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 10th May 2005 - Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow dates ?

I am pleased to report that the C4 Ed on the Channel 4 website forum has confirmed the details for the Scrapheap 'live' event. This is what the Scrapheap crew posted today on the forum......

"This is to confirm that the Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow will be taking place on Saturday 11th June at Montpellier Gardens in Cheltenham. The event will be starting from 10am and is in connection with the Cheltenham Science Festival. The event is not in the Cheltenham Science Festival Guide as this was printed before we had scheduled the event.

At present Robert Llewellyn and Lisa Rogers are also scheduled to appear in a Q and A session at the Science Festival on the Sunday evening of the 12th June.

For more information regarding the Science Festival please visit:


The Scrapheap Team"

Looks like I may have to get the two wheels out for a spin westwards to Gloucestershire.


8th May 2005 - Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow dates ?

I have made a post of the Channel 4 website forum to ask them if they can confirm the confusion regarding the details of the dates and times for the event mentioned below so keep your browser aimed at the Channel 4 website forum for a reply.


2nd May 2005 - Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow

Just to make sure you are all aware below is a statement made by RDF Media's producers regarding a 'Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow' that is happening on Saturday June 11th 2005 (or maybe Sunday 12th June 2005) ........ read the following extract from the C4 forum pages ......................

"On Saturday June 11th, Robert Llewellyn, Lisa Rogers and the rest of the Scrapheap crew will be descending lock, stock and rusty barrel onto the Cheltenham Science Festival, to hold the first ever Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow.

This challenge will pit twenty home built tomatoes flinging machines against each other in a titanic test of power and accuracy. The winner of our all comers 'Tomato Trials' will not only be the first recipient of an unique Scrapheap Challenge trophy but will also get the chance to take on the Scrapheap All Stars in the Grand Final.

The Scrapheap All stars are the ultimate Scrapheap team - a turbo driven trio currently featuring of our very own head of engineering, the mighty Hadrian Spooner, who'll be joined by a true Scrapheap icon - skipper of the Megalomaniacs – Nosher, and a man who always does 'A Proper Job!' – Barley Pickers' Captain, Andy Barnes."

The reason that I say above the event should be Saturday 11th June or maybe Sunday 12th June is because the Channel 4 website forum has posted the dates as Sat 11th June, but the Cheltenham Festival website have posted a date as Sunday 12th June from 6.00 to 7.00 but this might however be a talk by the shows presenters. Anyway keep your eye on the official festival site and click on 'events' for more details for each day. If you have time make sure you get down the Cheltenham Science Festival in Gloucestershire.


30th March 2005 - Filming begins for the Scrapheap Challenge 2005, UK series-8

As the time clocks roll forward into the Spring & Summer seasons we can all rest in peace knowing that the filming begins next week for the Scrapheap Challenge 2005, UK series-8. This latest offering brings to us new challenges and new teams and once again a brand new location for the filming. More information during the later months but as normal I will NOT be giving away any secrets regarding the teams or the challenges or the new location until after the series is aired which is due to begin around September 2005. What I can offer you however are those tempting snippets of information to whet the appetite and keep you wondering 'what can they have in store for us this time ?' .............. just as you thought you have seen it all they still have big sleeves to keep those surprises tucked way inside.


7th March 2005 - Scrappy Races USA aka 'The Great Race'.

As the second showing of the original Scrappy Races series draws to an end it is NOT the end of happy viewing for all you Scrapheap and Scrappy Races fans. Next Sunday 13th March 2004 at 6.30pm brings the UK premier of the USA version of Scrappy Races USA originally shown in the US as 'The Great Race'. You will find it interesting to see how the USA version is so close to the original UK format of Scrappy Races as the four teams consisting of 'bikers' (Team Anarchy with a Buick hearse) and 'fire fighters' (Team Fire Power with a red Chevy van) and 'girls' (Metal Maidens with a pink caddy convertible) and 'farmers' (Team Farm Boys with a Ford truck) all battle it out for the crown of glory.

The show is presented by Bobbi Sue Luther and Rossi Morreale aided by Greg Bryant (of behind the scenes Full Metal Challenge fame). The teams all begin the great race with their own rear wheel drive American vehicle where they modify the machines at each stop point for a special challenge. Visit my sister Scrappy Races website to find out more as it happens.

Anyway I will not give away anything more so watch and enjoy.

Steve G


30th January 2005 - website modifications

I have received reports from some people attempting to access this website that they are experiencing problems. It seems that the script that is used to provide the 'mouse trail effect' may be the cause of conflict. I have therefore removed this feature from the site for further testing. If anyone has any comments regarding this sites access or contents please keep me informed.

On a separate note I can advise that the makers of Scrapheap Challenge have been receiving the teams applications for the next series-8 for 2005 and although the deadline for applications has passed they would still be interested in interested parties. You can apply by using this Channel 4 Scrapheap Website.

The Scrappy Races 2 series is now on it's forth episode each Sunday evening and next week (Sunday 6th February 2005 on UK channel 4 television) will conclude with this years challenges. Visit my sister Scrappy Races website to find out more.


1st December 2004 - Scrappy Races 2 projected show dates for 2005

The Scrappy Races 2 spies have discovered new information from within the undergrowth of the Scrapheap and have thrown a large rusty axle through my window with a note attached to it which reads ..............

Go to my sister Scrappy Races website to find out more.


26th November 2004 - APPLY NOW to take part in Scrapheap Challenge 2005, UK series-8

The makers of Scrapheap Challenge RDF Media have been commissioned to produce a further fifteen episodes of Scrapheap Challenge and are now taking applications from teams who wish to take part in the next Scrapheap Challenge UK series-8. Interested teams can apply using the information at the Channel 4 Scrapheap Website or by clicking here . You will find a questions and answers page as well as a printable application form. If you have any problems downloading the application form or have any specific questions relating to the application process then you can also telephone RDF Media direct on 0207-013-4472 quoting 'Forum & Steve G'. This number is for application queries only.

Good luck guys and gals and keep me informed on how your applications progress so we can prepare a diary of your events leading to your hopefully become a part of scrapheap history.


25th November 2004 - Minor amendments to the text below further to information from the Anoraks themselves. Due to an error on my part the original text below unfortunately missed the fact that Geoff was not in the team for the final and that Andy Cross stepped into help. Read on ...................

24th November 2004 - The NEW Scrapheap overall champions are the ANORAKS

There we have it for 2004, a new overall Scrapheap Challenge champion team........ the ANORAKS . The 'normal' team captain Geoff could not unfortunately make it for the grand final due to personal reasons, and therefore Marc and Lyndon were assisted by Andy Cross who is an old friend of Lyndon's. They were guided along with the help of their episode expert Mark Haile to ensured that their lorry based 'Juggernaut' tractor puller successfully pulled 5 tonne of logs behind them in true style. The Cat-alysts also completed the first round with a 1.3 tonne log however their time was much longer, they then failed to complete the second run dragging 5 tonne logs when their tractor decided to give up with mechanical problems. As the Anoraks did complete the second round with 5 tonne they were given the opportunity of a glory run to see if they could make the third round by dragging 8 tonne of logs behind them. The Anoraks made a good start and almost made it a hat-trick when unfortunately their rear tyres dug in despite the massive water load to provide ballast. In fact their 'machine' actually crossed the finish line but the 'towing hitch' didn't and that's what counts. Well done to the ANORAKS. There is an Anoraks website that is maintained by Lyndon who is also an active contributor on the official Channel 4 Scrapheap Challenge chat forum.

So that is it for 2004, well not quite. Even though it was not promoted at the end of the grand final episode you will pleased to hear the Scrapheap has not yet finished for 2004. On November 28th 2004 there will be this years 'Best of SERIES' awards, and the for the first time ever there will be this year two viewers vote episodes that allowed viewers to vote for their favourite show ever for the past history of Scrapheap Challenge. A number of viewers will appear on screen to give their reasons why they felt their vote should win and the 'Best of Scrapheap ... EVER' will be screened on Sunday 5th and 12th December 2004. That will be later followed on 19th December 2004 with this years 2004 Christmas Scrapheap Special when you will see three teams have 20 hours each to build three different rail locomotives.

Have a good one and then take it easy until next year when it will be the turn of those Scrappy Racers to bless your screens. For more information about Scrappy Races visit my sister website at


14th November 2004 - The ANORAKS become the Scrapheap 2004 series-7 winners

Well done tonight to the Anoraks in securing victory in the 2004 series-7 scrapheap challenges. As already reported below this now leaves them with the dubious task of taking on the experienced might of the of the present reigning overall champions the Catalysts that is being aired on 21st November 2004 in the UK on Channel 4 television. You just have to ask yourself which team will pull it off !


13th November 2004 - Trains, Trains and more Trains ............

According to a good viewer of Scrapheap, many thanks for the info Tom, many railway enthusiasts have by now found a copy of 'Steam Railway' on the newsagents shelves that provide a little more detail about the 2004 Christmas Scrapheap special that is being aired on 19th December 2004 in the UK on Channel 4 television (check local press nearer to for times). To celebrate 200 years of railways this years Christmas special will involve three teams in making three different railway engines in only 20 hours.

However before that we still have the final to decide the Scrapheap Challenge 2004 series final winners due to air (tomorrow)on 14th November 2004 on UK Channel 4, will it be the Anoraks or the Hairy Hogs ?, whichever wins it will lead to the ultimate battle for them to reign supreme because the 2004 series winners will then on November 21st need to take on the might of the reigning overall champions the Catalysts. Who will be the ultimate Scrapheap team this year ?

There will also be a 'Best of series' Rusty Awards show on November 28th 2004, and on top of all this don't forget that we also have the opportunity for the first time ever to see the results of who voted for what in the recent on-line viewers vote under two headings, 'The Hard and the Hardy', and 'The Fast and the Furious' to be screened on the 5th and 12th December 2004. You will see short interviews with viewers who were filmed giving their personal reasons for why they decided to vote for a particular episode. I wonder if my old antics will be relived with the Chaos Crew and the Demolition Muncher, or maybe the Car Crusher with the Megalomaniacs. Which team will pull it off, we shall see.

Keep watching and enjoy !!!!!!


12th November 2004 - about the earlier Off Road Rescue challenge...........

I was asked once again to work behind the scenes as technical consultant for the Off Road Rescue challenge. As both machines involved hydraulic I was responsible for ensuring both machines hydraulic systems function as required on the day. Fortunately both systems worked well and did their job and as usual with hydraulics the structural strength of the machine MUST also match the forces applied and in this challenge both teams gave this issue great consideration, however as we now know from the results the Rough Riders tractor failed on the tractor casting assembly where the hydraulic steering assembly was attached. The motto of this story is not only to check the strength of your build but also the integrity of the donor chassis that you build upon.

On the test day as the hydraulic system was in good working condition I was approached by the RDF director Bill Hobbins to ask if I would act as one of the 'Men In White Coats' .......... coooooool. I thought well I have been team expert twice, and behind the scene consultant for three series so why not wear a white coat as well. The bad news was that my on screen location was right in the water next to the car to be recovered to ensure that the teams abide by the Health & Safety rules as things can slip the mind when you rush in front a camera, however the good news was that I got to work right next to Lisa standing on the island in the middle .......... double coooooool! At the last moment everyone realised that nobody had prepared the green and red flags as required so at last minute the art department made these massive flags on poles of steel rod from the engineering department and they were so heavy that too swing the flags back and forth almost broke my arms. The green flag was required when the teams were fully strapped into their seat belts before moving away from the 'lift recovery' and also the red flag for when the tractor got stuck and finally broke down.

Anyway during the build days I took a number of extra behind the scenes photographs and have posted them for you in my Photo Gallery click the link to go to the gallery and choose gallery number 12.

7th November 2004 - Photo gallery Added

Photo Gallery 12 added with images from the earlier Off Road rescue episode for which I acted as technical consultant.


10th September 2004 - 2004 Scrapheap series 7

Links section updated to reflect new locations for the official Channel 4 websites.

Due to my being out of the UK until October this website will be next updated in a few weeks time to reflect the first few episodes, my apologies for the delay. In the meantime keep a lookout for my ugly mug appearing on the 26th September 2004, I normally these days work behind the scenes for various episodes but this time they also managed to get a white coat on me (no not a straight jacket) so no laughing please.


1st September 2004 - The BRAND NEW Scrapheap series 7 begins on Sunday 5th September 2004

The fantastic news is that Scrapheap Challenge 2004 series 7 begins on Channel 4 television in the UK at 6.30pm on Sunday 5th September 2004. This opening program sees the 'Anoraks' battle it out against the fireman team named the 'Hoselliers' in a Sand Racing challenge. This series consists of 15 episodes, the first 13 episodes as previous years contain the heats, the final to decide this years winners, and then the grand final when this years winners take on the might of the reigning champions the Catalysts. The 14th and 15th episode are specials that are being edited as you read this that will consist of the results of the viewers votes as I mentioned below on 8th August 2004. I can also assure you from the e-mail that I have received that the makers RDF Media are indeed contacting many of those people who voted to decide who they will include as a part of the program doing an interview so YOU can personally give your reasons why you voted for a particular episode.

You can view a trailer of the 2004 series at Scrapheap Challenge 2004

Set those video recorders and don't miss a second of the latest offering from RDF Media for Channel 4.

Note: In the new year you will be pleased to know that there will also be a second series of Scrappy Races, keep your eye on my sister website for more information.


30th August 2004 - new Link added

AI received an e-mail today from a Robert Maitland who has developed a new Scrapheap Revisited website with a twist. Robert has decided to look back over some of the machine that 'didn't quite make it' and is using his own hindsight to comment on why & how it could have been prevented. His site is still new and under development but worth keeping an eye on.


8th August 2004 - Vote for your favorite episodes and appear on Scrapheap

As already suspected by me (see my earlier posting dated June 13th below) there are two extra shows at the end of this years 2004 Scrapheap Challenge series that will consist of what you the viewer would best like to see from the scrapheap years of engineering excellence and bodging beauty. If you go to the Scrapheap Challenge website at you will see the program makers RDF Media in association with Channel 4 have short-listed a number of past episodes under two headings, 'The Hard and the Hardy', and 'The Fast and the Furious'. What you do is click on the small link within the text and then make your vote. The top votes will form the basis of two special extra episodes and the shows will be edited especially to show the vote winning episodes. This means that the 2004 episodes will consist of the series-7 challenges culminating in the series final and then the grand final against the present champions the Cat-alysts, followed by a 'Best of this series', then the above mentioned two special episode showing the viewers vote winners, and finally this years Christmas special.

you see when you vote you enter your e-mail and that means [quote] "if the programme you voted for appears in the top ten, then you could have the opportunity to appear on the show!

Yes, register your vote and we could turn up with a film crew to your home, office or workshop and ask you to explain on camera why you love the show you voted for."

Some come on guys and gals get the votes registered and be a part of SCRAPHEAP CHALLENGE

Good luck.

p.s. don't forget that I was with the Chaos Crew building the demolition 'Muncher' and also with the Megalomaniacs building a 'Car Crusher' .......... hint ! hint ! ;-)

16th June 2004 - Scrapheap Challenge 2003 series re-run on Channel 4, 27th June 2004

In case you guys and gals have not heard Channel 4 are re-running the Scrapheap Challenge 2003 series from this Sunday 27th June at 6.30pm

The series final for this years 2004 Scrapheap series due to be screened hopefully around September, but check the press nearer the date or check this website

Just thought you would be interested.

Steve G


13th June 2004 - Scrapheap Challenge 2004 near completion of filming

The 2004 series of Scrapheap Challenge is now almost completed with only the series final and grand final yet to be filmed. This years series of teams and machines looks set to open new areas of challenges than ever before. As reported earlier the behind the scene team have changed a lot this year and under the leadership of Bill Hobbins who was responsible for bring you the excellent Scrappy Races series they look set to break new ground. The show still has that extreme element where you find that if you want something you have to build it ........... or pay the price for not doing so. It is hoped that this 2004 Scrapheap Challenge will be aired from about September 2004 on UK television on Channel 4. Why not nearer to September CONTACT Channel 4 television and ask them to provide more trailers this year to promote the show but without giving the machines away because they always try to promote a show by spoiling the surprise element of what gets built, a difficult balance I agree.

You guys and gals Stateside could also get to see this series sometime later if TLC buy up the program as I have been led to believe that the film set in L.A. that has so far been used for Junkyard Wars filming is in fact no more there. So if you would still like to see Scrapheap in the USA then make sure you let Discovery TLC, Junkyard Wars know your wishes, contact them and ask them where Junkyard/Scrapheap has got too. Unless they know your interested then maybe they wont spend their dosh on the series.

but that's not all folks ! because immediately after the filming of the grand final of Scrapheap 2004 RDF Television, the makers of Scrapheap Challenge / Junkyard Wars / Scrappy Races are filming this years Christmas Special 2004. I cannot say too much at that this stage other then the fact that there will be three teams competing to make a group of machines that according my insider information will make excellent viewing.

and that's STILL not all folks !!!!! because I am also led to believe that for the first time in the Scrapheap Challenge history the viewers will be able to have their own input as to which shows are aired. It seems that plans are afoot to list on the Scrapheap Challenge 2004 website a list of about fifteen past shows that Scrapheap fans will be able to vote for as the ones they would most like to see again. If all goes to plan then they will screen the top three most voted for episodes soon after this years scrapheap series. Hmmm, I wonder if my time with the Chaos Crew and the mighty Muncher will be listed ? All this is still to be confirmed but keep you eyes open for more info. At this time the Scrapheap Challenge 2004 website is not active until the show begins, but you could go to the Scrapheap Challenge 2003 site to see what's happening for now.

There is also MORE NEWS about Scrappy Races that can be found on the Steve G Scrappy Races site


27th April 2004 - Scrapheap Challenge 2004 series 7 filming is in progress

Hi everyone, thought I would just bring you up to date and also show I am still alive. We are please to say that the filming for the 2004 Scrapheap Challenge is in progress and that the final will be filmed around June. Thereafter it is in the hands of those wonderful editors who have the fantastic job of viewing all those out-takes to distil the approximately 70 hours of video tape recorded at every filmed episode down to that wonder one hour of viewing pleasure for all you Scrapheap die hards. You wont be disappointed as the series keeps hold of those good old favourite values but at the same time brings you new ideas and teams that prove life still produces some great engineers. As a personal viewpoint I was at first concerned how this latest series would turn out due a massive change of personnel on the production side but after only the first couple of weeks all concerns were quashed and it was clear that the new blood have injected that special potion to oil the machine of imaginary creation that will continue to bring you what we want to see.

Many other things are happening world-wide that are clear off-shoots of this successful series but more of that later in the year. Due to personal commitments during this year thing will be a little quite until nearer the air date of the show so bookmark this site and don't miss that important first episode.

In the meantime if you are new to this site, before you go have a look at the past Steve G Scrapheap History and also visit the channel 4 sites that can be found in the Links section below.

Steve G


2nd April 2004 - Scrapheap Challenge 2004 series 7 begins filming

I am please to confirm for you all that Scrapheap Challenge 2004 has began filming in the UK. The format remains the same although many changes have taken place behind the scenes in respect of the production crew. At this time it is not clear how this new blood may effect the outcome of the program although as I said the general format remains solid. Every year people comment on how "There cannot be anything else left to do", generally this is to a certain extent true however people have never re-invented electricity yet every year they make exciting new electronic products that keep our interest and provide us with many hours of enjoyment, and Scrapheap Challenge 2004 will be no exception in it's effort to bring the viewers new teams with new machines. As things progress over the coming months I shall be bringing you snippets of information from behind the scenes to whet your appetite for metal mania, noise, and loads of welding sparks. As in the past and true to form I will however not be releasing any details of the actual machines or teams until the show airs this coming September 2004 on UK television.

May the Scrapheap tournament begin .............................. AGAIN !!!! Here is to a Scrappy 2004.



17th February 2004 - Junkyard Mega Wars - At the movies

This is a message for you guys who reside on the Stateside of the pond. I have been asked by RDFmedia in L.A. to let you all know about a new show that is going out Stateside this coming Sunday Feburary 22nd 2004 at 8pm (not sure if that is eastern or westcoast time so check local press details). This new show is called 'Junkyard Mega Wars: At the Movies' and if the reviews are good it is hoped that Channel 4 in the UK may buy the show from TLC so us guys in the UK get a look in. If anyone can record it for me ( for my address) and send a copy it would be great, costs paid of course. Anyway this is the brief that I got from Studio City .............

"Three teams behind Hollywood's blockbuster special effects battle it out to build the ultimate fighting robot - it must breathe fire, shoot bullets and save the world from an Alien Invasion. Presented by Junkyard MegaWars hosts, Rossi Morreale, Bobbi-Sue Luther and Robert Llewellyn.

This is Junkyard Mega Wars Movie Mayhem and the reputations of the biggest names in the business are at stake. Normally Special Effects teams have months in hi-tech studios and million dollar budgets to work with, but on this Special Show all they have is 2 days and a pile of junk to build their multi-task machines! Each machine must compete in 3 terrifying rounds - first it must destroy as many of the alien invaders as it can in a Wild West shoot out. Next it'll need to torch towering aliens, which can only be destroyed by flames, in a post-apocalyptic New York setting. And finally it will need to blast through a force field before destroying the Mother Alien Queen in Ancient Egypt. Then, and only then, will Earth be safe!

But that's not all: because this is Hollywood, for the first time in the history of Junkyard Wars, the machines will also be judged on how they'll look. Each team is desperate to make their machine represent the heritage of their company and look better than the others.

Making up these teams are the creative minds behind some of Hollywood's greatest blockbuster hits. In Kermit green is a team of ace puppeteers from Jim Henson's Creature Shop (The Muppets). In Imperial black is a team from George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic (Star Wars). And in blood soaked red is a team of goremeisters from KNB FX (Kill Bill, Spawn, Halloween, Friday the 13th).

Undertaking the tricky task of judging the machine creations on their looks is Oscar winning FX wizard John Richardson (Alien). Commenting on the progress of these movie-masters is regular junk expert Greg Bryant."

Well that's it guys ........ Happy viewing you lucky devils, and don't forget to tell us what it is like.

As for me this Sunday, I'll be with the Scrappy Racers having a beer or two, or three, well a few anyway.


Sunday 1st February 2004 on UK channel 4 television at 6.30pm

Scrappy Races


The Chaos Crew

The Megalomaniacs

The Barley Pickers

Green Goddesses

The Boat Buoys

presented by

Robert Llewellyn and Lisa Rogers

judged by Hadrian Spooner

I will posted the link for the official channel 4 / RDF media Scrappy Races website as soon as I know what it is. In the meantime I will post what news and information I have for you all on my dedicated site at


17th January 2004 - The New Year is here and Scrapheap Challenge back again.

The New Year is here and 2004 promises to bring series-7 of Scrapheap Challenge to the UK viewers. I am pleased to say that the UK Scrapheap Challenge format is likely to be retained unlike the changes to the last two series of the United States version Junkyard Wars where they have permanent team captains that each week choose individual team members. The last series of Junkyard Wars is presently showing in the US where our old friend Col.Dick Strawbridge is one of the two permanent captains along with Hackett. After the very poor reviews for last years Junkyard Wars it is hoped that this latest Junkyard series can pull some magic out of the bag or the future is bleak for the US series. To keep up to date with Junkyard events visit Discovery TLC, Junkyard Wars for all the series information, and watch this space for breaking news.


The next big thing in the UK is Scrappy Races where you will see some grand old favourite team faces back on your screens. This new four part series was due to be screened after Scrapheap 2003 but as I write this we are all still awaiting Channel 4 to decide on a transmission date. Again watch this space for breaking news as it happens. In the meantime have a look at Scrappy Races to find out a little more.

Have a great New Year

Steve G



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