While on duty at the F1 Grand Prix in Montreal I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the supporting races was to the Historic Can-Am cars, organised by Pam Shatraw of Victory Lane magazine. To say it was a mouth-watering line-up is an understatement!!  I have only ever come across a few of these cars in Europe, so it was a real treat to see at least eighteen of them here in the paddock, including Geoffrey Hobbs' 1971 Lola T222 that had been shipped all the way from the UK just for this one appearance!

As you would expect, every car was superbly presented - and the noise when they started up - fantastic!!


Just arrived!

This is Scott Bader's Lola T163 being unloaded from the transporter.


With the Olympic Rowing Lake in the background, this is Chris Gruys' awesome Porsche 917-30 going out for first practice.

This is Robert Ryan and his McLaren M6B coming in after practice.


The one Ferrari in the field, this is 512S of John Giordano.

Geoffrey Hobbs and his Lola T222.


The McLaren M8F.

Trumpets anyone??


Now, that's what I call a rear wing!!

Travis Tassey brings in the McLaren M8F of Dino Crescentini.


Another shot of the T222, with owner Geoffrey Hobbs at the rear.

And another of the T163.


This is one of my favourites; the fantastic shape of the Lola T70.

Mike Odell's McKee MkVI, you don't see many of these around!


Lastly, here's the 1974 Shadow DN4 Andrew Simpson.


I'm afraid I wasn't able to get any shots of the race, as I was otherwise employed at that point!

My thanks go to Pam Shatraw from Victory Lane and Dan Davis (series organiser) for making me so welcome.


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