Gabriel Parsons and John Wells

Woodlands house

Pictures taken by John on 30 June 2001

"Wintershaven" (Block 12/3 Parcel 268), Woodlands, Montserrat, West Indies; formerly belonging to Betty Winters.

We acquired this house on 5 November 2001.

The house is two or three minutes from Woodlands beach in the northwest of the island, well away from the effects of the volcano that recently devastated the south and east. See map. From the Salem-St Peters main road, take the side road signposted Woodlands Beach. Take the first turning left. The house is immediately on the left.

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The outside of the house

From the road

The main entrance is to the right. Below, in the centre, is the entrance to the apartment

To the right is the pool (looking up from below)

The veranda is over the apartment (view from pool)

The main entrance (OK, it needs some redecoration)

Going round the back

The garden slopes steeply

The pool from below, with the house behind

Views from the house

The veranda

Looking out from the veranda. The beach is five minutes' walk away

You can see Redonda

View from the house down the drive

The inside of the house

The main room (not opened up)

The main room: dining corner

The master bedroom

The master bedroom: en-suite bathroom

The master bedroom: plenty of cupboard space

The den, between the master bedroom and the main room

Guest bedroom

Study/bedroom 3

The kitchen

The kitchen

The kitchen (note hatch to veranda)

Pots and pans

Cooker and sink (fridge out of view to the left)

The apartment and the pool

Main room, looking towards kitchen

The apartment has its own kitchen

The pool, empty at present

Looking down from the pool to the garden

The garden

There's a mango tree...

...even if it's not bearing much this year

Looking down the drive

Looking back

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