AUGUST 2001.

The Nike Cars Page.


One of the first places I visited when I got to the track was the Formula Ford paddock. It was the first time these cars had been invited to race at an event this big. In the end, we had forty (count 'em!) cars in the grid on Saturday afternoon.

I was most surprised to find not one but two cars exactly like mine racing. I have previously only seen one race with the HSCC before, and that car is now in America. To see two was a huge bonus.

I managed to have a chat with both owners and we may even be starting a Nike Cars Register. Something for the winter methinks.

Here are just a few photos of the two cars, both Mk6's.


On the left is Derek Graham and his car, on the right (in the foreground) is owner Peter Clanford.


A study of two rear ends (!). Notice the difference between the two cars, especially when they are supposed to the same model!


Two photos of the left rears on both cars. Notice how the oil cooler on both cars is positioned differently, also the two different exhaust pipe arrangements.

Interestingly, both cars are running with engine covers, something I don't have on my car. When I talked to Ken Nicholls (the original builder), he was sure that my car (chassis number 6) had never had one, yet both of these cars are later chassis.