newbury, UK
Speciality: New Wave, Punk and Indie, bands are listed on website but email for full list

Night Café
Website: www.nightcafe.co.uk/
Email: nightcafe@synergic.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Night Café is a premier distributor of relaxing yet stimulating late night music with a high "chill out" factor.

nijinski collectables
Website: www.nijinski.com/
Email: gjc@nijinski.freeserve.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Vinyl, Lots of 60s, also big name 80s and 90s acts

Website: catalogue.barclaycard.co.uk/cgi-bin/nme.storefront
Email: support@music.barclaysquare.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: NME the Newspaper also runs a store, stocking all the latest Releases + an extensive backcatalogue.

Norman Records
Website: www.personal.u-net.com/~normrecs/
Email: phil@normrecs.u-net.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Indie, Leftfield, Dance, Electronica and Rock. Wide selection of worldwide pressings

Normans Place
Email: norm@ninhell.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Hull, UK
Speciality: Secondhand record and video shop - at least 10,000 LPs plus videos, tapes etc.

North Records
Website: www.northrecords.freeserve.co.uk
Email: northrecords@hotmail.com
Location: Poulton, UK
Speciality: Punk Rock mail-order with vinyl, CD's, clothing and memorabilia. Trading for 9 years all over Europe at record fairs and punk festivals.

Notorious Vinyl
Website: www.notoriousvinyl.com/
Email: info@Notoriousvinyl.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialising in dance music. Mainly UK Garage, Hard house and Drum'n'Bass

O Law i Law
Website: freespace.virgin.net/g.dafydd/index.htm
Email: g.dafydd@virgin.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: High quality classical LP records, pre 1980's, Early Decca SXL; HMV/EMI ASD and ALP; Columbia SAX and 33CX; RCA SB etc.

Ocean Records
Website: www.ocean.ndirect.co.uk/
Email: mog@ndirect.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: specialising in metal nwobhm AOR etc.

Old Records On Tap
Website: oldrecords.bog.net/
Email: oldrecords@cableinet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Old skool vinyl, hardcore, drum and bass, jungle

Online Records
Website: www.onlinerecords.co.uk/
Email: Order@OnlineRecords.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Dance, New Releases, Also merchandise

Organ 1st
Website: www.organ.co.uk/
Email: 1stn@mssmusic.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Electronic, Theatre and Jazz Organ Recordings

Orpheus Records
Website: www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~orpheusx/index.html
Email: orpheusx@globalnet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Rare and obscure records, CDs, promos, memorabilia and collectible vinyl.

Outlet Music
Website: www.outlet-music.com/
Email: mail@outlet-music.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialising in Irish traditional and folk music with online ordering.

Ozone Recordings
Website: websites.ntl.com/~ideasfarm/ozone/ozone.htm
Email: ideasfarm@net.ntl.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Mainly Vinyl, All Eras

P.L.R. Madmail
Website: www.btinternet.com/~plrmadmail/
Email: plrmadmail@btinternet.com
Location: Rochester, UK
Speciality: Madness, Terry Hall, Lightning Seeds and Pulp

Past Perfect Records
Website: pastperfect.com/
Email: clarity@pastperfect.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: jazz and dance music of the 20s, 30s and 40s, digitally remastered

PBJ Music Café
Email: chris_marquis@hotmail.com
Location: Enfield, UK
Speciality: Second Hand Rare CD & Records Mail Order Service. We Specialize in Searching for Deleted Cds & Records.

PDM Entertainment
Website: www.music.i12.com/
Email: sales@music.i12.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Music, Video, DVD and Games at low prices

Website: www.pennyblackmusic.com/
Email: sales@pennyblackmusic.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialising in New Release Indie and Alternative, Huge backcatalogue.

Pete Willis
Email: peteburywillis@hotmail.com
Location: Truro, UK
Speciality: Selling items from own collection although currently peparing to go on a computer course with a view to start my own music supply company using the internet

Phase 2 CD and Vinyl Mail Order
Website: freespace.virgin.net/david.roglic/
Email: david.roglic@virgin.net
Location: Harrow, UK
Speciality: Specialist in rare and collectable CD singles and albums.

Phil Rees Records
Website: dialspace.dial.pipex.com/town/parade/fb22/
Email: philrees@dial.pipex.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: vintage classical LPs, for Export only

Piccadilly Records
Website: www.personal.u-net.com/~piccrecs/
Email: mailorder@piccrecs.u-net.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: CDs Prog, Indie and Electronica

Planet Records
Website: members.tripod.com/~planetrecords/
Email: pete.smith@tesco.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Rare Soul 45's, particularly Northern Soul

Plastic Bird
Website: www.plasticbird.co.uk
Email: plasticbird@lineone.net
Location: Manchester, UK
Speciality: We Specialise in Independent/Alternative music Including US Indies/Hardcore/Space Rock/Psych/UK Indies/Aus/NZ Indies. Huge Selection of New and Second hand items priced to sell

Website: www.pnc-uk.freeserve.co.uk/
Email: sales@pnc-uk.freeserve.co.uk
Location: London, UK
Speciality: Dance orientated new + used music including Hip Hop, Drum+Bass, Techno, House and much more to buy sell or trade. Related wants lists serviced.

Website: www.pollyton.demon.co.uk/
Email: val@pollyton.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: CD Re-Issues of Rock 'n' Roll, Jive and Swing

Pride Records
Website: www.priderecords.co.uk/
Email: sales@priderecords.co.uk
Location: Rossendale, UK
Speciality: Specialists in rare vinyl from 50's-90's. All discs strictly graded. We also stock a huge selection of autographs from vintage to present day

Priory Records
Website: www.priory.org.uk/cat.htm
Email: sales@priory.org.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: All sorts of Church Music

Probe Records Of Liverpool
Website: www.probe-records.com/
Email: enquire@probe-records.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: ALternative and Dance, Only latest releases online, but you can email enquiries

Progressive Records
Website: www.icn.co.uk/prog.html
Email: webmaster@icn.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: They Sell Progressive! New and original releases

Website: www.popposter67.co.uk/
Email: psyche67@popposter67.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Original British 1967 Psychedelic Posters and Rock and Pop Memorabilia

Psychotron Records
Website: freespace.virgin.net/peter.bonner/psych.htm
Email: peter.bonner@virgin.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Mail order for Rare Psych / Prog / Acid-Folk from around the World, LP's, Bought and sold.

Pulse Records
Website: www.networkclub.co.uk/pulse/
Email: pulserecords@tinyonline.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Vinyl/CD large House/Techno/Indie back catalogue.

Pure Groove Records
Website: www.puregroove.co.uk/
Email: puregroove@puregroove.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Release House / Garage / Hard House.

Purple Haze Records
Website: www.purplehaze-records.com/
Email: phil10@phil10.screaming.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Vinyl LPs, 45's, 12's in all genres and price ranges

Purple Haze Records
Email: jas6944@aol.com
Location: Darlington, UK

Push Posters
Website: www.pushposters.com
Email: sales@pushposters.demon.co.uk
Location: Clydebank, UK
Speciality: Push posters have a large range of rock & pop posters. We specialize in UK & European promo and concert posters as well as London subway posters.We also stock a comprehensive range of t-shirts,tour books,calendars & concert photographs

Racks of Wax Records
Website: www.choonz.co.uk/
Email: sales@choonz.co.uk
Location: Leeds, UK
Speciality: New and used Dance vinyl, 1000s of classics and rarities. Also DJ equipment/accesories

Rage Mail Order
Website: www.users.zetnet.co.uk/rage/
Email: rage@zetnet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Depeche, PSB and More! mainly US imports/ US promos/ Japanese imports.

Raised On Rock Music Collectables
Website: www.raisedonrock.demon.co.uk/
Email: sales@raisedonrock.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Collectable CDs, vinyl and memorabilia. Various types of music.

Rare Punk / New Wave records
Website: www.expage.com/page/rarepunkrecords
Email: avfc@cwcom.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialising in Rare Punk / new Wave Vinyl - Imports / Promos / Ltd editions etc.

Raregroove Records
Website: www.raregrooves.co.uk/
Email: sales@raregrooves.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: from cheap to the rarest funk,soul,funky jazz.lps 12" 7".top prices paid for records.

Raucous Records
Website: www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~rauc/
Email: rauc@globalnet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: specializing in rockabilly/psychobilly

Website: www.users.dircon.co.uk/~reckless/
Email: rarities@reckless.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand and Collectable, Wide and varied Stock

Website: www.recollections.co.uk/
Email: order@recollections.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialists in rock and Pop Memorabilia

Record Box
Website: www.record-box.com/
Email: wants@recordbox.demon.co.uk
Location: Leeds, UK
Speciality: Specialists in all styles of used dance vinyl including - House, Techno, Hardcore, Garage, Drum & Bass, Trip Hop, Big Beat, Disco, Soul, Hip Hop, Dance Classics, Trance, Electro, Deep House, Nu N-R-G and Euro

Record Collector Shop
Website: www.pisle.com/troweb/business/record.html
Email: DaveCooper@pisle.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: vinyl specialists with a wide range of 7 and 12 inch singles and albums

Record Exchange
Email: andy@pink-moon.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Birkenhead, UK

Record Info
Email: recordinfo@zoo.co.uk
Location: London, UK
Speciality: British Record Label catalogues

Record Mart
Website: www.record-mart.co.uk/
Email: email@record-mart.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: UK Online Collectors Magazine, View all the items from the current Classified Adverts!

Record Research Centre
Email: record.research@virgin.net
Location: Richmond, UK
Speciality: We are specialists in locating deleted and hard-to-find CDs, Mcs, LPs and Videos. As well as locating specific items we have an unusual stockholding comprising many items customers have asked us to locate, but not actually purchased

Website: www.record-x.co.uk/
Email: info@record-x.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand Cds, videos and Vinyl

Red Lick Records
Website: www.nwi.co.uk/redlick/redlick.htm
Location: , UK
Speciality: Only one page can phone (01766) 513010 for The best blues mail order catalogue in the world (So they Say!)

Red Planet Records
Website: www.user.globalnet.co.uk/~muzik
Email: muzik@globalnet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: independent music shop selling new CDs in a wide range of music, from chart, dance, rock and pop to classical, world, folk and jazz

Reddingtons Rare Records
Website: www.reddingtonsrarerecords.co.uk
Email: sales@reddingtonsrarerecords.co.uk
Location: Birmingham, UK
Speciality: Wide range of collectables, 2 million vinyl 45's in stock

REL Reccords
Website: www.relrecords.co.uk/
Email: rel@relrecords.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: A Scottish Site Specialising in Celtic Music

Relentless Mail Order
Website: www.relentless.co.uk/
Email: music@relentless.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialising in Pet Shop Boys, lots of collectables

Renaissance Records
Website: users.abling.co.uk/dellgirl/
Email: renaissance@abling.co.uk
Location: Taunton, UK
Speciality: Specialists in quality used and collectors records, CDs, cassettes and music memorabilia, 1950s-1990s. Rarities, deletions, promos, limited editions etc, most types of music

Replay Records
Website: www.replay-records.com/
Email: webmaster@replay-records.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: specialists in house, garage, trance and techno music

Replay Records UK
Website: www.replay.co.uk/
Email: general@replay.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: alternative music chain stocks a wide range of genres. New only

Resurrection Records
Website: www.resurrection-rec.demon.co.uk/
Email: katrina@resurrection-rec.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Industrial, Gothic, metal and alternative CD's and Vinyl

Retro Records
Website: www.retrorecords.com/
Email: paul@retrorecords.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Retro Records UK. Specialising in jazz, soul, northern, ska.

Website: www.octweb.com/revenge
Email: revenge.records@virgin.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: General Secondhand Stock..The other Swansea shop!

Revo Records
Website: www.revorecords.co.uk/
Email: nick@revos.freeserve.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Chart, Rock, Pop, Dance, Indie, Northern Soul. New and second hand CD's and cassettes.

Website: www.revolution.mcmail.com/
Email: revolution@mcmail.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialists in imported Japanese and Australian New Releases

Email: rhosmusic@aol.com
Location: Newport, UK
Speciality: Rhosmusic offers you the chance to purchase second hand music at a low cost, with a wide variety of music, hard to find cd`s and many collectables which will appeal to all

Ring Mail Order
Website: www.ringmail.com/
Email: enquiries@ringmail.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Blues, Dance, Jazz, Brass and Military, Choral and Singers, Easy Listening, Films and Shows, Instumental and Classical

Rite On
Website: www.rite-on.co.uk/
Email: Rite-On@rite-on.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Dance

Rix Records
Email: RICHARD@rixrecords.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Edgworth, UK
Speciality: Small northern mail order buisness clearing new & used 7", 12", l.p, cd, cds.cass & videos many promos

Roadhog Records
Website: freespace.virgin.net/vinyl.music/
Email: vinyl.music@virgin.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: 10,000 irems listed, specialise in 7" singles

Robsons Records
Website: www.rock88.freeserve.co.uk/
Email: billy@rock88.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Consett, UK
Speciality: nwobhm/metal/rock - vinyl and CDs

Rock Archives
Email: rockarc@aol.com
Location: Wrexham, UK
Speciality: Music magazines and papers

Rock Heavy
Website: www.rockheavy.co.uk/
Email: daverock@rockheavy.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: The UK's Premier Metal Collectors Shop, specialists for Heavy Metal, Glam and thrash.

Rock Of Ages
Website: www.rockofa.demon.co.uk/
Email: sales@rockofa.demon.co.uk
Location: Mansfield, UK
Speciality: We mainly deal in rare secondhand records, cd's, cassettes, tour programmes, magazines, ticket stubs, picture discs, promo box sets, videos and other memorabilia from all over the world from mainstream music to the obscure

Rock Relics
Website: www.rockrelics.co.uk/
Email: sales@rockrelics.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Also Trade as Voiceprint Mail Order

Rock Revelations
Website: www.icn.co.uk/rock.html
Email: elusivealbums.found@virgin.net
Location: Kingston, UK
Speciality: A long established Record finding service for albums on either CD or Vinyl. We also produce extensive catalogs of those already in stock

Website: www.rockpics.co.uk
Email: mail@rockpics.co.uk
Location: Haverhill, UK
Speciality: Photographs and autographs

Email: rock.paul@virgin.net
Location: Oadby, UK
Speciality: We specialise in selling brand new compact discs by most rock/metal bands. We have cheap prices and compare very favourably with other outlets. We also have 100s of rare compact discs always available

Website: www.rockmusicposters.com/
Email: info@rockmusicposters.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Reproductions of Classic rock festival Posters

Website: www.rockworks.demon.co.uk/
Email: sales@rockworks.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: 50s to 90s, with an emphasis on rock

Rose Records
Website: www.roserec.com
Email: sales@roserec.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Discount new CDs

Rough Trade
Website: www.roughtrade.com/
Email: sparrow@roughtrade.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: New, Wide selection, Dance Indie and Eclectic!

Website: www.rpmrecords.co.uk/
Email: rpm@cheesypeas.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Record Label, Indie, 60s and More! Sell online

Website: dspace.dial.pipex.com/rubadub
Email: rubadub@dial.pipex.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Electronic, Hip hop, funk and dub

Rummage Records
Email: rummage.r@virgin.net
Location: Sandford, UK
Speciality: Mainly original UK vinyl, some CDs, tapes & memorobillia etc. from 1950s to present

S and S Records
Website: www.sns.bigwig.net/
Email: Sales@sns.bigwig.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: specialising in 1950's and 60's including Rock and Roll.

Sain Records and Recording Studio
Website: www.sain.wales.com/
Email: music@sain.wales.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: record and music publisher and recording studio situated near Caernarfon in North Wales. The titles include folk, choirs rock and Celtic music.

Website: www.salter.co.uk/
Email: nick@salter.co.uk
Location: Chingford, UK
Speciality: online music store for collectors stocking a wide range of items from vinyl to cd's and fron the 1950's to the latest promos. new stock arriving all the time

Sand Lab Records
Website: www.welldone.demon.co.uk/
Location: , UK
Speciality: secondhand UK 12 " and LPs, Priced in Pounds and Dollars!

Scotdisc Records
Website: www.scotdisc.co.uk/
Email: info@scotdisc.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Suppliers of traditional Scottish music

Scotland's Music Store
Website: www.sms.clara.net/
Email: sms@clara.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Based in the NW Highlands Of Scotland They specialise in Scottish/Irish/ general music

Second Skin
Website: www.s-skin.demon.co.uk/
Email: secondskin@s-skin.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Dance Label with online store

Secondhand Daylight
Website: www.zen.co.uk/sdaylight/index.htm
Email: mike@sdaylight.zen.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Mainly Punk, Indie and Rock

Section 5
Website: www.section5.uk.com/
Email: order@section5.uk.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Release Dance

Shadow Sounds
Website: www.shadowsounds.co.uk
Email: sales@psychogarage.demon.co.uk
Location: Wallasey, UK
Speciality: Internet only mailorder company specialising in Billy Childish and related bands as well as sixties to 90's garage punk

Website: www.shopyell.co.uk/sm/default.asp
Location: , UK
Speciality: They sell Sheet Music! No Email but they have an online form for enquiries

SHM Records
Website: ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/stevenmac
Email: stevenmac@compuserve.com
Location: London, UK
Speciality: Ska, rocksteady, reggae, roots and dub 1960-83

Simon Kitching
Email: simon@7twenty7.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Redcar, UK
Speciality: A great place for all your mail order CD's and Cassettes

Simply Vinyl
Website: www.simplyvinyl.com/
Email: sales@simplyvinyl.com
Location: London, UK
Speciality: As a 180gm vinyl re-issue label we work with most of the world's major record labels specialising in releasing classic 'rock & pop' records from their back catalogue. As well as this, we also issue a number of parallel new releases on 180gm vinyl

Sister Ray Records
Website: www.sisterray.co.uk/
Email: sales@sisterray.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Independent stocking Drum+Bass, Techno, New Releases, Back Cat CDs and Vinyl

Skitzoid Rotary Blastmaster
Website: www.skitzo.dircon.co.uk/sale.htm
Email: skitzo@dircon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Mostly Metal, Thrash, Hardcore and Punk vinyl.

Small Fish
Website: www.smallfish.co.uk/
Email: feedback@smallfish.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Release Dance with Real Audio Samples

Solid Gold Music Promotions
Website: www.solidgoldproms.freeserve.co.uk/
Email: alan@solidgoldproms.freeserve.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Music Promotions Company with lists of Soul rap and Pop promos for Sale.

Some Like It Hotter
Email: dave@cornercupboard.demon.co.uk
Location: Paignton, UK
Speciality: We stock about 25,000 items, mostly vinyl, many world-wide rarities. Open Tues-Sat 10.00-1730, longer in the summer months

Soul a Go-Go
Website: www.soul-a-go-go.demon.co.uk/
Email: Martin@soul-a-go-go.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Soul, Northern, Mod, Jazz etc, lots of collectable stuff

Soul Brother Records
Website: www.soulbrother.com/
Email: SoulBrother@btinternet.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialises in Soul, Jazz and Funk, new releases, classics/rareties on CD and Vinyl - huge stock and catalogue

Soul Explosion
Website: www.soulexplosion.clara.net/
Email: soulexplosion@clara.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Soul, Jazz, Funk, Specialists in hard to find titles

Soul For Sale
Website: www.btinternet.com/~ringgold/
Email: ringgold@btinternet.com
Location: London, UK
Speciality: Northern soul, R&B, mod revival, freakbeat, garage, psych & sixties pop records for sale

Soul Shack
Website: www.soulshack.swinternet.co.uk/
Email: lee@soulshack.swinternet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: private seller! soul funk and dance 7" 12" albums tapes

Soul-Music.net - Soul and Jazz
Website: www.soul-music.net/
Email: soulmusic@btinternet.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Soul and Jazz 7",12",cd and tapes for sale by mail order

Sound Barrier
Website: members.aol.com/sbarrier1/index.htm
Email: SBarrier1@aol.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Titles, Rock, Pop and Classical, many Imports

Sound Zone
Website: alt.venus.co.uk/weed/shops/szone.html
Email: weed@venus.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Release Jungle, Drum 'n Bass, Happy Hardcore, House and Garage.

Website: www.freeyellow.com/members2/soundgallery/
Email: kevin@soundgallery.freeserve.co.uk
Location: London, UK
Speciality: Vinyl at affordable prices

Website: www.soundsonline.com/
Email: sam@eastwestsounds.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: catalogue of music hardware, software and sample CDs with RealAudio previews

Sounds Good
Website: www.will933.freeserve.co.uk/
Email: Doug9@Will933.freeserve.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Independent Retailer with large range of stock from Chart and Back Catalogue CD's to Rare Vinyl

Sounds Perfect
Website: www.musicinkent.co.uk/sounds-perfect
Email: sounds-perfect@musicinkent.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Large general Stock, New and secondhand

Sounds Travel
Website: www.soundstravel.demon.co.uk/
Email: secondbrain@soundstravel.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: International mail order company for collectable vinyl, memorabilia and posters

Email: Soundsarou@aol.com
Location: Derry, UK

Soundsville Records
Website: www.dance-net.demon.co.uk/Soundsville/index.htm
Email: danny@dance-net.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: in hard to find classics and new up-front dance releases

Spellbound Music
Website: www.sbmusic.co.uk
Email: sales@sbmusic.co.uk
Location: Sudenham Hill, UK
Speciality: Best deals in new releases & mainstream back catalogue in the UK

Website: www.spincds.com/
Email: alan@pfoot.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialists in Psyche and prog and Neo-country Re-Issue CDs

Spinna Disc Records
Website: www.spinna.d.records.mcmail.com/
Email: spinnadrecords@mcmail.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: A second hand/new shop selling reasonably priced collectable vinyl. Record lists on line, available for subscription, They Welcome wants Lists

Streetwise Music
Website: www.streetwisemusic.com/
Email: simonstreetwise@hotmail.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialist in Progressive,Hard House,Tech House,Trance,DrumandBass and UK.

Email: su5272@eclipse.co.uk
Location: Hillingdon, UK
Speciality: South African issues.

Website: www.sugarbush.u-net.com/
Email: markus@sugarbush.u-net.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Mainly sell Psychedelic, Progressive, Exotica and Beat from around the world.

Sweet Memories Vinyl Records
Website: www.vinylrecords.co.uk/
Email: nick@vinylrecordsuk.com
Location: Portsmouth, UK
Speciality: Sweet Memories Record Shops is a Mail-Order specialist in 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s Rare Vinyl.

T. Marriott
Email: t.marriott@which.net
Location: Bedford, UK

Tag Records
Website: www.tagrecords.co.uk/
Email: links@tagrecords.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Dance, House, Underground, Techno and Hard-house.

Terry Parker
Email: terrry@parks1001.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Sutton Coldfield, UK

The A.I.M. Group
Website: www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~aimgroup/
Email: sales@aimgroup.globalnet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Collectors page, Beatles and other 60s memorabilia. Great Colour Illustrations

The CD Club
Website: www.cdcsystems.co.uk/cdclub/discs.htm
Email: info@cdcsystems.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Mail order dealer in second hand CDs. Pop, rock music, many rare and deleted titles

The House On The Borderland
Website: home.clara.net/cathaven/index.htm
Email: davelb@bigfoot.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand..selling - Lp's, CD's, Comics Clothing and much more.

The It Boy
Email: theitboy@uni96.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Chesterfield, UK
Speciality: Promos and live appearances

The North
Website: thenorth.freeservers.com/
Email: john.nicholson1@virgin.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: 50's-90's, all genres.

The Record Mill
Website: www.recordmill.demon.co.uk/
Email: webmaster@recordmill.demon.co.uk
Location: Halifax, UK
Speciality: Independent mail order record company specializing in rare and deleted cd's and vinyl covering ROCK / METAL / POP / INDIE. Spanning 1970's - 90's

The Sound Machine
Website: www.soundmachine.co.uk/
Email: wants@soundmachine.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New and secondhand, Promos, pic discs and more.

The Space Bar
Website: thespacebar.co.uk/
Email: records@thespacebar.demon.co.uk
Location: Hebden Bridge, UK
Speciality: Specialist in rare and collectable UK vinyl including rock and roll, folk, pop, rock, fifties, sixties, seventies, videos, LPs, 45s, 78s

The Vault
Website: www.btinternet.com/~recordvault/
Email: recordvault@btinternet.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialsing in second hand drum and bass.

The Zone
Website: www.thezone.co.uk/
Email: feedback@thezone.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New releases, big site.

Website: www.theknowledge.com/
Email: tellitlikeitis@theknowledge
Location: , UK
Speciality: Not A Shop! they do have the addresses of all Chain with No Name indie Shops

Three Beat
Website: www.3beat.co.uk/
Email: 3beat@mail.3beat.uk.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Upfront Dance Music

Email: johnc@tiggers.karoo.co.uk
Location: Hull, UK
Speciality: i've sold records,cds etc.. for many years at most record fairs in the north of england specialising in cd and 7" singles. i believe in offering quality goods at reasonable prices and always try to help!

Time Tunnel Music
Email: john@timetunnelmusic.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Stepney, UK

Timeless Music
Website: www.madasafish.com/~timeless_music/
Email: timeless_music@madasafish.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: 50's to 90's all formats, mainly collectable 60's vinyl and deleted 90's cd singles. Complete with MP3 sound samples.

Website: www.tunes.co.uk/timewarp/
Email: enquiries@tunes.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Release Jazz, funk, soul, Drum'n'bass, Latin or trip hop and grooves

Tiny Cowboy
Website: www.users.dircon.co.uk/~tinycow/
Email: tinycow@dircon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New and Secondhand, mainly Indie

Totem Records
Website: www.totemrecords.com/
Email: sales@totemrecords.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialists in Rare and Collectable Records, 1950s to 1990s

Tower Records UK
Website: www.towerrecords.co.uk/
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Releases, Also London Gig Guide.

Townsend Records
Website: www.townsend-records.co.uk/
Email: sales@townsend-records.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Independent shop specializing in lesser known bands, New release

Track Attack
Website: www.trackattack.co.uk/
Email: sales@trackattack.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Export to over 70 countries world wide "If we can't get you probably won't find it anywhere."

Track records
Website: www.octweb.com/trackrecords
Email: mike@track1.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: independent shop/ huge catalogue /all types of music/no second hand/drum'n'bass

Email: jbtrak99@aol.com
Location: Manchester, UK
Speciality: we are a search and find business run from my home address, we advertise in music magazines and have a wide musical range of stock CDs and LPs.

Website: www.tracks.co.uk/
Email: sales@tracks.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Beatles and other 60s, CDs, Merchandise and memorabilia

Transpennine Record & CD Fairs
Website: www.transpennine.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Transpennine Fairs are the North's leading Cd & Record Fair organisers, providing fair locations such as Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool & Sheffield plus many more.

Trehantiri Music
Website: www.greekmus.demon.co.uk/
Email: trehanti@greekmus.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Greek Arabic and Eurovision Music!

Trotters Rock CDs
Website: members.xoom.com/nigelroberts/cd.htm
Email: trotter@freenet.co.uk
Location: Bolton, UK
Speciality: We specialize in US import cd's at way below UK high street prices of new and used Rock/metal/alternative/hardcore and punk .Many promo items and new cd's available months before UK release!

Tune Inn
Website: www.tuneinn.com/
Email: sales@tuneinn.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Trance, techno and acid vinyl. Online store with MP3's for every record in stock.

Tune To The Music
Email: anggold@ttm.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Hull, UK
Speciality: Books and programmes

Website: www.turntable.demon.co.uk/
Email: sales@turntable.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Vinyl Only, Big List of old but unplayed titles

Uncut Records
Website: www.jepa.co.uk/uncut/
Email: garyuncut@aol.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: dance music record shop. online catalogue of house, garage, techno and other styles

Universal Export Records
Website: www.ue-records.com/
Email: sales@ue-records.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Online collectors store specialising in dance music, secure ordering available.

Uptown Records
Website: www.uptownrecords.com/
Email: webmaster@uptownrecords.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: New Release Dance

Vambo Records and CDs
Email: brian.clifton@talk21.com
Location: Inverclyde, UK

Veteran Mail Order
Website: ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/VETERAN/
Email: Veteran@compuserve.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialist in traditional English, Irish, and Scottish folk music from small and not so small escotric cassette and CD labels

Video Extraviganza
Website: www.videoext.force9.co.uk/
Email: sales@videoext.force9.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: New CDs and Videos

Vinyl Addictions
Website: www.polkaville.com/vinyl
Email: 101325.1414@compuserve.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand and collectable, large stock

Vinyl Countdown
Website: www.vinylcountdown.freeserve.co.uk/
Email: darren@vinylcountdown.freeserve.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Good selection of secondhand english 7" vinyl

Vinyl Matters
Website: www.vinylmatters.co.uk/
Email: ap@vinylmatters.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialising in House Garage and Trance. Mail order available.

Vinyl Network
Website: www.vinyl-net.com/
Email: sales@vinyl-net.com
Location: Falmouth, UK
Speciality: Comprehensive drum & bass website, supporting back catalogue coverage of over 200 labels with comprehensive reviews and audio, in addition to interviews and charts from some of the music's leading players

Vinyl Revival
Website: www.icn.co.uk/vr.html
Email: vrr@icn-ltd.com
Location: Newbury, UK
Speciality: One of the South of Englands largest vinyl stockist. LP's, EP's, 12" and 7"

Vinyl Science
Website: www.vinylscience.co.uk/
Email: email@vinylscience.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: House, Techno, Trance, Hip Hop, Garage, DandB. New and Second Hand.

Vinyl Solution
Website: mypage.ihost.com/vinylsol/
Email: BobRothwell@compuserve.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialists in seeking out Hard to Find and Deleted Vinyl.

Vinyl Tap
Website: www.vinyltap.co.uk/
Email: sales@vinyltap.co.uk
Location: LEEDS, UK
Speciality: We are a Leeds based company who specialise in rare and deleted cd's,vinyl and memorabilia for many differnent styles of music including pop,new wave,rock, heavy metal, jazz, folk, progressive rock etc.

Vinyl Underground
Website: www.vinylunderground.force9.co.uk/
Email: aidy@vinylunderground.force9.net
Location: , UK
Speciality: Dance Vinyl

Vinyl Vern's Second Hand Record Emporium
Website: www.threewa.co.uk/vern/index.html
Location: , UK
Speciality: Purveyor of second hand records

Website: www.vinylexchange.co.uk/
Email: mailorder@vinylexchange.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: All kinds of music catered for on both vinyl and CD. Rarities a speciality.

Vinylman International Record Fairs
Website: www.musicmemorabilia.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK

Website: www.vinylsearch.co.uk/
Email: vinyl.search@virgin.net
Location: Cardiff, UK
Speciality: specialising in easy, exotica, film/ tv /theatre, vocalists,orchestral and more!

Website: www.vinyluk.com
Email: sales@vinyluk.com
Location: Leeds, UK
Speciality: We have 100,000 items, of which the best will be for on-line sale only. We have many promos and rare items still to catalogue.

Virtual Vinyl
Website: www.rcb.easynet.co.uk/vv/
Email: rcb@easynet.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialists in exotica, electronica, off-world lounge music, soundtracks and the downright weird!

Virtual Vinyl
Website: www.virtualvinyl.ndirect.co.uk/
Email: mbaxendale@ndirect.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: 1000's Used dance rarities, classics and deletions - hiphop, hardcore, club, etc

Website: visionary.co.uk/
Email: king@visionary.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: The Bible of Video Sub-Culture, They stock a huge range of films and Music Videos

Visual Vinyl
Website: www.visual-vinyl.co.uk/
Email: andy@visual-vinyl.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Heavy Rock Collectables

Way Out West Records
Email: steve@ifeel.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Plymouth, UK
Speciality: jazz,funk,soul,disco,raregroove,easy,exotica+60s/70s rock/prog.collectable and general. vinyl only

Wayne Read
Website: www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Show/9781/forsale.html
Email: wayneread@clara.co.uk
Location: Dorking, UK
Speciality: Big fan + collector of Bon Jovi cd's. selling own collection to test the water for selling cd's in general, my catalog is small at the moment but i am hoping to expand further.

West End Records
Website: www.w-e-music.demon.co.uk/
Email: keith@w-e-music.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialists in Jazz, Classical, Folk and Comedy Vinyl

What's that noise?
Email: whatnoise@aol.com
Location: Nelson, UK
Speciality: We buy and sell collectable/deleted indie/alternative records with emphasis on newer artists. We stock imports, can order most overseas releases are always looking to buy collectables in good condition. Wants lists are always welcome.

Whiplash Records
Website: www.whiplashrecords.co.uk
Email: sales@whiplashrecords.co.uk
Location: Widnes, UK
Speciality: Selling second hand vinyl covering Punk, Indie, Space rock, grunge and Goth

Wonka Music
Website: www.ginjaninja73.freeserve.co.uk
Email: jrgale99@yahoo.com
Location: London, UK
Speciality: My aim is provide properly graded, reasonable priced new and used records/cds

Woosh's Collectable Vinyls
Website: www.angelfire.com/hi3/woosh
Email: woosh@ukonline.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Private collector of sixties singles willing to buy sell and swap individual items.

World Cup Vinyl
Website: www.netjunction.freeserve.co.uk/vinyl/
Email: vinyl@netjunction.freeserve.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Rare Punk, New Wave, Oi!, Hardcore, Industrial, Electronic, Pop Vinyl

Website: www.octweb.com/wowie
Email: wowie@octweb.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Secondhand and Collectable, Download thier whole list or search online

Website: www.xrecords.co.uk/
Email: xrecords@xrecords.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialists in Rock, Indie, Punk, Dance, Soul, Hip-Hop, Imports, CD's and Vinyl, over 30,000 items listed.

Xixxy Inc
Website: freespace.virgin.net/david.hampson/tradlist.htm
Email: xixxy.inc@iname.com
Location: Northampton, UK
Speciality: Hip hop, electro, dance, techno, IDM, downtempo, etc for sale/trade

Website: www.yalplay.com/
Email: support@Yalplay.com
Location: , UK
Speciality: Music And Films, Interactive website. New Only

Yellow Submarine
Website: www.zyworld.com/wiggum
Email: yellow@submarinez.freeserve.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: specialists in indie/rock/randb and chart cds/vinyl and promotional merchandise

Yellowhead Music Mail Order
Website: www.yellowhead.demon.co.uk/
Email: yellowmail@yellowhead.demon.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Specialising in house, garage, techno, hip hop, 70's/80's soul and funk, popular artists and drum n bass 12" vinyl new and old plus soul, funk and dance LP's.

Zoomba Records
Website: www.zoomba.freeserve.co.uk/
Email: lee@zoomba.freeserve.co.uk
Location: , UK
Speciality: Dance music specialist, all forms catered for with Worldwide mail order service

Zoot Alors Posters
Website: members.xoom.com/zootalors
Email: terry@cart79.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Westgate On Sea, UK
Speciality: Mail order poster company selling original tour posters, sourcing posters worldwide. I have been selling posters since 1997 and have customers worldwide

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