(Day One)


This is was the first Bonhams & Brooks Festival, the newly merged auction house having taken over sponsorship from Coys who had been the title sponsor for the last seven years, so they had something to live up to.

By and large they succeeded, but only just in my opinion. Overall, I was disappointed with the attendance, a combination of the meeting being held over three days of the Bank Holiday weekend here in England, and also not having any 'name' drivers racing this year, which was a bit of a surprise. Previously we had been treated to the likes of Stirling Moss, Froilan Gonzalez, Roy Salvadori, Carroll Shelby et al appearing. This year we had just Nigel Mansell signing autographs on the Sunday and Jackie Stewart doing the same on Monday. We had an added bonus on Monday, but one we really didn't want. More about that on the Day 3 page.

Saying that, the action was top notch all through the Festival.

As usual, we'll start off with some paddock shots, then get into some racing shots. If you have ever been to Silverstone, you'll realise that photo opportunites are quite difficult for racing shots, simply because you are so far away from the cars on the track! However, I have a few shots.

We'll start off with David Piper's georgeous Ferrari 250LM, on the left. David has, I think, been racing this car virtually since it was brand new. On the right we have a Porsche 917K. Unfortunately, it was a static display for the Porsche Club of GB. Pity it wasn't out on the track!

I haven't seen this Brabham BT37 before. It wasn't racing either, which was a shame.

On the left, my favourites (well, I WOULD say that, wouldn't I?), the Formula Fords. And yes, it was THAT close over the whole eight laps of the Grand Prix circuit. It was fantastic for the FFords to get into this meeting for the first time. On the right, an ex-Ronnie Peterson March 711 (nicknamed the 'coffee table' car because of the odd mounted front wing).


A couple of pictures of the unique Brabham BT34 (the so-called 'lobster-claw' car). This was the car that gave Graham Hill his final Formula 1 win in 1971. Owner Ean Pugh has managed to get the cockpit signed by another of its' former drivers, Carlos Reuteman. Now, that's they way to collect autographs!


A couple of shots now of Ben Lieberts' Gurney Eagle. A fantastic looking car!

Lastly for Day 1, a shot of the ex-Jim Clark Lotus 32B, as used in the 1965 Tasman Series in New Zealand and Australia. On the right, the Porsche 956 of Martyn Konig, another great looking car, and it goes!!


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