26th  AUGUST

(Day Two).

After the awful humidity of Saturday, Sunday dawned overcast and cold and stayed like it all day.

Day two offered us bikes, Formula Juniors, Sports Cars, pre-1966 Grand Prix and Tasman cars, Touring Cars and lastly pre-1959 Sports Cars.

Here are some more paddock shots.

On the left, the Ford Mustang of Pedro Passyutu. On the right, Cameron Miller gets a push start in one of his 250F replicas.


On the left the BRM P261 to be driven by former BRM driver Richard Attwood. On the right is the Lola T330.

On the left, Group C anyone? In the garage is the Spice SE88C of Chris Randall with the Argo JM19D of Benton Bryan.

On the right the Lotus 22 Formula Junior of Martin Walford gets taken down to the dummy grid.

And by way of a change, a couple of commercial vehicles that were on display too.


Lastly, here's a couple of pictures of a Formula 1 car I had never seen before. This is the ATS Tipo 100 from 1963.

A lovely looking car, to be driven by Andrew Woolfe.




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