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28th February 2007 – Still awaiting the transmission of UK Scrapheap Challenge series-9

Unfortunately we have still not received any information from Channel 4 television regarding the transmission dates for the missing Scrapheap Challenge series-9 that was filmed last year in 2006. Since Scrapheap Challenge began in the UK back in 1999 last year 2006 was the first time that the series was not aired. For this reason this website will go on-hold until further information is available.


21st January 2007 – The saga of the Channel 4 Scrapheap forum

As you will already be aware from my posting below dated 12th January 2007 my log-in was revoked from the C4 forums. One of their moderators decided to get out of the bed the wrong side that day and felt that even though I had been making reference to this Steve G Scrapheap website for almost six years, without any problems to anyone, they decided that I should now be banned from the C4 forum. Their removal of my log-in permission has also removed almost every post I have made to the forum, and the only traces of my being there are located as ‘quotes’ within replies from other members. Having read the ‘terms & regulations’ in full I cannot find any reference that say this is not allowed. I also wonder why C4 allowed my weblink to remain as part of my default forum signature. I confirm that at no time did C4 ever pre-advise me of their concerns …….. then out of the blue they just took away my log-in permissions.

Anyway, after I contacted the C4 forum administrator, and also C4 received a call from RDF Television the makers of Scrapheap Challenge, the C4 forum administrator did re-instate my log-in permission. Last week I logged onto the forum to post the following message in the ‘Steve G’ thread started by Craig (many thanks Craig), this was going to be my message to you all ……………..

Hi everyone ....... I'm back !

It does seem that the C4 forum became a little over enthusiastic and locked me out due to my promoting my own website. This means you will have to look me up yourselves in the future to keep up with some news I cannot post here. I have promised to be a good boy and therefore the issue has now been resolved and I would like to thank Craig for his help in informing you all with this thread, Trikerjack for your hint of my return (good luck to your other half when he finally gets on-air with SHC series-9), RDF Television who made a little call to C4, and of course those who contacted me regarding this unfortunate event.

I also heard today that our old friends Andy & John from the Chaos Crew, are in training for the build up to their taking part in the 2009 Paris Dakar on a pair of 450cc bikes.

Looking forward to a vibrant Scrapheap forum

Steve G

Unfortunately after writing the reply text in the box, as soon as I clicked the button to post my message to you all the system returned a window that said my post has been forwarded to a moderator for checking before posting. As my post did not appear after two days I tried again with the same result. As at today my C4 forum posts have still not appeared. It is clear that Channel 4 are employing moderators that are creating their own destiny of doom. If anyone can spot what I may have written in the post above that upset the moderators I would be pleased to hear your comments, maybe I might even hear from the actual moderator that suppressed my posts.
I therefore regretfully inform everyone that Steve G will no longer participate the C4 Scrapheap forum, as if I could anyway J , this is because I no longer wish to be embroiled in the childish and dictatorial actions of the C4 forum administrator or moderators.

The sad news as detailed below on 17th January really puts everything into true perspective, and silly matters such as the C4 forum can be disposed of without loss to anyone.

Still very much looking forward to the artistic work of RDF Television and the many series-9 teams whenever they do finally appear on our television.

regards to everyone

Steve G


17th January 2007 – The loss of a Scrapheap legend.

This is without doubt the most difficult post I have made to these pages since this website began. Today, Thursday 17th January 2007, I have been informed that Kev of the legendary Megalomaniacs team has died in an accident whilst at work. This news came as a great shock to everyone as Kevin’s wife only recently gave birth to their third child. Kev was a founder member of the Megalomaniacs along with Nosher and Daz and has appeared in many Scrapheap episodes since 1999 when the team first won Scrapheap Challenge with their fantastic ‘walking machine’. Kev will indeed be sadly missed by all Scrapheap fans. On a personal level myself and my partner Tina have many times been out with Kevin and his wife Allie for social evenings and these times of fun and laughter will be greatly missed. On behalf of everyone we express to Kevin’s wife and family our sincere condolences and thoughts, along with many great memories of those fantastic moments in history that will remain with us forever.


12th January 2007 – Steve G is banned from the Channel 4 forum …… Arrrrgh !

Hello all you Scrapheap fans I trust that you are all well. Today brings bad news because it appears that the Channel 4 Scrapheap forum administrator has shut me out of the Scrapheap Challenge forum. The main given reason was that I am not allowed to promote my own Scrapheap website using a links, even though I have been doing so for almost six years now. I have fully read through the forum ‘terms and conditions’ and can find specific mention of this. Maybe I have said too much about C4 holding back on the transmission of series-9. A real shame after all the work and time I have spent promoting Scrapheap for the last six years. I have written back to Channel 4 and copied my reply to the Scrapheap Challenge Executive Producer, Bill Hobbins at RDF Television so we shall see what happens. This was the e-mail C4 sent to me.

----- Original Message -----
From: C4 Forums
To: Steve G
Sent: Friday, January 12, 2007 12:10 PM
Subject: C4 Forums Membership Information
C4 Forums Membership Information
Dear Steve G,
The site administrators have removed your access rights for the following reason:
PROMOTING YOUR OWN WEBSITE/BUSINESS We’re sorry but we do not allow users to promote themselves or their business in the Channel 4 forums. If you would like to dispute this suspension please email and include any information related to this issue. Your account will then be reviewed.

As I can no longer post on the C4 Scrapheap forum maybe someone can make a post on the C4 forum on my behalf to let everyone know that Channel4 have removed the possibility of me participating. Thank you to everyone but it seems that there will be even less information on the C4 forum as I cannot tell you what come to my ears from the program makers.

Steve G


7th January 2007 – 'Strange Vehicle Games' on Men & Motors’

Well we may be having to wait for Scrapheap Challenge to return but this evening in the UK we witnessed an alternative Chinese show called 'Strange Vehicle Games' showing on Men & Motors tonight on Sky. I was contacted about this venture by Richard a long time back as the event was linked up with teams from throughout the world by our well known friend Richard (aka Lisa’s little helper) who chats to camera a few times during the show. The event was attended by our other good friends the 'boat buoys' and the ' megalomaniacs' as well as a team from Wales and many other teams from around the world. We had Nosher, Daz (in a great crash), Toby and of course Richard etc.

The program was strange indeed, however it was also very interesting. There were almost no tools available on-site and what they did get provided were pretty useless. In all everyone seemed to have a good time. The program was a New Zealand production and boy did them guys take it all serious........... and the program ended with their team leader right up his own arse stating how the Chinese people thought so much of him that they are asking him back to help organise the next show J ......... but hey, it's stuff like that that make a show. Well done to all the teams and great to see you UK guys on the screen again.

Two of the USA teams I found are, June Moxon & Ken Beidelman in Team Ramshackle, and Daune Flatmo, Jerry Kunkel, Scott Cocking and Marcus Schaible with Rabid Transit

In all not bad but it certainly makes Scrapheap Challenge's operation a slick show with the great RDF production team behind it. It just shows how much the RDF Media ‘set design’ and ‘costume’ departments play in the big picture.

Looking forward to the return of Scrapheap Challenge. Although I have not personally heard anything direct, one of the Channel 4 Scrapheap forum members, a lady named Jackie who’s husband is in the missing series-9 episodes, wrote to Channel 4 and has received an e-mail reply from them that indicates Scrapheap will not be back on our UK screens until Sept 2007. I have not received any confirmation of this but thought you may be interested. I feel deeply for the many team members and their families at this time, having been there you get yourself all built up for everyone to see your fun and efforts …………. then nothing. I have noticed a few new members registering on the chat forum lately that are clearly team members from the yet to be screened series-9 episodes, and I would be very interested in receiving any photos and short (or long) stories you may have in preparation for the screening that could be used for this website. Any such photos will be treated in strict confidence and will not be put up for public viewing until after the show concerned is screened. If required please contact Bill Hobbins or Hadrian Spooner to verify my credentials. You can either e-mail your pictures to me direct by clicking here, or if you wish you can simply e-mail me with your team name and team members first names which I will first check out with Hadrian and then send you my home address for you to send in your images on a CD. Looking forward to seeing all you new guys and gals on screen.


18th December 2006 – Scrapheap series-9 due to screen in 2007

Due to the ongoing speculation regarding the next transmission date for Scrapheap Challenge I have been in direct contact with a series producer at RDF Media and their on-set engineering crew. The good news is that Channel 4 Television do still intend to show the missing UK series-9 episodes, but the bad news is that this is now unlikely to happen until spring 2007. The earliest dates mentioned are April 2007 but this could be as late as May 2007. There is still no reason for the delay but we can assure all you avid fans that the RDF Media remain fully committed to Scrapheap Challenge and although series-9 is yet to be seen they are to begin the filming next year for UK series-10. With good news there is often bad news and on this occasion the bad news is that sadly, at this time, there are no further Scrappy Races planned to be filmed.

So staying on a positive note, YES series-9 will air in the UK in spring 2007, and YES series-10 will also begin production in 2007. Our friends in the USA have been without Junkyard Wars for some time now, but you lucky UK fans are more fortunate as you do still have Scrapheap Challenge and long may it live. I have been told by RDF insiders that while we are having to wait for series-9 to air it is being predicted as one of the best series to date ……….. cannot wait !

Keep your eye on the local press and bookmark this website for April 2007.


25th October 2006 – Scrapheap series-9 date still NOT confirmed

Scrapheap Challenge UK series-9 has still not yet received an official transmission date for this latest offering of mechanical fun and education. It has remained a mystery why the series has been deferred for one year leaving 2006 without any SHC. It is clear that Channel 4 commissioned the latest yet to be seen series-9 which consist of a 16 episodes as this has been filmed and is ready to go. The new teams are sitting patiently in front of their television screens hoping that the tentative dates passed on to them by RDF (c/o Channel 4) come to fruition. It does indicate a chance that the Scrapheap Challenge series-9 will begin it’s run from January/February 2007.

The history of the UK Scrapheap episodes (without the USA Junkyard Wars) so far are as follows. The 16 episodes listed also include specials produced by RDF for Channel 4 such as ‘Scrapheap Live’ etc. and some recorded special episodes may not be shown :-

Pilot episode - 1 x 60 minutes, presenter Sally Gray
Series 1 - 6 episodes x 60 minutes screened 1998 (same two fixed teams each episode)

Series 2 - 7 episodes x 60 minutes screened 1999
(first series with varying teams, won by the Megalomaniacs)

Series 3 - 10 episodes x 60 minutes screened 2000
(10 x Scrapheap episodes in the year I was with the Chaos Crew building the ‘Muncher’, plus one additional 11th episode for the 2000 Christmas Day UK special when I was again on screen with the Megalomaniacs with ‘Car Crushers’ but this was produced under the USA Junkyard Wars commission)

Series 4 - 12 episodes x 60 minutes screened 2001
(12 x Scrapheap episodes plus one additional 13th episode Mega Wars ‘All Terrain’ was produced under the USA Junkyard Wars commission)

Series 5 - 13 episodes x 60 minutes screened 2002
(12 x Scrapheap episodes, 1 x ‘Awards’, plus one additional 14th episode Mega Challenge ‘Aeroplanes’ produced under the USA Junkyard Wars commission)

Series 6 - 13 episodes x 60 minutes screened 2003
(12 x Scrapheap episodes, 1 x ‘Awards’, plus one additional 14th episode Mega Challenge ‘The Cold War’ three team battle produced under the USA Junkyard Wars commission)

Series 7 - 15 episodes x 60 minutes screened 2004
(12 x Scrapheap episodes, 2 x ‘Best of…’, 1 x ‘Locomotive’ three team Christmas special)

Series 8 - 16 episodes x 60 minutes screened 2005
(12 x Scrapheap episode, and 4 x additional episodes including the ‘Cheltenham Tomato Toss’ and the ‘USA Pumkin Chunkin’)

Series 9 - 16 episodes x 60 minutes. The main core of which are proposed to be screened sometime during 2007. It is not yet confirmed if any of the specials such as the Great Dorest Steam Rally ‘Welly Wanging’ will be screened. (yet to be confirmed)
Winner History
series-1 in 1998 the same two Orange and Yellow teams competed each week. Finally they tied three-all.
series-2 in 1999 Megalomaniacs
series-3 in 2000 Brothers in Arms
series-4 in 2001 Cat-alysts
series-5 in 2002 Barley Pickers
series-6 in 2003 The Destroyers
series-7 in 2004 Anoraks
series-8 in 2005 The Powerlifters
series-9 is due for screening sometime mid/late 2007


17th September 2006 – Scrapheap Welly Wanging preview

Scrapheap Challenge were recently at the Great Dorest Steam Fair filming a special episode for ‘Welly Wanging’. Due to be shown sometime in 2007 you will see a few old favorite faces such as Andy Barnes, and the many time expert Richard as well as Robert and the very pregnat Lisa. One member of the public made their own short video clip that has been posted on ‘YouTube’ and it can be seen by clicking here …… enjoy !


18th August 2006 – Scrapheap Challenge series-9 show dates

New information indicates that the new series Scrapheap Challenge UK series-9 will not be shown until January 2007. The reason for the new date slot has not given by Channel 4 television. More information when I hear.


  7th May 2006 – Scrapheap Challenge series-9 begins filming

Just to keep you all informed that Scrapheap Challenge series-9 began filming within the last couple of week. No details at present due to reduced communications this year with the program makers RDF Media. The transmission dates are not yet agreed with Channel 4 television in the UK but it is expected that this new series-9 will begin later this year around September 2006. As usual I will keep you informed of things as I hear.


19th February 2006 - update of the Links section

A small number of the web addresses in the Links section have been updated due to changes by the originators.


15th January 2006 - Scrapheap All-Stars PUMPKIN' CHUNKIN in the USA

As reported by me last week (see below) this weeks Scrapheap episode was indeed the USA Pumkin Chunkin Championships. If you are interested in the full results for each team entry including our very own Scrapheap All-Stars team named United Flingdom then have a look here at the full Pumkin Chunkin RESULTS. Well done to the United Flingdom with their 2nd place finish with an official throw distance of 1355.14 feet.

That's it for Scrapheap for now as next week we return to fun and energy of Scrappy Races Rally 2006.

For more information on the Scrappy Races Rally 2006 visit my sister website Steve G's ... See you there !


8th January 2006 - Scrapheap All-Stars PUMKIN' CHUNKIN in the USA

I would just like to inform you all that despite a number of television press magazines scheduling that Sunday 15th January 2006 is due to show a 'Best of series' ....... this information is NOT correct.

On Sunday 15th January on UK television Channel4 at 4.50pm you will see the Scrapheap All-Stars compete in the USA as they take part in the in the annual Pumkin Chunkin championships. This was reported by me ealier on Dec 7th 2005 (see below). What I did not say at that time is 'who' the All-Stars are but as you may well have seen during this evenings Scrapheap LIVE Tomato Throwing episode the Scrapheap 'All Stars' consist of Andy 'Barley Picker' Barnes, Nosher 'MEGS' and Hadrian 'past Scrappy races judge and Scrapheap team expert.

Steve G


11th December 2005 - Scrapheap Mega Challenge - Warships

Well it just goes to show that information received does not always become reality. In contrary to previously received information it does now appear that on Sunday 18th December 2005, UK Channel 4 television are showing the special program 'Scrapheap Mega Challenge' where three teams each have two days to build a giant gunboat.


7th December 2005 - 2005 Series-8 highlights / Pumpkin Chunkin

2005 Series-8 highlights

This coming Sunday December 11th 2005 you have the chance to re-live the 'highlights' from this years Series-8 challenges at 5.35pm on C4 uk television. Robert and Lisa will take you through the 'SCRAPHEAP' alphabet of 2005 teams and builds.


Pumpkin Chunkin

What you may not be aware of is that this Scrapheap LIVE event was followed up later this year during November when Barley Picker Andy, MEGS Nosher, Judge and crew engineer Hadrian all jetted of to the USA to take part in the Pumkin Chunkin championships. This later activity was also filmed by RDF Media and will hopefully be broadcast on the tentative date of January 8th 2006 although at this time I have no information to support this.



17th November 2005 - Scrapheap Challenge viewers feedback PLUS new exciting information.

I have received a number of viewers e-mails during the past few weeks via this The Steve G Scrapheap Website in respect of the latest Scrapheap Challenge series and the general feedback I have had indicates that it does appear the viability of the challenges are no longer being researched enough to ensure a running machine at the end of the build. This is in contrast to my own experiences in the past when RDF Media the makers of the Channel 4 hit series used to bring in consultant specialists from within the field of the concerned challenge to advise on the viability of the project in hand. Failure to seek such advice will inevitably lead to machine that do not work. Maybe they have received such specialist advice, but if they have then it is clearly not working and this obviously does not reflect well on either the teams or the program makers and needs to be urgently addressed.

I am pleased to take the opportunity to inform you that the next 'Scrappy Races *****' has a complete new look and format compared to previous two series that will keep the pace going throughout both the builds and the challenges. I will be posting more details on my
Steve G Scrappy Races Website nearer the transmission dates in 2006 but for now all I will say is that teams who are fast in the build area in a hurry to get on with the actual challenge may suffer their own consequences.

Whilst we are talking about 2006 also set a tentative date in your diary for January 8th 2006 when your screen should be blessed with a special episode involving three past scrapheap veterans.........Andy (Barley Picker) Barnes, Nosher (Megalomaniacs), and Hadrian (past Scrapheap expert, and Scrappy Races judge) Spooner. Now all you have to guess is what they get up to and that will keep you thinking over your Christmas turkey !

Steve G


9th October 2005 - Scrappy Races, UK series-3

RDF Media the makers of the Channel 4 hit series Scrappy Races have now finished the filming of the next series. Go to my sister Steve G website dedicated to Steve G's Scrappy Races for details.


6th October 2005 - Scrapheap links updated

The Links section has been updated due to changes by Channel 4 on their own website which has meant that some of the link addresses have changed.


28th September 2005 - Scrapheap Challenge UK series-8

Hello all you scrapheap fans. I am a little late in the year updating the Steve G Scrapheap site due to various reasons. Have a read of my following blog to understand my present situation.

I have had the great pleasure to be closely involved with Scrapheap Challenge and the many teams for the last five years since 2000. This began with my on screen debut as team expert for the Chaos Crew with their incredible 'Muncher', followed shortly after with the honour to represent the UK as team expert with the famous Megalomaniacs in the Car Crusher special on Christmas Day 2000. During the following years I was employed as a behind the scenes technical consultant for various episodes, and even played the role as one of the men-in-white-coats as I stood in deep water on-screen near to Lisa for the 'Off Road Rescue' challenge. My relationship with RDF Media had allowed me regularly visit the film set for many of the build days and talk with the teams and take those special 'behind the scenes' photographs that you have seen on this Steve G Scrapheap website for the last five years.

I have also provided the same behind the scenes information for Scrappy Races via my sister website for the last two years.

As the saying goes...... 'time changes things'. My full time employment has meant that this year I cannot have the flexible time away from work as I used to, additionally the Scrapheap film set moved once again and is now even further away for me to be able to travel within my given time restraints. RDF did contact me at the beginning of filming for 2005 asking me to supply some hydraulic components for use which I did, but I did not ever reach the position where I could visit the film set this year. This means that for the first time I do not have any special behind the scenes information to share.

This all finally culminated this September 2005 when this present new UK series-8 began transmission on September 18th 2005 whilst I was abroad on holiday, during which time I was rushed into hospital for an emergency operation and only returned home to the UK 24 hours ago. I had not received any advance information from RDF Media regarding transmission dates and times which is sad as I feel I have always been a good source of information and promotion for the show. The same also applies this year for the Scrappy Races series-3 which completed filming only last week ready for editing and transmission in 2006.

I have therefore decided that the time has come for me to now mostly enjoy the show as a viewer and watch on television the antics of the teams as they continue their quest for the Scrapheap championship title. If I do manage to obtain any interesting information or photographs then I will off course shares these with everyone via this website. Scrapheap Challenge will continue to be the original and the best of this type of program, the show may have lost some of that raw charm since the very first pilot episode with Sally Gray as the host when they built that very first ever hovercraft, but it does still have that potential to progress. Hopefully a return to the raw basics of the original format could be reintroduced at some time but the challenges would need to be reduced to a more simplified and basic build task. Don't forget that the first full series meant that the teams built AND raced on the same day, which is why the challenges were always in the dark ................... no time for 'tinkering' in them days.

Best wishes to everyone and long may Scrapheap Challenge run !

Steve G


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