Montserrat 2001

Holiday snaps (vacation photos)

Pictures taken during our holiday in Montserrat, June-July 2001, by John Wells and Gabriel Parsons.

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1. The ferry

The ferry ticket office in Antigua - no signs, no welcome, nowhere to wait

Opale Express, the ferry to Montserrat

The island seen from the north
(Old Quaw, one of the sites proposed for a new airport, is the flat shelf to the left)

Little Bay, the island's port
2. People

Prof. Sir Howard Fergus

Gabriel with the Chief Minister, John Osborne ('John Bassey')

...and with Adeline Tuitt

Rev. Joan Delsol Meade

Rose Willock (of Radio Montserrat ZJB)

Joseph Meade (Speaker)

Teacher Jim (Osborne), Rocklands

Eve, Harris's/Lookout

Olivette, Long Ground/Drummonds

Adena (Olivette's daughter) with uncle Gabriel

Icilma, Banks

Winifred Saunders (r.), Spanish Point/Barzey's, with friend

Daniel Meade, Tuitts/Golden Years Retirement Home

Gabriel and John Coba, Geralds

Gabriel and Maggie, Tuitts/Geralds

Sylvester, Spanish Point/Geralds
3. Places

Judy Piece, after the Sunday service

view from St Peter's, looking south

Lookout, looking north. In the background: Old Quaw, Pinnacle Rock

Old Road Bay
4. The volcano

John with the volcano as a backdrop...

...and Gabriel, ditto (Belham)

On Jackboy Hill, looking south towards the old airport

The devastation where once stood Trants, Spanish Point, Farms and Bethel. Far left: the old airport
5. Doing touristy things

John in the pool, Olveston

Gabriel at Woodlands Beach

John at Woodlands Beach

A "banton", a stray weakling sheep

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