Steve G (Engineering)



 Motor Morphers 

Presented by Jason 'Gadget Show' Bradbury


"This is a show for anyone who’s ever wondered – how does that work? We’re bringing guerrilla engineering to a new audience in a brand new format to get inside great, hulking vehicles and completely transform them into something else using whatever means and materials are to hand. Viewers will love the feats of engineering, the creative thinking, and the rivalry of two charismatic teams."

Emma Read, Head of Factual and Features at ITN Productions


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Episode S1E1 – 8pm Monday May 6th, Concrete Mixer

Episode S1E2 – 8pm Monday May 13th, Milk Float

Episode S1E3 – 7pm Monday 20th May, Beet Harvester

Episode S1E4 – 8pm Monday 27th May 2013, Green Goddess